Floor Sanding Blackrock

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Floor Sanding Blackrock

Floor Sanding Blackrock

You are just about to hire one of the most efficient and professional floor sanding companies in Blackrock. Dublin Floor Sanding is a professional floor sanding company with over 12 years experience in floor sanding, floor refinishing, floor repairs, gap filling, floor staining, floor waxing, floor polishing, floor painting and much more. We are one of the very few floor sanding companies that have a page with our latest projects. All our estimates are free of charge and no obligation.

Floor Sanding Blackrock – What we do

If you have solid or semi solid wood floors, we can do business. Our company specialise in floor sanding and floor refinishing services. We can sand up any type of solid or semi solid floors, we can repair any floor issues, we can fill up gaps and we can finish your floors in many ways. We use the latest technology in the floor sanding industry and over the past 12 years we have never let down a customer. We will be there when agreed and we will finish your floor as agreed.

Floor Sanding Blackrock – Dustless floor sanding

If you pay peanuts you get monkeys. When you hire a professional floor sanding company like Dublin Floor Sanding, you know that your home is in safe hands. We will collect over 98% of the dust generated and whatever little dust is lost during the sanding process, we will remove it before we leave. Our floor sanding machines are fitted with special dust collecting bags and extraction systems. We will leave your home as we have found it.

Floor Sanding Blackrock – Staining

We have many customers contacting us and enquiring about staining. What is a stain? What floors can be stained? Etc. A stain is an oil based colour that can be used to treat wood surfaces. A wood stain has no protective qualities so it has to be sealed with a varnish, oil or wood floor polish. Any type of solid wood or semi solid wood can be stained if it was sanded and it is finish free. We use Tover & Bona wood stains. A wood stain should fully dry in about 6 hours but the drying time can vary from stain to stain and floor to floor. We work with over 32 colours of wood stains so your imagination is the limit. We can even mix up stains to achieve unique colours.

Floor Sanding Blackrock – Varnishing

90% of the floor sanded by us end up being varnished. The new water based floor varnishes are even stronger than the old types of oil based floor varnishes, it looks more natural and it dries much faster. Our company uses two brands of floor varnishes, Tover & Bona. We have high traffic floor varnishes that come with a hardener and we have medium traffic floor varnishes that are not much less stronger than the high traffic ones. We can varnish your floor in a mat, satin, gloss or invisible floor varnish. Our invisible floor varnish is very popular right now. It will protect your floor like any other types of high traffic floor varnishes but it is not visible. The wood looks natural 100%. This finish is highly recommended for prestigious floors where a natural look is very important.

Floor Sanding Blackrock – Oiling

Even if waxed floors require a bit more maintenance than the varnished floors, many people still love the look of oiled floors. We can oil your floor in clear hard wax oil from Tover or Bona or we can use a coloured wax. We have 28 different colours of oils in our stock so you can pick any of it. Waxed surfaces will require at least 24 hours, per coat, of drying time. Oiled floors have to be washed with specific oiled floor cleaners and it has to be refreshed regular.

Floor Sanding Blackrock – Polishing

Another popular way of finishing a newly sanded floor is by polishing it. Two coats of high traffic wood floor polish will do more or less the same think like two coats of varnish. We work with wood floor polish from Cleanfast & Bona. Cleanfast Wood Floor Polish will give the floor a satin finish wile Bona Wood Floor Polish will give the floor very mat finish. Polished floors will require the same maintenance like a varnished floor.

Floor Sanding Blackrock – Painting

This type of floor finish is much popular than many people think. Acrylic paints are getting better and better and many people just love it. We can paint any type of wood floor surface and we have about 30 different colours of acrylic paints. Many people are painting old stair cases.

Floor Sanding Blackrock – Prices

Floor sanding is one of this jobs where you can`t afford to pay little. You will be stick with a cheap finish for many years to come and it will drive you nuts. The ongoing rate for floor sanding and varnishing is about 20€ vat inclusive. Some floor sanding contractors will quote 17.5€ plus vat or other ones will quote for square yard. But if you compare all the prices, you will notice  high traffic that the rate is about 20€ per square meter. In this price, a good floor sanding specialists can provide you with quality work and long lasting finishes. Dublin Floor Sanding quotes about 20€ per square meter of floor finish. If you need gap filling done or floor repairs, the price will go a bit higher. If you need staining done, the price will increase. High quality floor finishes cost a lot of money but the difference between a 25€ per gallon varnish and 180€ per gallon varnish, is about 8 extra years of usage. A floor that was finished with a high traffic varnish should last about 10 years (depending on traffic) while a floor that was finished with a cheap varnish, will last much less time.

The price for floor sanding can vary from floor to floor. If a floor has a lot of paint on it or other types of hard to remove finishes, the price will go up. If the floor is over 100 square meters, the rate per square meter will drop by 10%.

Floor Sanding Blackrock – Commercial floor sanding

If you need commercial floor sanding done, you are in the right place. Our company deals with a wide range of commercial floor sanding customers. We sand floors in schools, pubs, restaurants, surgeries, etc. We are open 24/7 and we can finish your floor with some of the most durable floor finishes ever invented. Give us a call and tell us more about your project and we will be happy to quote for free.

Dublin Floor Sanding is fully insured and highly recommended. We are the best at what we do and we can live up to any expectations. We sand up all types of rare and antic floors and we can use rare or very expensive floor finishes.

Floor Sanding Blackrock – professional floor sanding services for less!


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