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Floor Sanding Dublin 15 | Floor Sanding Dublin

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Our company provides professional dustless floor sanding services in Dublin 15 and the surrounding area. We work with commercial and domestic customers. All our services are fully insured and highly recommended. In fact , most of our work comes from repeat or referral customers. Our company owns some of the most powerful sanders capable of finishing huge jobs in no time. We work with varnishes & staining from Chimiver brand , a guarantee of quality and long lasting results. Our company can sand any semi or solid wood floors and we can also sand the floor in any color you want. All our specialists are fully trained , polite and very professional. On our website you can find out information about our services , our covered area and our latest projects. We are open 24/7 but for late or weekend appointments we will require 24-48 hours notice., If you are interested in any of our floor sanding services please contact us at 01444 0146 and one of our specialists will be with you in no time. Floor Sanding Dublin 15


Turn To The Professionals For Your Floor Sanding Dublin Needs – Floor Sanding Dublin 15


Horror stories from DIY floor sanding jobs gone wrong are numerous: Dents forming on the surface due to the sander being left on one spot for too long; divots when the sander is turned on and off while the sanding belt is still in contact with the floor; all through to dishouts on the surface that are as a result of using the wrong angles when maneuvering the sander on the flooring. Even improperly installing the sandpaper in the sander, or simply fixing the machinery to a voltage that is too high or low, can result in marks forming on the surface. There are also those cases when one spends too much into the wood surface, which not only affects its structural integrity, but it also reduces the number of times that the flooring can be refinished, hence slashing its lifespan. Making quick passes over the floor with the sander, in an attempt to avoid over-sanding, leads to patches of the existing finish being left behind. These, on the other hand, prevent proper bonding of the new coats that are to be applied, and may even react to form unsightly colourations. Sometimes it’s the machinery itself that is out of tune- especially for the rental equipment that has been poorly maintained. Worn pulleys, poor seams on the abrasive and bad bearings in the sander’s fan housing can lead to scratches, drum, swirl and stop marks forming. In case the sander is out of round, then chatter marks can result. These wave-like formations on the surface of the floor ruin its balance. Then there are those cases when the floor already has issues, such as uneven undulation, that will affect the wheels of the sander and consequently the sanding process, leading to magnification of the anomaly. One needs to assess the problem and determine its exact cause, for it to be resolved before continuing with the sanding. You don’t have to stress yourself out with all these issues. Simply bring in our floor sanding Dublin specialists. Floor Sanding Dublin 15


Why You Should Rely On The Dustless Floor Sanding Specialists


Dust is messy. You don’t want it covering your bookcases, cabinets, electronics, shelves, those potted plants, furniture, chandeliers or getting into the sockets, sinks and drains, work desks or even the HVAC units. Getting rid of it will involve a laborious cleaning that will take lots of time and energy. There are even risks of damage to the electrical systems or clogging of the plumbing. Using dustless floor sanding processes will prevent this from happening. Our team employs high-powered vacuums that are attached to the sanders to suck up both the coarse and fine dust particles the instant they are formed, thus preventing them from getting spread all over the interior space. As a welcome bonus, you get to protect the persons in the building from the health complications that would have resulted from inhaling the dust. The sanders used to come packing a punch. Remember that the floor finish is designed to withstand abuse. Hence, powerful machinery is needed to break it down, sanding through to the bare wood. Our team uses state-of-the-art gear, which ensures that the task is carried out effectively in minimal time. The sanding belts used leave the surface smooth ready to receive the preferred coats of treatment and finish. In addition, by opening up the wood’s pores, products such as wood stain and sealants that are applied get to strongly bond with the surface. Floor Sanding Dublin 15

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