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Floor Sanding Company

Floor Sanding Company

Dublin Floor Sanding provides professional floor sanding services in County Dublin and the surrounding area. Our company provides floor sanding services to commercial and domestic customers.  All our floor sanding services are fully insured and highly recommended. So why pick us? Floor Sanding Company

-affordable floor sanding services

-always on time

-always on budget

-open 24 hours

-dustless floor sanding machines

-great range of staining & varnishes

We provide free estimates for our floor sanding services. A long list of our latest floor sanding jobs can be found on our website under the “latest projects” option.  Our floor sanding machines are dustless. We are open 24 hours but for late or weekend floor sanding jobs we will require 24 hours notice. Floor Sanding Company

We use only top of the range Bona varnishes & staining that will ensure a long life for your floors. We provide floor sanding services mostly in County Dublin but for bigger floor sanding jobs we can travel outside Dublin as well. Our floor sanding pricing is very affordable and our work quality is second to none. We usually price per square meter/feet but for bigger floor sanding jobs we can also price per job. Floor Sanding Company

Commercial floor sanding services – we deal with pubs, schools, surgeries, restaurants, public buildings, etc. Our floor sanding services are highly appreciated by all our repeat customers for top of the range quality, fast response and brilliant pricing. Floor Sanding Company

Domestic floor sanding services – we have built a great list of domestic customers that have been very happy with our services and they have recommended us to many other people. Unlike the classic floor sanding companies that are getting too big to care about their customers, we are very careful and our attention to detail is impressive.  All floor sanding email enquiries will be responded to within 5 minutes and a price will be provided within 24 hours.

www.dublin-floorsanding.ie   www.dublin-floorsanding.ie  www.dublin-floorsanding.ie

We have a minimum order of 500€ for any floor sanding job. Under this price it wouldn’t be worth it for us. Floor sanding is a very time consuming operation and it can cost a lot of money. Beside the sand paper costs there are many other expenses, like brushes, rolls, dust masks, parking tickets , diesel , insurance, machine repairs, etc.  The latest technology innovations have made floor sanding faster and less expensive but to get a great quality result, like anything else, money has to be spent.

We can sand any type of wood floor as long as it is solid or semi solid wood.

Floor staining – using some of the best staining (Bona) we can change the colour of your floors, there are a huge variety of colours available. Floor Sanding Company

All our floor sanding specialists are fully trained, polite and professional. Our specialists will advise and they will work with you to find the best options and the cheapest ways.

If you are interested in any of our floor sanding services please contact us today at 014304313 and one of our specialists will be with you in no time. Floor Sanding Company

In the past few years people have started sanding the old tired floor boards from under their existing floors. Those floors were fitted years ago and they are dry and easy to sand. We can do magic on those floors. After the standard floor sanding we will treat the floors with oils from Bona to make sure we give them the antique look. After three coats of top of the range varnish you will have new floors. Floor Sanding Company


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