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Facts vs. Fiction- The Truth About Dustless Floor Sanding |  Floor Sanding Drimnagh

Dustless sanding is slowly but very surely gaining popularity in the floor restoration industry. With all the benefits you as the homeowner have to enjoy, it is not so hard to see why the technique is so popular. Unfortunately, as with any other trend out there, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions about dustless sanding. Below is some information that should help debunk a majority of these myths for you. That way, you will know exactly what it is you are getting yourself into when you opt for this service. Floor Sanding Drimnagh

  • Fact- Dust is actually produced during the process

There is a widely believed and seriously misguided notion that dustless sanding implies that no dust is produced during the floor sanding process. This could not be further from the truth. When the sanding paper comes into contact with the polish or wood itself, production of dust and other forms of debris is completely inevitable. Dustless sanding does not in any way shape or form prevent this from happening. What actually happens is that the sand is removed from the surface as soon as it is produced. Therefore, if the business you are working with tries to sell this service as completely dust free, you might need to find a more experienced crew. Floor Sanding Drimnagh

  • Fiction- You have to spend a fortune for the service

This is a lie propagated by unscrupulous businesses out to extort you as the unsuspecting client. Dustless sanding is fairly new and not very many homeowners know about it. It is therefore very easy to be fooled into believing that you would have to spend a small fortune in order to enjoy the great benefits promised. The truth is that dustless floor sanding is quite affordable. In fact, some businesses don’t even factor in the dustless sanding while billing you. This is because wood floor sanders used by most professionals today feature inbuilt suction ad dust storage systems. This means that the business does not incur any extra costs while offering you this very efficient and convenient service. Therefore, before you settle for an expensive crew make sure you do your research and find the most affordable business in your area. Floor Sanding Drimnagh

When wooden floors are being sanded, your house will temporarily be converted into a festival of sniffles and coughs. This is because fine dust particles are released into the air as the process continues and these may precipitate respiratory reactions. However, dustless floor sanding helps you avert this potential crisis by eliminating release of dust particles into the air. This is especially useful in homes with children and pets as they are the most sensitive to the dust produced in ordinary floor sanding. Floor Sanding Drimnagh

This is a myth as far as floor restoration is concerned. So far, there is no one system that guarantees 100% removal of the dust from the floor sanding process. No matter how effective the suction, separation and collection is, there is always a bit of dust left on the floor and in the air. Therefore, be careful not to be hoodwinked by businesses promising completely dust-free sanding.


Floor Sanding Drimnagh

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