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Floor Sanding Dublin 16 | Floor Sanding Dublin

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Dublin Floor Sanding provides professional floor sanding services in Dublin 16 and the surrounding areas. All our sanders are dustless and capable of finishing huge areas in no time. We deal with commercial and domestic customers. All our services are fully insured and highly recommended. From our website you can find out things about our services , our covered area and our latest projects.  Our company can sand any type of solid or semi solid and we can stain your floors in any color you want. We use Bona varnishes & staining , a guarantee of quality and long lasting results. We are open for business 24/7 but for late or weekend appointments we will require 24 -48 hours notice. If you are interested in any of our floor sanding services please contact us at 01444 0146 and one of our specialists will be with you in no time. Floor Sanding Dublin 16


Understanding The Difference Between Commercial And Residential Floor Sanding


Floor sanding is basically the process of stripping polish and superficial layers of wooden flooring for the purpose of restoration. This applies whether it is done in a commercial setting or in residential buildings. However, in spite of this major similarity there are a lot of differences between the two services. In fact, there are businesses that only offer one and not the other because of the fundamental differences in terms of the actual processes. Below are a few of those differences. It is important to understand these differences especially when looking to find the right business for your commercial floor sanding needs. Floor Sanding Dublin 16


What is probably the most important difference between commercial and residential floor sanding is the size of the floor space covered. It goes without saying that commercial buildings have a lot more floor space. As a result, floor sanding crews have to invest a lot more in terms of time, effort and resources. The dimensions of the flooring material used are also greatly determined by this major difference. This is the case when the restoration involved removal and replacement of wood panels and boards. Floor Sanding Dublin 16

Another major difference is the fact that commercial floor sanding comes with a larger price tag. One of the main reasons for this is the size. This is because most businesses charge based on price per square meters covered on the floor. Commercial floor sanding is also significantly more expensive due to the fact that it involves use of larger and more expensive flooring material. Floor Sanding Dublin 16


Then there is the scope of services offered. In both cases, services including sanding, refinishing, water damage repair and many others are offered. But due to the sheer difference in terms of size, the way the services are rendered might be a bit different. This usually applies to the equipment used and techniques applied. With commercial sanding, heavy duty equipment including drum floor sanders as well as wide based finishing applicators are used for the best results. Floor Sanding Dublin 16

  • Residential floor sanding

With residential floor sanding, the floor surfaces in question are usually smaller and therefore a lot easier to manage. This results in faster completion of projects with less input in terms of time and labor. Residential floor sanding also differs from commercial sanding in terms of pricing. In this case, even the highest quality work can be achieved without having to leave a massive dent in your bank account. The reason for this is the smaller size covered compared to commercial settings. The materials needed for replacement are also more easily available than panels and boards used in commercial floor sanding. Floor Sanding Dublin 16

When it comes to services offered in terms of tools and technique, residential floor sanding is a little more flexible. In this case, you can use anything from heavy duty drum floor sanders to more delicate hand held sanders. Finishing applicators used are also significantly smaller as the size to be covered is also a lot smaller compared to floors in commercial settings. Floor Sanding Dublin 16

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