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<h1>Floor Sanding Ashtown | Floor Sanding Dublin</h1>

Floor Sanding Ashtown

A professional floor sanding company can totally change the look of your wooden floors and for much less than you think. Many people think that hiring a floor sanding contractor will be such an expensive experience that in most cases, people just give up. Dust, fumes, disruption & so on. But this is not the case at all. First of all, most floor sanding companies would be happy to quote you for free. You will be informed about what can be done with your floors, what are the best options, how long it will take and much more. There is no obligation to hire that particular floor sanding company. Did you know that:

-there are special varnishes for houses with pets?

-there is an invisible varnish that has no color or shine?

-semi solid floors can only be sanded a few times?

Well? Most people don`t know all this information and prefer to just replace their semi solid or solid wood floors instead of having it refinished. Give Dublin Floor Sanding a call right now and book us in for a free estimate.

Floor Sanding Ashtown – Dust

Floor sanding and dust go hand in hand, right? Not anymore. The technology has changed so much over the past few years that most floor sanding contractors can sand all your floors without leaving any dust behind. The latest floor sanders have special dust collection bags or special extractors attached to it. Over 98% of the dust can be collected on the spot. Dublin Floor Sanding uses Bona floor sanding equipment only.

Floor Sanding Ashtown – Prices

A solid wood floor cannot be cheap to buy and it is designed to last for many years. There are old Georgian houses or churches that have the same wooden floors for hundreds of years. Wood floors are made to be refinished and it should be refinished once in a while (5 to 10 years – depending on traffic). Removing a solid wood floor and replacing it with a new one will cost you 3 times more than refinishing the floor. We charge about 20€ per square meter of floor sanding and refinishing. If staining, repairs, gap filling, etc, is required, the price can go up to 25 euro per square meter, vat included. There are companies out there that price much less but like in anything else, you get what you pay for. Most types of floor varnishes look more or less the same when wet, but some will last 10 years while others will last 10 months. Dublin Floor Sanding can guarantee you that only high quality floor finishes from Bona & Tover will be used to finish your floors.

Floor Sanding Ashtown – Opening times

We are open most times. Commercial floor sanding cannot be done while the business is open so in many cases we have to do this jobs overnight or over weekends. We are open 7 days per week but please book us in good time to avoid disappointment.

Floor Sanding Ashtown – Payments

Please tell us what type of payment is more suitable for yourself. We accept cash, EFT, cheque, card, etc. We cannot give credit to people that we don`t know. All our invoices have to be paid on the spot after the work was inspected and the level of quality is as requested.

Floor Sanding Ashtown – Staining

If you want a bit of a change, you can pick one of our unique wood stains. We will only use original wood stains from Bona & Tover. A wood stain is a color added to a wood surface. The wood stain itself cannot be left unsealed because it has no protective qualities. Wood stains can take a few good hours to dry so you should allow a bit extra time.

Floor Sanding Ashtown – Waxing

Many people love waxes or oils. A wax will make the wood look as natural as possible and if maintained right, it could last for many years. We use hard wax oils from Bona & Tover. Waxing a floor is a bit more time consuming than varnishing. At least 24 hours per coat are required for drying up. We can use clear hard wax oils or we can use coloured waxes. Oiled floors need to be maintained with special cleaners for oiled floors and once in a while it has to be refreshed.

Floor Sanding Ashtown – Gap filling

If there is a bit of a gap between your floor boards, we can fill it up. Ground floor floors that have big gaps between the floor boards, can be very bad for your health. The draft can give you great leg pains later on in life. We can fill up gaps up to about 0.5 cm. We will use dust from the floor itself & a special additive. The floor will look like a very smooth surface and the gap filler won’t be visible.

We can finish your floor in a mat, satin or gloss finish. Invisible finishes are also available. Give us a call and let’s meet and have a chat about your floors. We know what you want.

Floor Sanding Ashtown – professional floor sanding for less!


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