Floor Sanding Baldoyle

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Floor Sanding Baldoyle

Floor Sanding Baldoyle

A solid wood floor is a floor for life. If cleaned right and refinished once every 5 to 10 years, you shouldn`t ever have to change your floors. A solid or semi solid wood floor can be finished in so many ways that there is no way you won`t find a finish to satisfy your taste. Dublin Floor Sanding can sand you floor, can change the colour of your floor in 32 different colours, can polish your floors, can paint your floors, can varnish your floors in mat, satin, gloss or invisible varnish. We can change the look of your floor 100%.

If you are unhappy with the look of your wooden floors, give us a call. One of our reps will drop around for free and we will provide you with a full list of options. Our prices are clear and our work quality is second to none.

Floor Sanding Baldoyle – Varnishing

Varnishing is by far the most popular way of finishing a wood floor. Three coats of high traffic floor varnish should be enough to fully protect your solid or semi solid floors for many years. The traffic and the maintenance routine could increase or decrease the life expectancy of your floor finish. We can varnish your floor in mat, satin, gloss or invisible varnish. An invisible varnish will look like a wax or an oil finish. The wood will look like it wasn`t touched but it will provide very high protection against traffic and spillages. We can use high traffic varnishes or medium traffic varnishes. It looks the same but the level of protection is much higher when using a high traffic floor varnish.

Floor Sanding Baldoyle – Oiling

If you just had your floors sanded and you plan to keep it looking as natural as possible, a good option for you is oiling. We use top of the range hard wax oils from Tover & Bona. Oiled floors will require regular maintenance and oil refreshing treatments. We can use clear oils or we can use a coloured oils. Floors that get waxed, will require 24 hours drying time before it can be used.

Floor Sanding Baldoyle – Polishing

Many people are going for water based wood floor polishes. A floor polish will waterproof your floor instant and it can leave your floor looking natural 100% or it can provide a satin or glossy finish. Bona Wood Floor Polish will seal your floors nicely but it won`t be visible while Cleanfast Floor Polish will finish your floor in a nice satin finish. A floor that was polished with a wood floor polish will provide the same protection like a varnished floor.

Floor Sanding Baldoyle – Staining

The good thing about wood floors is the fact that it can be stained in whatever colour you want. We can provide you with 32 different colours of wood stains from Bona & Tover. A wood stain is not a floor finish and it has to be sealed with a protective coat of oil, varnish or polish.

Floor Sanding Baldoyle – Painting

If you are looking for your floors to be painted with an acrylic floor paint, we can do that for you. Acrylic paints have improved a lot over the years and now there is a full range of colours available.

Floor Sanding Baldoyle – Floor repairs & Gap filling

Many old floors are not in the best shape and it might require some type of repairs. We are happy to do that for you and we will quote you on the day. Minor repairs can be done at no extra cost. If the gaps between your floor boards are under 0.5 cm, we can fill it up without any problems. By filling up the gaps between the floor boards you will achieve that beautiful smooth finish and you will waterproof your floors.

Floor Sanding Baldoyle – Dustless

Dublin Floor Sanding is a professional floor sanding company that uses top of the range dustless floor sanding equipment. We can guarantee you that your home will be left spotless after we are done with your floors. Our machines are capable of collecting over 98% of the dust generated.

Floor Sanding Baldoyle – Insurance

No professional floor sanding company should be trading without being fully insured. Even if we employ some of the best floor sanding specialists in the country, accidents can always happen. This is the reason why we will provide you with a copy of our insurance cert before even commencing the work.

Floor Sanding Baldoyle – Prices

What is a fair price for floor sanding? Well, you need to assess your floors and see what kind of work is required on it. Flat floor sanding & varnishing it should cost you around 20€ per square meter. If you need gap filling, floor repairs or staining, the price will go up a bit. If you have a living room 4 x 5 meters, 20 square meter, it will cost you 400€ to have it fully sanded and finished. Bigger the floor area that has to be done is, less money per square meter. Like in anything else, you get what you pay for.

Floor Sanding Baldoyle – Commercial floor sanding

We are the commercial floor sanding specialists that you were always looking for. We understand floors and we know how to adapt to any special requirements to achieve high quality results for as little as possible. If you have a look at our “latest projects” list, you will notice that we deal with some of the biggest pubs and restaurants in the country.

Call us now and tell us more about your floor sanding project. We are here to work with you and we here happy to provide you with a free & no obligation quote. Even if you only budget for the moment, call us, and we will show you what kind of options are available to you.

Floor Sanding Baldoyle – Professional floor sanding results for less!


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