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<h1>Floor Sanding Adamstown | Floor Sanding Dublin</h1>

Floor Sanding Adamstown

Many people would like to get floor sanding but the idea of having their home covered in dust and all the furniture moved around, is not very appealing. Even worse, the whole house will stink of oils and dangerous chemicals for days. Well, that is not the case anymore. If you hire a proper floor sanding company, you will have no dust and no dangerous fumes at all.

Floor Sanding Adamstown – Dustless

Most of the professional floor sanding companies are using dustless floor sanding equipment. Dublin Floor Sanding can guarantee you that your home will be left spotless after the job was completed. Our floor sanding machines can collect up to 98% of the dust generated.

Floor Sanding Adamstown – Finishes

Dublin Floor Sanding can guarantee you that only eco friendly water based floor varnishes will be used to finish your floors. Our company uses two brands of floor care products, Bona & Tover. We can varnish, oil, wax or polish your floors with one of our products.

Floor Sanding Adamstown – Opening times

We understand that most people have busy schedules so we can adapt to any special requests. We can do jobs overnight, over weekends and over bank holidays. Give us a call and tell us more about your floor sanding project and we will find a way to fit you in.

Floor Sanding Adamstown – Staining

If you are looking for a color change, we can help you out. You can pick out 27 different colors of wood stain from Tover & 4 wood stains from Bona. Not all the wooden floors can be stained so we will need to have a look at your floors before booking you in. A wood stain has no protective qualities so we will need to seal it with some type of finish.

Floor Sanding Adamstown – Prices

The average price per square meter of floor sanding & varnishing in Ireland, is about 20€ vat included. You can get it done for less but you don’t want to hire people with no experience. An uninsured floor sanding company can easily damage your floors and there is nothing you can do about it if they are not insured.

The price for floor sanding and finishing can vary from floor to floor. If the floor is in a bad shape, it will cost extra, staining & gap filling can add extra expenses, floor repairs can add a bit to the final cost & so on. We will always provide you with a clear price before we even start.

Call Dublin Floor Sanding now and tell us more about your floor sanding project. We can organize a sample test so you can see how your floor will look after it is done. We can guarantee you that only top of the range materials and equipment will be used to finish your floors.

Floor Sanding Adamstown – professional floor sanding services for less!


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