Floor Sanding Dublin 7

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Floor Sanding Dublin 7

Floor Sanding Dublin 7


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  • Heavy duty dustless floor sanding technology
  • Top quality water based floor lacquers & sealers
  • Unique oil based wood stains and wood primers
  • Fully insured, reliable and highly recommended
  • Free no obligation estimates for all types of jobs
  • Sanding, gap filling, staining, repairs, varnishing
  • Commercial & residential floor sanding services
  • Professional wood floor repairs and replacement
  • Color matching, flexible gap fillers and fume free


Floor Sanding Dublin 7 | What Is Floor Sanding


Removing the top coat of your floor with heavy duty dustless floor sanding equipment and re sealing the wood surface with another type of sealer | finish, that is what floor sanding and floor refinishing is. While using a number of different grit sanding belts and sanding discs, all imperfections, dull patches, uneven surfaces and lippage will be removed and the surface will be left smooth. During the process of floor sanding the contractor will attempt to remove as little from the floor as possible while focusing on removing only the old sealer. 


Floor Sanding Dublin 7 | What Type Of Wood Floor Can Be Sanded


All types of solid wood floors, semi solid wood floors and engineered wood floors can be successfully sanded. Laminate floors, Amtico floors and other types of floors that look like wood floors or contain a mixture of wood floors and some types of resins, cannot be sanded and restored. While the hardwood floors can be sanded many times over, things are a bit different with semi solid wood floors and engineered wood floors. The thickness of the wood surface on the top of the plank will determine the amount of times a floor can be sanded. A semi solid or a solid wood floor can have a real wood thickness between 2 mm and 6-7 mm. The thinner the top layer of wood, the less standings are possible. The cheapest semi solid wood floors with a thickness of 2 mm or less might not be suitable for sanding in some cases.


Floor Sanding Dublin 7 | Dustless Floor Sanding Services


Dustless floor sanding does not mean 100% dust free. A few years back when the floor sanders had no dust collection capabilities, sanding a wooden floor used to be a very dusty experience. The machines have improved every few years and nowadays most professional “dustless” floor sanding machines have a dust collection capability of up to 98%. While most large floor sanders can achieve that 98% dust collection, some fine dust will be generated when smaller floor sanding machines are used for edging or corners. But 98% dust collection is pretty good by any standard. In some cases the dust collection could be lower due to a number of reasons like very uneven floors or very old and very strong solvent based sealers that could generate a super fine dust that can sometimes avoid the machines suction system. But the fact of the matter is that the floor sanding industry has progressed dramatically over the past 30 years and the dust levels have reduced dramatically.


Floor Sanding Dublin 7 | Wood Floor Repairs


When dealing with old wood floors that used to hide under carpeted floors or lino floors for many years, there will usually be issues and repairs needed. We can do small scale repairs, boards fining, gap repairs and squeaky floor noise repairs. Old floors can sometimes be sourced for replacing old floorboards that cannot be sanded any longer. Our standard floor sanding rate will cover all small repairs up to a reasonable size and larger repairs can be done for additional costs.


Floor Sanding Dublin 7 | Gap Filling


The gaps between the floorboards had a point many years back and in most cases have no more point. The gaps used to help with the ventilation when most properties in Ireland used to have fireplaces or old types of stoves. Nowadays most properties are fitted with more modern heating systems and most properties have wall vents. So the gaps between the floorboards are pointless, it creates draught and stores dirt. Newer types of wood floors can have accidental gaps that have developed from high humidity or poor quality fitting. Either way, our company can fill up those gaps nicely with solvent based or water based gap fillers and sort out the issue. Most people are worried about the gap fillers’ durability. The truth is that no floor sanding or floor refinishing company can guarantee lifetone durability because ultimately the durability of the gap filler will depend on the size of the gaps, floor movement & flexibility, the level of traffic and the type of use. But you should still expect to get 2-5 years of use at least. 


Floor Sanding Dublin 7 | Staining


The wood floor finishes have progressed dramatically over the past 20-40 years. A few years back if you did not like your “yellow” pine floor you had no other option than to replace it or to varnish it with colour varnish that was creating fake and artificial looking colours. All that has changed now and the new types of wood stains from Chimiver, Bona or Tover can create very realistic finishes hassle free. You can transform an old pine floor into a brand new oak floor or a walnut floor in no time. The new types of wood stains do not alter the original look of the wood,  do not cover the wood fiber and look very natural. You can also match new floor boards with old floorboards, you can create unique colour patterns and you can create unique designs to match your wall painting or the room furniture with the floor. The white wash finish or the “scandinavian” finish is bigger than ever and that can be achieved with our amazing Chimiver Eco White Floor Primer or with our outstanding Chimiver Wood Stain Super White. All wood stains are “colours” only and require sealing with a two pack water based floor lacquer.


Floor Sanding Dublin 7 | Floor Lacquers


A newly restored wood floor that looks spectacular after competition can last 1 year or 10 years. It all depends on the quality of the sealers and its level of solid content. Basically a cheap water based floor lacquer can have 10% solid content or it can have 30% solid content. The solid content is the level of acrylic, resins, polymer films or plasticizers within the lacquer. It is like the level of fat in milk. Less fat, less thickness. Same thing for the floor lacquers. The best commercial floor lacquers have 32% solid content so a floor sealed with a low solid content floor lacquer will wear off within 1 year while a floor sealed with a floor lacquer that contains 32% solid content will last 7-10 years subject to maintenance. We use Chimiver Ecostar Floor Lacquer 30% solid content and Chimiver Ecostar 2K Floor Lacquer 32% solid content. We only use fume free floor lacquers, non toxic floor lacquers, water based floor lacquers, non yellowing floor lacquers & natural looking floor lacquers. 


Floor Sanding Dublin 7 | Prices


In an ever changing market where the prices of raw materials are up and down every week, there are no fixed prices within the floor sanding industry. Our prices will reflect a number of factors, like the size of the floor, the type of floor, the condition of the floor, the type of finish expected, the location of the job and the access. 


Floor Size : The minimum charge applies. The minimum charge has to cover our workers basic salary, the costs of going to the job and back, the sanding, sealing & finishing the wood floor. Larger the floor, cheaper the rate for floor sanding and refinishing, smaller the job, higher the rate per hour. Jobs that are between 1-12 sq meters will be charged our minimum rate. Jobs that are over 12 sq meters, will be charged the ongoing rate per sq meter.


Floor Condition : A painted old floor full of imperfections, full of glue, full of nails is likely to cost much more than a semi solid wood floor in great condition but with a dull finish. Some hardwood floors are really hard while some other types of hardwood are softer. More work required, more equipment needed and more time needed to complete the floor sanding project, higher the rate per sq meter | job.


Finish Required : While most people are looking for a refreshing or a light floor sanding and a clear lacquer, other people are looking for wood floor repairs, gap filling, staining & extra coats of floor lacquer. More services required, higher the final price. A bit of stain is not just a 30 second operation but instead the whole floor has to be impregnated with a colour and then sealed with a two pack floor lacquer. It costs us much more to do the job and it takes much longer.


Location : Having a top floor apartment with no lift and having to work within specific hours to not disturb other people can dramatically increase the price of the job. Having a job on the other side of the country that requires a lot of traveling, will also increase the price of the job.


Each individual property will be priced differently. Even if the next door house is 100% like yours, the prices can vary. A floor can wear off differently and the type of finish required can be different.


Floor Sanding Dublin 7 | Furniture 


While we are happy to help our customers with the movement of the furniture, we will not be moving all the furniture around. In most cases we ask our customers to remove all light items from the room and then we can help move the heavier furniture around the room or into a different room. We can understand that some of our customers are older or unable to lift heavy furniture, so that’s why we are happy to adapt in some cases, but we do not deal with the furniture in most cases. It is the customer’s job to move the furniture. 


Floor Sanding Dublin 7 | Insurance


You are dealing with a professional floor sanding company so you can be fully assured that all your belongings and your home is fully covered when we are working in your home. Any accidental damage that can occur while the floors are being restored, is on us. We are happy to provide you with a copy of our comprehensive floor sanding and floor refinishing insurance.


Floor Sanding Dublin 7 | Commercial Floor Sanding Services


Our floor sanding company is a well established commercial floor sanding contractor. We deal with hundreds of schools, pubs, restaurants, GYMs, shops, enterprise centres, public buildings, etc. Just check our list of “latest projects” and notice the size and the caliber of our past projects. We are happy to contract any floor sanding project in any condition or location. Our floor sanding services are flexible, affordable and we are not afraid to deal with challenging projects. 


Floor Sanding Dublin 7 | Maintenance


Having your wooden floors restored is just the initial step. From now on you will need to maintain your floors with proper wood floor cleaners and flat mops. The durability of a newly sanded wood floor can be anywhere between 1 to 15 years. It all depends on the type of care | maintenance provided and the refreshing. A wood floor is likely to wear off more in areas with higher traffic like the kitchen, the hall & whatever other rooms that are used more often. Those areas can be “refreshed” with 1-2 coats of water based wood floor polish once in a while. Also, using a lot of water is never a good idea. Try to use a flat mopping system or a spray system. Check out the new Chimiver range of wood care products and maintain your newly refinished wood floors correctly to keep them at their naturally beautiful best for longer.


Floor Sanding Dublin 7 | Quality Floor Sanding Services For Less


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