Floor Sanding Blanchardstown

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Floor Sanding Blanchardstown

Floor Sanding Blanchardstown

A wooden floor will make your home feel warm and cosy. It will keep your feet warm and it will make your home easier to clean. But the protective coat of finish over your floor will not last forever and once in a while, usual within 5 to 10 years, the floor needs to be refinished. All floors have to be deep cleaned once in a while, not only the wood floors. Floor sanding is not as disruptive as it used to be few years back and we can be in and out your home in one day. In many cases we collect the keys from our customers and we do the job while they are in work.

Floor Sanding Blanchardstown – Do I have to move out for few days?

No, you don’t. The floor sanding technology has changed dramatically over the past few years and now most floor sanding machines will make very little noises and it will collect most of the dust generated. Our company will move your furniture around, if any, and we will put it back when the job was done. We will have up to 50 square meter of floor done in one day, unless you are going for a wax or stain finish. Waxes and stains could take up to 24 hours to dry. Bear in mind that this kind of floor finishing has to be done once every 10 years so it is not too bad.

Floor Sanding Blanchardstown – What about fumes?

We can guarantee you that there will be no fumes. We only work with water based floor finishes that will dry in less than 1 hour and are not toxic at all. The floor will be fully dry within 2 hour after the last application.

Floor Sanding Blanchardstown – Prices

How expensive is floor sanding? Usual it works at about half what it should cost you to get new floors. The final price will depend on the type of finish that you hope to achieve, the quality of your floor boards and the size of your floor. Standard floor sanding and floor varnishing shouldn’t cost more than 20€ per square meter unless your old floor is painted or in a very bad condition and it requires tones of work to be restored. But if you go for staining, gap filling, floor repairs or very high traffic finishes, the price will go up. Any professional floor sanding company will be happy to provide you with a full list of services and prices before they even start. A quality floor finish can last more than 10 years while a cheap floor finish won`t last more than 2 years.

Floor Sanding Blanchardstown – Dustless

Dublin Floor Sanding can guarantee you that 98% of the dust generated by our equipment will be collected in special dust collection bags. Your home will be left dust free after the job was completed. Any professional floor sanding company should use dustless floor sanding equipment but there are few that still use the old systems.

Floor Sanding Blanchardstown – Finishes

Varnishing is the most popular type of wood floor finish in Ireland. 90% of our floor sanding jobs end up being finished with a water based floor varnish. Just because a varnish is called water based, it doesn’t mean that it will not last long or it will wash away. In fact, the new types of water based floor varnishes are even tougher than the old oil based floor varnishes. Dublin Floor Sanding can finish your floor in a mat, satin, gloss or invisible varnish. You can pick between two pack high traffic floor varnishes or you can go for a normal traffic floor varnish. Even normal traffic water based floor varnishes are stronger than the old oil based floor varnishes.

Waxing or oiling is also a popular way of finishing a wood floor. We have clear hard wax oils and we have coloured hard wax oils as well. A wooden floor that was waxed with a high quality oil, it should provide 100% protection against spillages and moist. Unlike the varnish, the oil won`t build a protective coat over your floor but instead it will be absorbed by the floor. All waxed floors will require special maintenance products and it will need to be refreshed once in a while, depending on traffic. We wouldn’t recommend oil or wax for the kitchen floors.

Our company can also polish your wood floors. We can remove all the old finishes from your floor and we can apply 2 coats of wood floor polish. The polish will water proof your floor without changing the look. The floor will look 100% natural and it will be fully protected for many years. We can use a Bona Wood Floor Polish or we can use Cleanfast Floor Polish (25% solid).

We can also paint your floor with special acrylic paints. We recommend paint only over cheap or very damaged wood floors. The problem we have with the painted floors is the fact that it all look the same and it is a nightmare removing the paint in few year time.

Other services provide by our floor sanding company: gap filling, floor repairs, bleaching and much more. Give us a call and book one of our reps. We will drop around and we will present you with the best options for your floors.

Floor Sanding Blanchardstown – Types of wood that can be sanded

Floor sanding is only possible on solid or semi solid wood floors. Even if a floor looks 100% wood, it might be something else. There are laminate floors out there that look just like any solid wood floor and there are amtico floors that imitate solid wood. Laminate flooring is not wood so it can be sanded. Amtico floors are made from plastic components. Semi solid wood floors can be sanded without problems but only few times. Solid wood floors can be sanded up many times over.

Floor Sanding Blancharstown – Insurance

Wood floors are pretty expensive and pretty easy to damage. It is very important that you only hire floor sanding companies with proven track record and with comprehensive insurance. Dublin Floor Sanding can provide you with a copy of its floor sanding insurance and if you visit our web page, you will see our latest project page.

Floor Sanding Blanchardstown – Guarantee

We can guarantee you that only top of the range floor finishes will be used to finish your floors. We will present you with all the options and it is up to you to decide how much you will spend and what type of finish will be used. We will do our best to provide you with competitive prices and we will quote you for free all the time.

Give us a call now and tell us more about your floor sanding project. We are only one call away.

Floor Sanding Blanchardstown – professional floor sanding services for less!


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