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Floor Sanding Knocklyon | Floor Sanding Dublin

Floor Sanding Knocklyon

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Quality floor sanding services at affordable prices. Our company provides both , commercial and domestic floor sanding services in Knocklyon. We are fully insured and for commercial jobs we can provide risk assessments and safety statements. Dublin Floor Sanding is open for business 24/7 but for late or weekend appointments we will require 24 hours notice. From our website you can find a lot of information about our floor sanding services , our covered area and our latest projects. All our estimates are free of charge and no obligation. We use only products from the Chimiver brand and all our floor sanding machines are dustless and very power full. If you are interested in any of our floor sanding services please contact us at 01444 0146. Floor Sanding Knocklyon


Floor Sanding With The Experts – Floor Sanding Knocklyon

Floor sanding is not your everyday DIY project. Taking it upon yourself without the requisite skills and proper machinery for the task can result in costly ramifications. Mistakes range from simple issues like scratches that end up being highlighted by the finishing coats that will later be applied, to forming chatter marks and divots, and people digging dips into the flooring and damaging the boards. There are even cases where the component parts of the sander get damaged by things like nail and screw heads popping up out of the floor. The equipment that one gets from dealer stores may not be up to the task of your particular flooring project. Without sufficient power to break through the multiple layers of finish, one spends more time and energy on the process. In some instances the equipment is not properly tuned, which results in marks being created on the floor. It can be a case of using the wrong equipment. For instance, stand up orbital sanders are required for smoothing the surface after the initial sanding. Using them right from the onset to remove oil, lacquer, dents and scratches will just make things take longer. The floor needs to already be smooth before applying it. Grit sequence also factors in. One should start off with coarse sandpaper, following through to the fine ones. In most flooring cases, 36 grit is the usual starting point, but there are instances when sandpaper as coarse as 12 or 16 grit is needed. You also want to ensure that you have quality sandpaper, not one that clogs up with the finish. In addition to all this is the sheer workload involved. Floor sanders are heavy pieces of equipment, and maneuvering them is not a walk in the park. Avoid the risks and frustrations by bringing in our specialized floor sanding crew. Floor Sanding Knocklyon

Value Of Professional Floor Sanding Services

When it comes to sanding, dust is a huge factor. Numerous particles are generated as the old layers of finish get grinded down. You want systems in place that can protect the indoor environment in your establishment. We have invested in top-of-the-range dustless floor sanding equipment to make that a reality. Powerful vacuums suck up the particles the instant they get chipped off from the floor, and they are directed away to collection units through a system of hoses. This protects the air space, the items in your establishment, and also you from having to do an intensive cleaning after the process. The sanders themselves are highly effective, easily grinding through the multiple layers of tough finish that had been applied on the flooring. The bare wood is exposed, with its pores having been opened up and its surface smoothened, which prepares it for receiving the new coats of treatment that are to be applied. The wood stains, sealants, varnishes and top coats get to form strong bonds with the floor, enhancing its strength and wear resistance. Since the surface is smooth, it will be easier to achieve uniform coats, which accentuates the quality of the results, enhancing the floor’s beauty. Our residential and commercial floor sanding services have been affordably priced to enable you get quality services without destabilizing your budget. Floor Sanding Knocklyon

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Floor Sanding Knocklyon


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