Floor Restoration To Upgrade Your Home

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Floor Restoration To Upgrade Your Home

Floor Restoration To Upgrade Your Home

Carrying out renovations in your home will make it more comfortable, clear out the signs of ageing and wear that built up over the years, and also give you the opportunity to tailor it to your preferences. After all, trends keep changing, and style preferences evolve over time.  There are different ways to make your home more appealing in line with your decor needs. These range from getting new paintwork done to colours that accentuate the space and bring out the desired aesthetic effect, all through to changing up the doors such as getting new doors with windows to have more light getting into the rooms. More economical ways include adding more mirrors to rooms to make the space look bigger, as well as decluttering where you put away those items that don’t have to be in the open. Storage options that are provided in secondhand furniture shops also enable you to quickly make DIY cabinets to increase the storage space available. With the bathroom, you can make changes like having new fixtures installed, fixing the shower pressure, or adding some candles and decorations to set a calming and relaxing vibe. For the flooring, you get to make upgrades that will enhance the ambience of the whole of the house. With hardwood floors in particular, you have the opportunity to change different elements – from the colour to the gloss levels, without having to get a new floor installed. This is where the floor sanding and refinishing comes in.

A New Beginning For Your Wood Floor

There are different signs that indicate that it is time to get your floor refinished. These include:


  • The surface getting covered in scratches


Remember the elegant look that the floor had when the new finishes had been applied? Over time, this gets replaced by a worn out look, and an increased number of scratches. A few scratches are actually normal and you don’t need to fuss over them. However, when there are plenty of unsightly scratches covering the area that it impacts the décor of the space, then it is time to have the floor sanding done to get rid of them, and smoothen the surface. Scratches that get very deep put the floor at risk of more damage, since they provide direct entryways for water into the structure.  


  • Degrees of water damage


Water damage is showcased on floors in different ways, such as cupping, crowning, warping or even buckling. The kind of restoration measures done will depend on how extensive the water damage is. In some cases, the floor can be sanded to make the surface uniform, and other cases ensure sections of the floor may need to be replaced. 


  • When the boards turn grey


Sure, polyurethane finishes are applied to protect the floor from the wear effects of daily life. However, the finishes themselves are not invincible, and will gradually deteriorate as the years pass by. When you notice that the floorboards are beginning to get grey then this is a sign that the finish has worn out to the point where it is now allowing water to be absorbed by the floorboards. This can be water from spills, snow tracked into the premises, or even moisture from cleaning tasks.  While the boards are grey, there is still time for the floor sanding and refinishing to be carried out. However, if they turn black, then the situation cannot be reversed, and you end up being forced to replace the affected boards. As such, the earlier you get the floor restoration done, the better. 


  • Fading effects caused by prolonged exposure to the sun’s radiation


UV radiation on the floor and the finish coats that have been applied can result in fading and discolouration. Here, having new finishes applied will restore the protection and desired aesthetic, keeping the floor in elegant condition for longer. Simply reapplying a new treatment on the damaged areas won’t resolve the issue. A complete floor sanding over the entire area is needed to have a resultant effect that is uniform.

The Value Of Floor Sanding And Refinishing

Getting the floor restored is key to protect the installation, by preserving its structural integrity and bringing back that lost charm that makes the premises pop. The frequency with which this is done is affected by factors such as the level of deterioration that the floor has experienced, as well as the thickness of the wear layer of the installation, since the floors have a limited number of times in which they can be refinished.  

The treatment that is applied after the floor sanding wards off the wear effects, and provides resistance to water and oil-based stains. Without this finish in place, the floor will be exposed to more damage, which reduces its lifespan. The performance of the finish is also tied to how well the sanding is carried out. This is as the old coats need to be fully removed, and the surface evened out properly.  The scratches, dents and other kinds of surface level damage would ruin the appearance of the floor, and in fact they would be made more prominent once the new finishes are applied. 

With refinishing, you also get to save on the costs that go into the long-term care of your floors. Finishing is more cost effective compared to replacing the floorboards themselves, which would be needed if the damage to the installation is allowed to continue unabated. The refinishing also has the welcome benefit of improving the value of the home. For homeowners looking to put their property on the market, realtors or landlords looking for tenants, and even those who own vacation rentals and want to improve the experience for their guests, freshening up the floor is one of the upgrades that you can be certain will have a massive impact on the property. Having this done by the professionals will ensure you get the desired quality of results, without putting the property at risk. 

Is it time to have your hardwood floor refinished? Have a chat with one of our flooring specialists to go over your particular situation.

Floor Restoration To Upgrade Your Home

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