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<h1>Floor Sanding Cabra | Floor Sanding Dublin</h1>

Floor Sanding Cabra

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Dublin Floor Sanding provides professional floor sanding services in Cabra and the surrounding area. All our floor sanding machines are dustless and very powerful. All our floor sanding services are fully insured and highly recommended .  Most of our floor sanding jobs are coming from repeat customers and recommendations. From our website you can find out information about our floor sanding services , our covered area and our latest projects. Our company provides two types of floor sanding services , commercial floor sanding and domestic floor sanding. On the commercial floor sanding side of the business we deal with  schools , restaurants , pubs, shops , etc. On the domestic floor sanding side of the business we deal with many private customers but also management companies and estate agents. We are open for business 24/7 but for late or weekend floor sanding appointments we will require 1 week notice. Our floor sanding pricing is affordable and our work quality is second to none. All our floor sanding estimates are free of charge and no obligation. If you are interested in any of our floor sanding services please contact us at 1800 848 700 and one of our specialists will contact you within 24 hours. Floor Sanding Cabra


Dublin Floor Sanding Done Professionally – Floor Sanding Cabra


With DIY floor sanding and refinishing jobs, there is plenty of room for error. Using faulty equipment, failing to follow the appropriate grit sequence, or making mistakes such as sanding too deep into the wood can affect the structural integrity of the flooring. Scratches, scuff marks, divots, ridges and valleys forming on the surface will affect the quality of the results after applying the finish. Even those errors that look minuscule will stick out like a sore thumb, forcing you to go back to the drawing board, re-sanding the surface and starting the process all over again. When it comes to the finishing issues like failing to ensure that the surface is ready- like having patches of previous treatments still on it, all through using contaminated tools, will affect how the sealants, lacquers and other products to be applied will bond with the surface. Rushing through the coats without allowing sufficient drying time in between subsequent applications will lengthen the curing time, and floor may develop a mixture of dull and shiny areas. In cases where one forces the floor to dry too fast, like by pointing a fan onto it, it also affects the curing process, ruining the finish. Allowing traffic onto the area before the coats have sufficiently dried will leave permanent footprint marks on the floor. There have also been cases of furniture being set up on wet floor finish, only for it to stick to the surface, and moving it causes it to form ugly scars. However, with wood floors, damage is rarely ever permanent. You can always bounce back from the deplorable conditions and give at a new lease of life. Simply call in the professional floor sanding and restoration team, to ensure things get done right, fast and effectively. Floor Sanding Cabra


What You Get When You Count On The Dustless Floor Sanding Professionals


With our dustless floor sanding systems, you won’t have to worry about the restoration process being messy. Powerful vacuuming machinery is connected to the sanders through suction tubes that direct the dust particles right from their generation point to the collection units. This keeps them from winding up on your cabinets, upholstery, electrical appliances and furniture, and also keeps the indoor air safe for the occupants. The sanders themselves have the capacity required to grind through the multiple layers of tough finish products on the surface of the floor, getting to the underlying wood. The surface is smoothened and wood pores opened up, enabling the fresh new treatments that are to be applied to adhere strongly to the flooring. This enhances its wear- and stain-resistance attributes, with enhanced strength and durability that increases its life. What’s more, the uniform surface enables even coats to be applied, which accentuates the installation. Our floor sanding and restoration personnel are punctual, sticking to the schedule that has been set to allow you to plan your activities accurately. They are also courteous, treating your property with the respect and are it deserves, while also answering any questions that you may have about the process. Floor Sanding Cabra



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