Floor Sanding Ballyfermot

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Floor Sanding Ballyfermot

 Floor Sanding Ballyfermot

A wooden floor will make your home warm and cosy. Unlike the tile floors or plastic floors, the look of your wood floors can be changed as often as you wish and the numbers of finishes is unlimited. If your solid wood floor or semi solid wood floor looks a bit tired or water damaged, give us a call and we will drop around and quote for free. Floor sanding and floor refinishing is cheaper than you think.

Floor Sanding Ballyfermot – Prices

If you pay the fair price and if you hire a professional floor sanding company, the finish on your floors should last between 5 to 10 years, depending on usage. There are quality high traffic varnishes and there are cheap low traffic floor varnishes. The difference between those two types of varnish is about 8 years of usage. If a high traffic floor varnish will last 10 years, a low quality floor varnish will start wearing off within 1 year. Dublin Floor Sanding is quoting about 20€ per square meter of floor sanding and varnishing. In this price you will have your floor sanded with dustless technology and we will finish your floors with high quality water based floor varnishes from Tover  & Bona. If gap filling, floor repairs or staining is required, the price will go up a bit higher. You cannot afford to hire budget floor sanding companies.

Floor Sanding Ballyfermot – Water based

The floor sanding industry has changed dramatically with the invention of water based floor finishes and the dustless technology. The times required to finish a job have dropped by 80% and the dust collection capability of any professional floor sander is about 98%. Your floor will be finished faster and your home will be spotless after the floor was finished. Water based floor finishes dry fast, create no fumes and last as long as oil based floor finishes.

Floor Sanding Ballyfermot – Dustless

Most professional floor sanding companies would have dustless floor sanding equipment by now. There are still few floor sanding companies around that use the old sanders, but at the end of the day, you get what you pay for. Dublin Floor Sanding is a professional floor sanding company with 12 years experience in the trade. All our floor sanding equipment is dust free because we use special dust collection systems to make sure that your home or business is left spotless. Over 98% of the dust generated is collected on the spot.

Floor Sanding Ballyfermot – Our finishes

Most people will go for a high traffic finish, but there are many other people that prefer oil, polishes, waxes or paint. We can refinish your floor in many colours, type of finishes and level of shines. We will provide you with free samples to help you make up your mind.

We can sand up your floors and we can use a high traffic or a medium traffic floor varnish to seal it. We can use a matt, satin, gloss or invisible varnish.

We can also wax your floor with a very high traffic wax from Bona or Tover. We can use clear hard wax oil or we can use a coloured oil. Bear in mind that oiled floors need to be refreshed regular.

We can also polish your floors with a high traffic floor polish and we can also paint your floor. We can stain your floors in over 28 different colours if you want to go for a new look.

We can repair floors, we can fill up gaps and we can provide you with free advice about what works with what.

Floor Sanding Ballyfermot – Insurance

Floor sanding is a pretty risky job and accidents can happen. Very powerful tools will be used to sand up your floors. Any professional floor sanding company should be fully insured before starting a job. Dublin Floor Sanding is fully insured and highly recommended. Just ask for a copy of our insurance cert and our office will be glad to help you out.

Floor Sanding Ballyfermot – Commercial floor sanding

If you own or rent a commercial unit, you know that time is money. We will make sure that your floors will be finished over night or at any time when the business is not open. Give us a call and tell us more about your commercial floor requirements and we will do all we can to provide you with our most competitive quote.

Dublin Floor Sanding is here for you. We are nice to deal with and we are very flexible. All our estimates are free of charge and no obligation.

Floor Sanding Ballyfermot – Professional floor sanding services for less!

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