Floor Sanding Balbriggan

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Floor Sanding Balbriggan

Floor Sanding Balbriggan

Solid wood floors and semi solid wood floors can be refinished many times over. A semi solid wood floor can be sanded up to 3 times and solid wood floors can be sanded many times. You should expect to have to refinish your wood floors once every 5 to 10 years, depending on traffic. If you floor looks dull and tired or if you floor has deep scratches on it, you should consider refinishing it. Deep scratched can absorb a lot of moist and dirt and in time, it can permanently damage your floor boards. Give us a call and let us tell you more about our floor sanding & floor refinishing packages.

Floor Sanding Balbriggan – Oil or varnish?

The good thing about meeting one of our reps, is the fact that we can assess your floor and we can recommend the right product for your home. Busy houses with high traffic would be better off going for a hard traffic varnish. Low traffic floor can be waxed or oiled without problems. An waxed oil will require much more maintenance than a varnished floor. But the good news is that we have an invisible varnish that looks 100% like a hard wax oil. We cannot change your mind, there are people that only want oils and there are people that only want varnishes, we can only recommend you options. Both types of finishes have advantages and disadvantages. By hiring Dublin Floor Sanding to deal with your floors, you know that only top of the range floor varnishes and waxes will be used on your floors. We only work with Tover & Bona products.

Floor Sanding Balbriggan – Dustless floor sanding

Floor sanding is not what it used to be. Now days, your whole home can be sanded without a grain of dust on your furniture. Dublin Floor Sanding owns high quality dustless floor sanding equipment from Bona. We will collect up to 98% of the dust generated. So if you are worry about your house being covered in dust, don`t worry, we are professionals and we can guarantee you that your home or business will be left spotless.

Floor Sanding Balbriggan – Finishes

What someone finds very attractive, other one hate it. Some people love waxes, some people love oils, some people love varnishes, some people love floor paint, some people hate all this finishes. We will present you with a full range of floor finishes that are more suitable for your floor and it is up to you to you to pick the best option for your own floor.

Waxes or oils – lovely finishes, natural looking floors, it can be done clear or colour, it will take 24 hours to fully dry. It required regular maintenance and refreshing. Not suitable for high traffic floors or places with pets

Varnishes – very tough and long lasting, it can be matt, satin, gloss or invisible. Easy to maintain and very durable. Suitable for domestic and commercial floors. Some people hate varnishes while other love it.

Paint – we can finish your floor with a wide range of acrylic paints. Some people love it while other wouldn`t have it in a domestic house. Our opinion is that the paint is more suitable for commercial floors or it can be used on badly damaged wood floors.

Polishes – a wood floor polish will seal your floor and it will water proof it. Most types of wood floor polishes will be fully absorbed by the wood and it will not change the colour of your floor in any way. We use Cleanfast Wood Floor Polish to seal wood floors. This product is very tough and very durable.

Those finishes are the most popular one but there are many other types of floor polishes that are not as popular. We can repair your wood floors, we can fill up gaps, we can stain your floors, we can bleach your floors and so on.

Floor Sanding Balbriggan – Prices

Many people are contacting us to find out if we can do high quality work for very little money. Floor sanding is not cheap at all because the equipment needed to achieve high quality results is very expensive, the high traffic floor finishes are also very expensive and floor sanding specialists are hard to find. If you want to achieve high quality results, you need to price the fair price. When a floor sanding contractor is quoting you about half than ongoing rate, you need to be worry. 5 litres of varnish can cost 30€ or 250€. Better the varnish, longer it will last.

Dublin Floor Sanding is charging about 30€ per square meter of floor sanding and varnishing. If you require gap filling, stain, floor repairs or any other type of extra service, the price will increase. When hiring Dublin Floor Sanding you will receive a full quote that will specify what it will get done, how long it will take and how much it will cost. With us, you will have no surprises.

Floor Sanding Balbriggan – Commercial floor sanding

Commercial floor sanding is much more demanding than domestic floor sanding. A commercial floor will require high traffic finishes and 100% dustless equipment to avoid covering the whole place with dust. Most of our floor sanding projects are being done over night, when the business is not trading. Our prices for commercial floor sanding can vary from floor to floor and location to location. Bigger floor surfaces will cost less per square meter.

If you are looking for professional floor sanding services, give us a call. We are fully insured and highly recommended. Our website is easy to use and full of useful information. All our floor sanding estimates are free of charge.


Floor Sanding Balbriggan – professional services for less!