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Floor Sanding Dublin 7 | Floor Sanding Dublin

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Dublin Floor Sanding provides quality floor sanding services in Dublin 7 and the surrounding area. All our machines are dustless and very powerful , capable of finishing huge areas in very short periods of time. Our flooring specialists are fully trained , polite and very professional. From our website you can find out information about our floor sanding services , our covered area and our latest projects. Our minimum order is 450€ vat included. Our company deals with both , commercial and domestic customers. For the commercial market we can provide safety statements . We are open 24/7 but for late and weekend appointments we will require 24-48 hours notice. Our company can sand any type of solid and semi solid wood floors and we can stain your floors in any color you want. If you are interested in any of our services please contact us at 01444 0146 and one of our specialists will be with you in no time. Floor Sanding Dublin 7


Dustless Floor Sanding Experts You Can Rely On – Floor Sanding Dublin 7


Loss of your wood floor’s beauty is a culmination of various factors. It starts out at foot traffic. Dirt is tracked into the interior space, and more particles settle onto the surface from the environment- whether it’s dust particles from the air, pet fur and dander, or even bits of fibre from the furnishings and upholstery. When these particles accumulate on the surface, they become a danger to the wood when people walk on them. Abrasive action results, with the friction effects being similar to using sandpaper on the wood. This is further compounded by the high traffic that is witnessed in commercial establishments and the busy homes of this day and age. On top of this, there’s the kind of footwear that is used. High heels that strain the surface, spiked shoes that cause scratches, those with metal heels that leave behind scuff marks, all through to rubber soled shoes that create dark marks on the floor- they all take away its appeal. Over time, the floor dulls and begins to look dilapidated, no matter how much you clean it. In fact, intensive cleaning- especially where tough scrubbing tools are used, also abrades the finish. There are those cases where one uses the wrong cleaning products, with chemicals that discolor the surface, to those that cause outright corrosion. This affects both the beauty and the structural integrity of the wood. Add to this factors such as scratches from pet’s claws, motorized carts that are used in the establishment, all through to those luggage bags with wheels that are pulled over the floor. This leads to a negative cumulative effect on the surface, ruining the ambience of the interior space. The sun is not out of the picture. It causes color changes, from bleaching and fading, to darkening depending on the specific type of wood species. This can be easily observed by comparing sections of the surface that are hidden under furniture or covered with mats and rugs, to those out in the open. However, not all is lost. You can bring back the charm to your installation using expert floor sanding and restoration services. Floor Sanding Dublin 7



Reasons To Hire Professional Dustless Floor Sanding Dublin Services – Floor Sanding Dublin 7



The time, energy, and resources that are demanded for by a DIY floor sanding job make it taxing and expensive. What’s more, it’s fraught with risks as you may end up ruining the floorboards, or damaging the machines that have been rented, resulting in further losses and bloating up your budget. Issues such as maneuvering the sanding machinery over the surface, the pace involved, failing to observe precautions like turning the sander on and off when the sanding belt is not in contact with the floor, using poorly tuned equipment that create divot marks on the surface, and failing to follow the appropriate grit sequence with the sandpaper, all affect the quality of the results. Even scratches that appear miniscule will be glaring anomalies once the finish coats are applied. All this can be avoided by calling up our floor sanding Dublin specialists. Since manufacturers insist on floor maintenance jobs being carried out by certified professionals, turning to us will enable you to protect your investment and warranty at the same time. Our services have been priced with you in mind. Each establishment has its unique needs, from the size of the floor area, the finish coats being removed and the type of wood species, plus the refinishing processes involved. You get to save on your floor sanding and restoration costs, allowing you to get the quality results you desire without depleting your finances. Floor Sanding Dublin 7


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