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<h1>Floor Sanding Clondalkin | Floor Sanding Dublin</h1>

Floor Sanding Clondalkin

Finding a good floor sanding company is not as easy as it looks. You love your floors and you want them treated with respect and you also want a finish that will last for years to come. You will have to pick from a long list of floor sanding companies that operate in the Clondalkin area. Well we should be your first option because a huge amount of our business happens in Clondalkin and our references speak for us.  Working with Dublin Floor Sanding you can be sure of the following things:

-you will receive a copy of our insurance

-we will use dustless floor sanding machines

-we will only use the best brands and all our work is fully guaranteed

-we will email you a full quotation to specify what will be done and how long it will take

-we will provide you with as many references as needed

-we will treat you with respect and your home will be left as we found it before we leave

Dublin Floor Sanding uses a great range of oils, varnishes, waxes and other floor finishing products. We will show you samples and we will do tests on your floors to make sure you pick the product you really want. All our floor products have a very long expectancy but it all depends on the traffic.

Our company provides clear pricing and the price of your job will be decided by the size of it, condition of it, access and the finish required. Same type of wood but different condition or finish could cost double. Expensive finishes will cost extra.

We cover the whole Clondalkin area and we deal with both commercial and domestic customers. From our latest projects list you will be able to see what other floor sanding jobs we have completed in your area or around. We do not publish our customers phone numbers on our website for privacy reasons.

Dublin Floor Sanding owns very high quality floor sanders and all those machines will be used to achieve the best finishes available. We don’t just sand your floor and varnish it, we will seal your floor and we will buff your floor to a very fine finish. Applying at least 3 coats of varnish is a must and we will assure you that for us quality is the only aim. In fact, most of our work comes from repeat floor sanding customers and our business grows year by year.

Our fully trained floor sanding specialists are at your disposal while the work is going on. All our lads are very nice people and they will work with you as much as they can to keep you happy. You will be treated like a friend. If you are booked with Dublin Floor Sanding you can be sure that our vans will arrive at the agreed time and they will leave at the agreed times.

The usage of dustless floor sanding machines will make your life so easy. Few years ago, people had to take time off work after the job was completed just to clean the house. But the technology has changed so fast that now, most of the new types of floor sanders, release close to 0 dust particles. A job that used to be very messy is now no longer so.

Floor Sanding Clondalkin – Varnishes

Dublin Floor Sanding can finish your floors in two types of varnishes, water based or oil based varnishes. Most of the people will go for water based varnishes but some customers still prefer the oil based varnishes. What most people don’t know is that both types of varnish are tough and just because it is called “water” based finish doesn’t mean it will wash away. In fact, Bona Traffic – water based – is one of the strongest varnishes available. Oil based varnishes have a longer drying time so if you prefer this type of finish you should expect longer drying times – 24 hours usually.


Floor Sanding Clondalkin – Oils

Floor oiling after the sanding is getting more and more popular. Unlike varnish, the oil is being absorbed inside the wood and it offers a longer spillage protection and it can be redone easily by any domestic customer. It is easy to be applied and after each refinishing it will look like new again. There are huge ranges of oils and colors. Some people don’t want to hear of varnish and some people don’t want to hear of oils so it is a personal preference.

Floor Sanding Clondalkin– Gap Filling

If there are gaps under 10 mm we can easily fill it up and we can guarantee that you will not even know that there was a gap ever on your floors. Gap filling will cost more so if you are thinking of getting this job done you should budget for extra time and extra money. We will use wood dust from sanding your floors to fill up your floor gaps so you will not notice any color differences. Gaps over 10 mm will require strips of wood and it will cost around 4-5€ per linear meter.

Floor Sanding Clondalkin – Staining

If you are unhappy with the color of your floors and you want it changed we can do that for you in no time. Floor stains will require 10 hours drying time before varnish application. A thing to bear in mind is that the same tin could look different on different types of wood. The color that you can see on the stain tin is not 100% the color you will end up with most of the time. Pine wood is light yellow and oak floors are brown- so a gray staining won’t look the same on both.

It doesn’t matter what type of floor finish you will ask for, Dublin Floor Sanding will work with you to make sure you get the results you have hoped for. We have a minimum order of 450€ for any floor sanding job.


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