Floor Sanding Bray

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Floor Sanding Bray

Floor Sanding Bray

A well maintained wood floor can make a statement about your property. The first thing that your guests or your friends will see is the floor. But keeping wooden floors spotless is not easy task especially in area with high traffic. Even the hardest wearing floor finish will wear off eventually. If your floor is start looking dull in areas and patchy in other areas, you need to consider floor sanding. Longer you wait more expensive it will be to repair the damage. Why not call Dublin Floor Sanding now and let us have a look and quote you for free.

Floor Sanding Bray – Eco Friendly Products

Floor sanding is not what it used to be. The days when people had to move out for few days just to have a room refinished, are well gone. The water based floor finishes have replaced the old smelly & toxic oil based floor finishes. Our floor finishes are not toxic at all, it dries very fast and it last even longer than the oil based floor varnishes.

Floor Sanding Bray – Dustless

The floor sanding equipment has progressed as well. If few years back all the dust had to be hovered up after it was generated, now days, most professional floor sanding company are using dustless floor sanding equipment that can collect over 98% of the dust as generated. You won`t even know that we have been in your home when the job is finished.

Floor Sanding Bray – Our services

Dublin Floor Sanding is a complete package floor sanding company. We can sand up all your floors, we can take care of all the repairs, we can fill up gaps, we can stain your floors, we can wax your floors, we can polish your floors, we can varnish your floor, we can paint your floors and we can even bleach up your floors with special wood dye. We can adapt to any type of special requirements and you will find us very flexible.

Floor Sanding Bray – Staining

If few years back there were only few basic stains available, now you can pick between tens of different types of wood stain. Dublin Floor Sanding is using professional wood stains from Tover & Bona brands. We can provide you with free samples and unique stain colours. We can even mix up stains between each other to achieve even more unique colours. A stain will need time to dry but its actually drying time can vary from floor to floor and day to day. Sunny days will speed up the drying periods while wet days can increase the amount of time needed to dry.

Floor Sanding Bray – Floor sanding

For us to be able to sand up your floors, you need to have solid or semi solid wood floors. Laminate floors are not wood and it can`t be sanded even if it looks 100% like wood. Semi solid wood floors can be sanded up to 3 times but it can vary from floor to floor. Solid wood floors can be sanded many times over.

Floor Sanding Bray – Varnishing

Bona & Tover brands make some of the most beautiful floor finishes out there. A quality floor varnish should not just glaze your floor and make it look artificial but it should leave the wood look as natural as possible. Our quality water based floor varnishes are doing just that. It will seal your floor so it is spillage protected and it won`t alter the look in any way. We can even use our magic invisible floor varnish that leaves your floor 100% natural but it provides the same protection level like the strongest varnish in the world. We can finish your floor in a mat, satin, gloss or invisible finish. We can use medium traffic floor varnish and we can use high traffic floor varnishes. The last coat of floor varnish should fully dry within 2 hours after the last application.

Floor Sanding Bray – Oiling

A great way of keeping your floors looking as natural as possible is to wax it. We can use clear hard wax oils or we can use coloured hard wax oils. We will use hard wax oils from Bona or Tover. We would not recommend oils for kitchen, bathrooms or very high traffic areas. Oiled floors have to be refreshed regular and specific oiled floor cleaners have to be used to avoid damages. Waxing a wooden floor is a time taking operation and in some cases it could take 48 hours before the floor can be used. Give us a call and tell us more about your floor.

Floor Sanding Bray – Polishing

A wooden floor without any type of protective coat over it, it will stain with ease and it will start looking very bad pretty fast. A very easy and inexpensive way of protecting a wooden floor is by polishing it with a water based floor polish. We have clear wood floor polishes and we have semi clear wood floor polishes that will dry to look like a varnish. We use Bona Wood Floor Polish and Cleanfast Floor Polish. A wood floor polish can be applied over newly sanded floor surfaces or over old varnished wood floors. Not suitable for oiled floors.

Floor Sanding Bray – Painting

We believe that the only floor that should be painted with acrylic floor paint is the stair case or very damaged wood floors that have no hope of ever being restored. When you paint a wooden floor you will end up with an artificial look and you will make all floors look the same. If you are decided to go for the paint, we can do it for you without any problems. Over 30 colours are available so you are spoiled for options.

Floor Sanding Bray – Gap filling

The gaps between your floor boards were left like that for various reasons. In some old houses, the gaps between the floor boards were a way of ventilating the whole house while in some houses the gaps were left like that to achieve a specific look. If you want your gaps filled, we can do it for you. We will use dust generated from sanding up the floor and we will mix it up with a special gap filler. This gap filler is very flexible and it won`t be noticeable after the floor is finished. It will protect against spillage leaks and it will also insulate some floors.

Floor Sanding Bray – Stair case sanding

Sanding a stair case is not easy task because most of the work has to be done by hand. Many people are using the wrong paints and the wrong finishes for finishing their stair cases and in most cases there are inches of the old finish left around the edges. A standard stair case will take 1 full day to be completed and our minimum charge is 350€. We will remove all the old finishes, we will repair all the imperfections and we will apply high traffic finishes.

Floor Sanding Bray – Floor repairs

We are happy to repairs all types of floor issues but in some cases you will have to outsource the floor boards. If your wood floors is rare and made to order, it will be pretty hard for us to source it around. You must remember where did you order it from and order some more. If your floor is standard wood floors, we can source it in Ireland without any problems. We will blend the repair with the floor.

Floor Sanding Bray – Prices

A fair price is what most people want. But you need to bear in mind that most floors will look the same after it is done, but some floors will stay like that over 10 years while others will only last 12 months. Quality materials and skilled staff are essential to achieve beautiful & durable results. Dublin Floor Sanding prices are fair and the quality of our work speaks for itself. Most of our work comes from repeat customers or referrals. We charge about 20€ per square meter of floor sanding and floor refinishing. If other work is required to make the floor look better, we will charge a bit extra. Our minimum order for any floor sanding  job is 250€ regardless of size.

Call us now and let`s book you in for a site survey. We will explain you in detail what can and what can`t be done with your floors. We will do sample tests and we will show you a full range of finishes for all prices. Dublin Floor Sanding is here to work with you and help you achieve that unique finish that you always wanted.

Floor Sanding Bray – Professional results for less!

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