How Floor Sanding Benefits Your Home

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How Floor Sanding Benefits Your Home

How Floor Sanding Benefits Your Home

Floorcare involves more than just the routine dusting and mopping. It will reach a point where not even the most thorough scrub will improve the dulled appearance of the surface. It is simply a result of the finish coats that had been initially applied wearing off, and they will need to be replaced with new ones. The frequency with which this floor sanding and refinishing is required varies from one establishment to the next. There are signs that yours will be due, such as the existing finish getting worn out, or when the surface is covered in lots of scratches. So how does your home stand to benefit from the process?


  • Gives your floors a new look


This is the main goal of the floor sanding process- getting rid of that dull and forlorn state, with the scratches, gorges and other defects that are on the structure, and breathing new life into the floor. It goes through the layers of old treatment that had been applied, getting rid of the signs of aging, sanding through to the bare wood. This gives your unit a fresh start- which gets us to the next point.


  • Apply new wood stain or varnish


Once the bare wood surface has been prepped, a new treatment can be applied. Here, you’re spoilt for choice. There are numerous wood stains and varnish options available, and you get to have the specific colouration and polish effect that you want for your particular floor. Whether you want to retain the original treatment, apply a different one to spruce things up, those going for a modern and contemporary look to those going for a rustic effect- there are products for them all. You get to restore the original beauty of the room, change the way it looks, and set the polishing effect that gives it a stunning appeal. Applying the new products over the existing treatment layers without carrying out the floor sanding would result in wastage of your time, effort and resources. The end result wouldn’t be as desired, and you’d still require the floor sanding to be carried out to rectify the issue. Get the process done right from the onset by enlisting the services of a professional. 


  • Getting rid of scratches


They are bound to occur over time. From abrasive soiling that is ground against the wood surface, the sharp claws of pets that dig into the wood as they run around the premises, those cases where people have worn spiked shows, furniture getting dragged across the floor- from the dinner table and chair to the heavy sofa sets in the living room- they ruin the appeal of the flooring. A couple of scratches here and there are common. However, when you find your floor is covered in them, it affects the rest of the place. There are even cases where the scratches get right through the wood stain, in which case a complete floor sanding and refinishing is overdue.  

Get it Done Appropriately

Mistakes are often witnessed during the DIY floor sanding jobs, and those that are carried out by rookie companies. Different factors come into play to affect the success, or lack thereof, of the task. Take the skill level for instance. In order to be able to efficiently use the machinery, one needs to be experienced in it. It’s not just about turning on the sander and passing it over the surface. Simple oversights- like turning it on when the drum of the sander is already in contact with the surface, will cause divots to form. Here, the drum swill spin on that one spot, literally digging into the wood. Even the pace that one moves with comes into focus. When you move the sander too fast over the surface, then the sanding itself won’t be as effective, leaving patches of the old finish all over the surface. On the other hand, making very slow passes over the floor will cause the sander to grind through too much of the wood, which will have a negative effect on the strength of the structure- while also reducing the number of times that the flooring can be sanded and refinished in future. 

During the DIY and rookie floor sanding, another common blunder is working with the wrong grit of sandpaper.  For instance, the DIYer may decide to begin the process by working with sandpaper that it’s too fine- perhaps out of fear of sanding away too much of the wood. However, it is counterproductive, given that the existing finish will not be effectively removed as well. There are companies that begin with grit levels that are too coarse for the particular installation- which becomes a case of going overboard. Granted, there is no universal rule of the right grit to start with. This depends on the condition of the floor. It takes skill and experience to determine the right approach for the particular type of installation. Insufficient sanding is also an issue. This often comes down to the process becoming too laborious, and the DIYer or rookie contractor taking shortcuts. Uneven surfaces, wavy marks- these will all distort the finish that will be applied. 

You don’t have to take yourself through these frustrations. By getting professional floor sanding services, you will be able to ensure that the task is done right from the word go. Hiring a company whose crew have been taken through stringent training, and one that has been in business for years- serving both residential and commercial clients, will give you the peace of mind that your property in safe hands. When looking for the right floor sanding company, also ensure that it has been insured. Accidents may happen in the course of the service delivery- even with the most experienced contractors on the job, and you want to be sure that you’re protected. Customer services is also key, to ensure that you have a pleasant experience all through. This includes how the concerns and queries you raise are addressed, all through to aspects such as the punctuality of the crew in arriving at your residence sticking to schedule. 

How Floor Sanding Benefits Your Home

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