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Floor Sanding Dublin 18

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Dublin Floor Sanding provides professional floor sanding services in Dublin 18 and the surrounding areas. We use some of the most powerful dustless floor sanding machines capable of finishing huge projects in very short periods of time. Our company can sand any type of solid or semi solid wood floors and we can stain your floor in any color you want. All our services are fully insured and highly recommended. In fact , most of our work comes from repeat customers or referrals. Our pricing is affordable and our work quality is second to none. All our estimates are free of charge and no obligation. Our minimum order is 450€ vat included. We use Bona varnishes & staining only , a guarantee of quality and long lasting results. We work with commercial and domestic customers. From our website you can find out information about our services , our covered area and our latest projects. We are open for business 24/7 but for late or weekend projects we will require 24 hours notice. Our workers will help with moving the furniture around and we will provide free advice regarding your floors. If you are interested in any of our floor sanding services please contact us at 01444 0146 and one of our specialists will be with you within 24 hours. Floor Sanding Dublin 18


A Beginner’s Guide To Floor Sanding- Tools And Equipment

The success of any floor sanding project relies more on the tools and equipment used than the techniques themselves. However, this does not in any way discredit the importance of professional skills and techniques. All it means is that for your floor to turn out awesome, the crew will need to work with equally awesome tools. Below is a list of the most important tools in this trade and what each is used for. The information should come in handy for you as the client by ensuring that you are sufficiently informed in order to avoid getting scammed. It may also come in handy should you ever decide to take matters into your own hands and do the sanding yourself. Floor Sanding Dublin 18


What You Will Need


  1. Tarps and other covers – Floor Sanding Dublin 18


These come in handy during the preparation phase of the project. In the event that some furniture is either too large or heavy to be moved out of the room, you might just choose to have it covered. This is where tarps and covers come in handy. They protect the furniture and other surfaces from dust and other debris from the floor sanding process as well as stain and polish spills.


  1. Floor sanders – Floor Sanding Dublin 18


These are large upright automated floor sanding machines. They use sanding paper sheets which are attached at the base where the machine will be in contact with the floor surface. With floor sanders, there are two main types, drum sanders and vibrating sanders. They are more or less the same in terms of design and appearance with the main difference being the motion of the sanding paper sheets along the floor as it is sanded.


  1. Hand-held sanders – Floor Sanding Dublin 18


As the name suggests, these are smaller sanders that can easy be held and operated by hand. More often than not, they are used during the final steps of the sanding process. Here, their job is to ensure that the sanding is flawless and uniform after initial sanding by the more intense floor sanders.


  1. Vacuums and other suction systems – Floor Sanding Dublin 18


These are used to clean the surface before, during and after the sanding process. Floor sanding is messy and their importance could not be emphasized enough. With newer models of floor sanders, it is possible to connect vacuum cleaners in order to achieve what is referred to as dustless floor sanding.


  1. Buffers – Floor Sanding Dublin 18


A buffer has one simple job in floor sanding and that is to remove blemishes after the sanding process. This is especially important with softer wood boards and panels that are easily scratched and damaged by sanding paper. The buffers are used over these problematic areas and help to clear out the imperfections for great results.

  1. Stains and finishing – Floor Sanding Dublin 18


These are products applied to the sanded wood for aesthetic and functional purposes. With the stain, the aim is to give the wood the specific color or hue that you as the homeowner wish to have. Polish on the other hand is applied first and foremost as a protective layer over the wood. It protects the wood from damage as a result of exposure to water, dust or constant pressure and friction. The polish also provides aesthetic advantage giving the wood a nice and glossy finish.


  1. Stain and polish applicators – Floor Sanding Dublin 18


These are used to apply the stain or finishing products onto the sanded wood. More often than not, they are in the form of rollers which are not only faster but also ensure even distribution of the product. However, there are a few applicators that feature a flat weighted bar design with absorbent cloth for soaking up and delivering the product.


Floor Sanding Dublin 18



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