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<h1>Floor Sanding Blessington | Floor Sanding Dublin</h1>

Floor Sanding Blessington

Even if your wood floors look hopeless right now, we can assure that we can sort it out for you. Our company can repair floors, we can fill up gaps, we can oil, wax, seal, paint & varnish floors. Regardless of the condition of your floor, we will make it look like new again. We can refinish any type of solid and semi solid wood floors. Semi solid wood floors can only be sanded up to 3 times.

Floor Sanding Blessington – Prices

We are not a budget floor sanding company and we are not the most expensive floor sanding company in Ireland. Our prices are designed in such a way to provide high quality floor sanding services for reasonable prices. Floor sanding is not a job where you can start saving. Most types of floor finishes will look more or less the same but some will last over 10 years and some will last 1 year. Dublin Floor Sanding can guarantee you that only high quality floor finishes will be used in your home. We use products from Bona & Tover only.

Our prices for floor sanding and floor refinishing are around 30€ vat included. Standard floor sanding and floor refinishing. If you need extra services done, it will cost more.

Floor Sanding Blessington – Dustless

We are sure that you heard of horror stories about floor sanding jobs where people had to hire professional cleaning companies to remove all the dust generated by the floor sanding contractor. This is the reason why Dublin Floor Sanding has invested in top of the range dustless floor sanding equipment. We will collect over 98% of the dust generated and we will leave your home as we have found it.

Floor Sanding Blessington – Our finishes

Dublin Floor Sanding is a professional floor sanding company and we only work with quality floor finishes from Tover & Bona. The difference between a quality floor varnish and a cheap floor varnish is about 8 years but the price difference is not that big. We will provide you with prices for medium and high traffic floor finishes.

All our varnishes are water based. We can guarantee you that there are not fumes or toxic chemicals in our floor finishes. Our waxes and stains could take up to 24 hours to dry, depending on weather and each floor. Our water based floor varnishes will dry within 2 hours after the last application.

We can also repair floor boards, we can fill up the gaps between your floor boards, we can bleach up your floors, we can wax it, varnish it, we can stain it, polish or paint it. Just book our free site survey and we will provide you with a free no obligation estimate.

Floor Sanding Blessington – Commercial floor sanding

If you need a commercial floor sanded, we can help you out. We can adapt to any special requirements or time schedules. We can use very high traffic floor finishes that were designed for very high usage. Most businesses are open during the day so we can book you over night. Our prices for commercial floor sanding are very competitive and our work quality is outstanding.

Floor Sanding Blessington – Insurance

Dublin Floor Sanding is a professional floor sanding company with over 12 years experience in the floor sanding industry. We are fully insured and highly recommended. Signed copies of our comprehensive insurance can be provided to any interested party.

Floor Sanding Blessington – Our guarantee

We promise you that only top of the range materials and equipment will be used to finish your floors. We can guarantee you that we will inform you about all our products and we will quote you the best possible prices. We will treat your home with respect and we will leave your home as we have found it.

Call us now or book our floor sanding services online. We are open for business 24/7.

Floor Sanding Blessington – professional floor sanding services for less!


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