Floor Renovations Over The Seasons

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Floor Renovations Over The Seasons

Floor Renovations Over The Seasons

When planning for your floor sanding and refinishing project, which time of the year is ideal? Sure, you can have it worked on at any time, but each of the seasons has its factors to consider. Here is a breakdown of issues that come into focus, for you to make a well-informed decision. 

Spring Renovations

The weather is warming up, the days are getting longer, the flowers are blooming – and plenty of showers are here too.  While it can feel that it’s the ideal moment to carry out the floor sanding and refinishing during this season when “everything is springing back to life”, there is one key thing to note: high moisture levels. Wood is sensitive to moisture changes in its environment, and the conditions over the spring will see it expand more, making the boards increasingly fragile. Sanding the floors during the period can be problematic, especially for DIY projects. When the sanding is carried out with the wood being unbalanced, then it contracts later in future, it will result in an uneven surface, which also puts its structural integrity at risk. Professional contractors will however be able to assess the condition of the floor, to determine the right path of action. 

Summer Renovations

Reduced moisture and humidity levels means there is less expansion to worry about – and temperatures during the Summer are also more consistent. This makes it a popular time for floor renovation projects. Risks of issues like splitting floorboards are reduced.  Moreover, Summer tends to coincide with plenty of travel plans, meaning that you’ll be spending less time in your home, and more time enjoying the sunny outdoors. Scheduling the floor sanding and renovation during this period ends up causing little disruption to your day-to-day life, while minimising the risks involved.

Autumn Renovations 

Here the best moment is early Autumn, since conditions are still favourable for the wood floor. However, as the weeks pass and more showers are experienced, the increased humidity levels become a critical concern – and the process will require delicate handling by professional floor sanding contractors to get the desired results without compromising on the safety of the installation. 

Winter Renovations

While it is certainly possible to have the floor renovation carried out in the Winter, the main issue here will be the disruption to your personal comfort. A lot of time is spent indoors during the snowy months, making the noisy sanding machinery more frustrating to deal with. Moreover, while you’re stuck indoors, the reduced access to the rooms that are being worked on will further affect your activities. Vacating the rooms for the sanding and refinishing and ensuring there is adequate ventilation can also get problematic. The finish coats applied will also take longer to dry – making the time factor another consideration.


Why You Need Specialists To Work On your Floor

While DIY projects are all the rage, when it comes to aspects like floor restoration, it can be biting more than you can chew. There are plenty of pitfalls when you take on the project by yourself, and mistakes here will come at a substantial cost. Failing to properly sand out the old coats will mean that the new treatments that will be applied won’t be able to bond well with the surface, which negatively impacts their performance. Sanding too deep into the floor reduces the number of times that the installation can be successfully restored later on. Remember that wood floors have a limited number of times in which they can be sanded and refinished, and you don’t want to compromise on that because of not following the proper approach when dealing with the floor. Mishandling the machines can also lead to gouges or divots being formed, and removing them requires more sanding to be carried out. Any surface imperfections that are left behind during the floor sanding will be highlighted more prominently when the finished coats are applied. Even the simple dust particles that are not properly cleared will be trapped by the wet coats that are applied, and the resultant finish can end up peeling or blistering. There are also risks to the machinery itself, where misusing the sanders can damage component parts, adding to the expenses that will be required for the process, since the rented equipment will need to be fixed. These are not outcomes you want for the restoration project, especially with all the time and effort that goes into the task. 

On the other hand, when you hire trained floor sanding and restoration specialists, you can rest assured that the right procedures will be used for your installation. For starters, their experience with working on a wider range of flooring projects, from the sanding to the finishing, and overcoming hurdles encountered along the way, puts them in an ideal position to deliver quality results. Secondly, they come with high-capacity machinery, including industrial-grade systems that will get the job done way faster than the gear that is available for rent from local dealerships. Moreover, this equipment is well maintained in order to continue delivering on the expected performance. From high-tech sanders that quickly grind away those existing finish coats and smoothen the surface, to precision devices when applying the new treatments – these all play a role in how the final outcome will be.  

Looking For Professional Hardwood Floor Restoration Services?

We’re here for you. Our floor sanding services are available for both residential and commercial establishments, with customer satisfaction being our #1 goal. Our crew have years of experience in handling the tasks, and maintaining professional ethics throughout the projects. They are also a friendly lot, ready to answer any queries that you have about your floor care. They will arrive at the designated time, and treat your property with respect. Regarding the costs, this will vary from one project to the next. Factors like the size of the floor that is being worked on will be taken into account, as well as its current condition and if there are repairs that are needed to wind up with a fully uniform surface. Get in touch and have a discussion with our staff to have your floor taken care of. 

Floor Renovations Over The Seasons

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