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Floor Sanding Kildare | Floor Sanding Dublin

Floor Sanding Kildare

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Our company provides professional dustless floor sanding services in Co Kildare and the surrounding area. All our floor sanding services are fully insured and highly appreciated. Dublin Floor Sanding provides two types of floor sanding services , commercial floor sanding and domestic floor sanding services. We use only top of the range varnishes and staining. Our floor sanding pricing is affordable and the quality of our services is second to none. We are open 24/7 but we would require 1 week notice. Emergency floor sanding services can be also provided but it will cost extra. From our website you can find out information about our floor sanding services , our covered area and our latest projects. All our floor sanding estimates are free of charge and no obligation. If you are interested in any of our floor sanding services please contact us today at 01444 0146 and we will be with you within 24 hours.  We cover the whole Co Kildare area but for an area + 40 km from Dublin we will charge for fuel expenses. Floor Sanding Kildare


Professional Floor Sanding And Restoration Services – Floor Sanding Kildare

With wood floors, it’s all about the style and glamor. The beauty they add to both residential and commercial establishments is renowned, which has made them highly sought out installations all around the world. With the different options available, ranging from Birch with its uniform curls and red or yellow undertones, Walnut with the fine and straight graining and rich colouration, Hickory that has a natural color variation and unusual graining, Pine that’s popular for its small to large knots and pitch spots, to Ash that ranges from pale white to medium brown, Beech that has moderate color variation from board to board, and even the renowned Red and White Oaks, there are installations to fit the diverse décor needs and budgets. You get to spruce up the ambience with a natural look and feel. What’s more, wood floors never go out of style. Decades later, your installation will still be trendy. They also blend with different kinds of items, from the furniture, to the wall painting, that way you won’t need to worry of colors clashing in case you decide to change things up down the road. The elegance of the wood flooring is only maintained with proper care. This means cleaning up spills the moment they occur, regular vacuuming and mopping, all through to floor sanding and refinishing when the existing coats of treatment that had been applied begin to get worn down. They are corroded by the wear and tear of everyday life, from the foot traffic that the floors handle, scratches from pets’ claws, all through to the sun’s radiation that causes fading or darkening depending on the wood species installed. The damage takes away the aesthetic appeal of the interior space, and not to mention reduces the structural integrity of the flooring. One key benefit of the installation is that you won’t need to rip out the boards and replace them when the surface begins to look worse for wear. Simply call in the professional floor sanding and restoration crew to get things back on track. Floor Sanding Kildare

Value Of Using Expert Floor Sanding Services

You don’t want to deal with all the risks and frustrations that come with the DIY floor sanding process. From finding out the appropriate machinery to use for your specific project, tracking down the dealer store to rent it from, to actually using it for the sanding, there’s plenty that can go wrong. Poorly tuned sanders result in chatter marks and drum marks forming on the floor. Those wave-like formations are unsightly and make the flooring appear neglected. Low-powered machines with the cheaper price tags means that one sacrifices on the capacity required to carry out the task. Hence, you can end up sweating through hours just dealing with one room in your house. Add to this mistakes made during the task, such as turning the sanders on or off while the sanding belt is still in contact with the floor, which can create divots, to hovering on one area for too long, which ends up digging a dip into the flooring. Even the mistakes that appear to be tiny are amplified by the finish coats that are to be applied. What of the dust? The mounds generated cover the electronics, cabinets, countertops, windowsills, get into the sinks and drainage, HVAC unit, and even fill the indoor air space, putting the health of the persons in the premises at risk. You don’t need to endure this. Call in our professional crew, who will use modernized dustless floor sanding systems to get the project done in moments, without all the hustle. Floor Sanding Kildare



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Floor Sanding Kildare

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