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<h1>Floor Sanding Greystones | Floor Sanding Dublin</h1>

Floor Sanding Greystones

Wooden floors are some of the most loved types of floors in Ireland. Warm, beautiful and very durable. Most types of semi solid wood floors can be sanded up to 5 times & most of solid wood floors can be sanded many times over. From time to time, the protective coat of varnish that covers your floors will wear off. A light floor sanding operation and 3 coats of water based floor varnish will fully restore your floors.


Floor Sanding Greystones – How long does it take?

Dublin Floor Sanding is using top of the range floor sanding equipment. We can complete about 50 square meters of floor per day if there is not a lot of furniture around. When sanding commercial floors, we can complete much bigger surfaces if there is not a lot of stuff to be moved around. A standard 3 bed house van will be fully sanded and refinished  in 2 days.


Floor Sanding Greystones – Is there a lot of dust?

Not at all. Our professional dustless floor sanding equipment will collect up to 98% of the dust generated. Whatever dust is lost, we will make sure that is fully removed before we leave your home.


Floor Sanding Greystones – What about staining?

You can keep your floor natural or you can change the color of your floor with the help of a wood stain. We work with 30 different colors of wood stain from Bona & Tover. A wood stain has no protective qualities so it needs to be finished with a varnish or a sealant. If you want staining done, you might have to allow some extra time for the job to be completed. Wood stains can take up to 24 hours to fully dry but it depends from floor to floor & the weather.


Floor Sanding Greystones – Types of floor finishes

We can varnish your floor with a water based floor varnish from Tover or Bona or we can wax your floor, paint your floor, oil your floor, polish your floor, etc. We have matt floor varnishes, satin floor varnishes, gloss floor varnishes and invisible floor varnishes. We can use high traffic floor varnishes or domestic floor varnishes. We can use clear oils to wax your floors or we can use coloured oils.  A water based floor varnish will fully dry in about 2 hours while a wax will take 24 hours to fully dry.


Floor Sanding Greystones – Insurance

Dublin Floor Sanding is a highly respectable floor sanding company with many years of experience. We deal with hundreds of commercial & domestic floor sanding customers. We are fully insured to undertake floor sanding projects up to 6.5 million. If you require a copy of our floor sanding insurance please just ask us.


Floor Sanding Greystones – Our specialists

Our work quality is second to none and we have hundreds of brilliant references from repeat customers. Our company is reliable, affordable & very fair. We work with any interested party and we can use some of the most sophisticated floor finishes ever made. It took years to build such experienced teams and we can guarantee you that we will impress you. Our floor sanding specialists are polite, nice and very helpful.


Floor Sanding Greystones – Prices

There are jobs where you can save on materials and tradesmen but floor sanding is not one of this trade. A floor can make or break a house and it is pretty easy to end up with terrible results. Dublin Floor Sanding is not a budget floor sanding company. We provide high quality floor sanding results and we only use top of the range materials. We know how to price jobs in such a way to offer great value for our customers and decent profits for us. We charge about 20€ vat included per square meter of floor sanding & varnishing. Oiling or waxing starts from about 15€ per square meter. Gap filling and other types of floor repairs will be priced on the spot. All our estimates are free of charge and no obligation.


If you think that your floors have lost their natural beauty and it start looking dull and tired, give us a call. We are happy to quote you for free. In many cases we can recommend a floor polish to regain the lost gloss.


Floor Sanding Greystones – professional floor sanding services for less!

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