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Floor Sanding Churchtown | Floor Sanding Dublin

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Dublin Floor Sanding provides professional floor sanding services in Churchtown and the surrounding area. All our floor sanding services are fully insured and highly recommended. Our company uses dustless floor sanding machines only. From our website you can find out information about floor sanding services , our covered area and our latest projects. All our floor sanding specialists are fully trained , polite and very professional. Our floor sanding is very affordable and our work quality is second to none. Dublin Floor Sanding can sand any type of solid or semi solid floors and we can guarantee you that only the best staining and varnishes will ever be used. All our floor sanding estimates are free of charge and no obligation. Our company provides two types of floor sanding services , commercial floor sanding and domestic floor sanding  services. On the domestic floor sanding side of the business we deal with many landlords, estate agents , management companies but also with many private customers.  We are open for business 24/7 but for late or weekend floor sanding appointments we will require 1 week notice. If you are interested in any of our floor sanding services please contact us at 1800 848 700 and one of our specialists will be with you within 24 hours. Floor Sanding Churchtown



Tools And Equipment Used In Industrial Floor Sanding – Floor Sanding Churchtown

Commercial floor sanding businesses are specially skilled to be able to handle the increased demands in these large scale settings. One thing that sets these businesses apart from those specializing in domestic floor sanding is the type of equipment used. For the most part, there are a lot of similarities between the two. However, the special needs created by all the extra space in a commercial wood flooring setup necessitate the use of special tools and equipment. Below is a list of these tools and what each is used for in the commercial floor sanding and restoration process:


  1. Drum floor sanders – Floor Sanding Churchtown

These are the most commonly used types of floor sanders in commercial floor restoration. The heavy duty machines are ideal for working on large spaces over short periods of time. This makes the crew’s work a lot easier allowing them to cover a lot of ground in one session in spite of the amount of floor sanding that needs to be done.


  1. Oscillator floor sanders – Floor Sanding Churchtown

These are less commonly used when it comes to floor sanding. As with drum sanders, the large machines facilitate fast and efficient stripping of paint, polish and superficial layers of wood. They are commonly used when the sanding needs to be done along the grain of the wood in order to maintain aesthetics. This is commonly seen with sanding and restoration of basketball courts.


  1. Vibrating floor sanders and buffers – Floor Sanding Churchtown

This is an example of equipment used both in commercial and domestic settings. Buffing machines are meant to eliminate all imperfections and flaws left on the surface of the wood after sanding. This is especially important with commercial floor sanding as the larger space increases incidences of these imperfections. When the crew uses these tools, you do not have to worry about them leaving you with a blemish ridden final product.


  1. Wide based applicators – Floor Sanding Churchtown

Applicators are special tools used to apply stains and finishing products onto the wood. With commercial floor sanding and restoration, the aim during finishing is to ensure both speedy and uniform application. In this case, wide rollers and wide based applicators are the best way to go. These ensure that as much ground as possible is covered in very little time without compromising on the quality of the final results.


  1. Weighted applicators – Floor Sanding Churchtown

In addition to wide based applicators, some commercial floor sanding businesses use weighted

applicators. These feature heavy roller pins or bar bases. This special design comes in particularly handy by ensuring that the crew working on your floor uses very little effort to achieve even and precise application of the finishing coats. That way, you do not have to worry about some parts of the floor having thicker layers than others. Floor Sanding Churchtown



There is not much difference in terms of types of equipment used in commercial floor sanding and what is used in domestic sanding. However, in spite of the basic similarities the different unique design features in the tools described above make them ideal for use in commercial floor settings. It is for this very reason that working with ill-equipped domestic floor sanding businesses is not advisable in the commercial or industrial setting. Floor Sanding Churchtown



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