Even Old Wood Floors Can Have A Fresh Start

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Even Old Wood Floors Can Have A Fresh Start

Even Old Wood Floors Can Have A Fresh Start

When did you last have the wood flooring of your home sanded and refinished? Over the years, the surface has no doubt came under a barrage of abuse. Kids with their toys, furniture being dragged across the floor, pets leaving behind scratches as they run around the house with their claws drawn out, high-heeled shoes that add to the strain the floor comes under, patches and scuffs – these all contribute to ruining the appeal of the flooring, requiring it to be revitalised. Celebrations as you mark those life milestones, random parties held with your friends and family – the floor has seen it tall. Over time, even after being treated with the most durable floor finishes, it gradually loses its charm. The floor sanding comes in to enable you to have a fresh start, so that the surface can be recoated, marking a new beginning for the installation. 

Shouldn’t a quality finish protect the floor throughout its life?

If only it could. However much one would wish this to be the case, technological advances are yet to deliver a formulation that guarantees that the floor will remain scratch and dent-free. The goal is to provide the protection for as long as possible, and extend the duration in between consecutive floor sanding and restoration projects. When the floors are properly sanded, and quality finishes applied following their product instructions, then you may not need to resand it for even 10 years or more. This further emphasises on the need for hiring a professional for the task, since you don’t want blunders that lead to the layers of finish coats peeling away from the surface, or situations where incompatible wood stains and finishes are used. The right procedure needs to be followed to ensure that the treatments applied are compatible with each other and properly bond with the wood structure. 

What You Should Watch Out For When Hiring Floor Restoration Services

There are different companies offering floor sanding and refinishing services. Each claims to be the best at what they do – but how can you be certain? There are different factors that one should consider before settling for a particular company. Note that the floor restoration is a large project, so you want to ensure that it gets done right. Here are aspects that you should be keen on:



Throughout the existence of the company, what other clients say about the services they received? Sure, you don’t have to go digging through years of information, Here, simply checking out the reviews and ratings the company has will give you an idea of what to expect. While on this, the length of time that the company has been in operation is also an important factor. The floor maintenance industry is highly competitive – from the installations to the maintenance. For companies to succeed and thrive, they need to offer quality services and meet their client needs. Otherwise they will simply lose out to the competition. This is not to negate the importance of start-ups. Each company needs to have an origin, right? However, one can’t deny the benefits that comes when you have an established company working on your installation. 



Service delivery is not limited to the technicalities of the job. How is the communication with the company employees? When engaging them via phone or email, are they responsive or do the calls keep going unanswered and messages ignored? When you book a site visit for the company crew to assess the scope of the project, are they punctual and respectful? Sure, there may be unforeseen delays due to factors that were out of their control – like traffic and adverse weather conditions, but did the company representatives communicate this when it happened, or were you kept waiting for hours without any word? While they may appear small, these signs give out an impression of the kind of importance that a company places on its client’s overall satisfaction. 



Definitely, the amount that the project will cost you will be a critical factor. You don’t want to have to break the bank to get the floor restoration project completed. Regarding the costs, you should be careful to avoid both extremes. First, going for the really cheap services can end up being more costly than expected. This is because, to offer the rock-bottom process, the company in question will have taken shortcuts in the process. This can range from hiring inexperienced personnel to do the floor sanding and refinishing, failing to get insurance to protect the property being worked on, all through to rushing the process to cut labour and reduce costs – which ends up negatively affecting the quality of the results. There are also bait-and-switch tactics to look out for, where you agree to one price and then when the crew arrive at your premises the costs start being hiked with “additional charges” that hadn’t been considered before. This is also why it is important to get a written quotation that is stipulating exactly what you’re paying for. 

On the other end of the spectrum, you don’t want to overpay for the service. Just because a company is keen offering a premium price compared to its competitors doesn’t mean that it is justified. Read between the lines to determine why the services are costlier. When you compare rates from different floor sanding companies near you, you will be in apposition to gauge the expected range of costs for your particular project, that way you will get value for your money’s worth. 

A site visit is recommended for the project to be properly analysed and the scope of work determined. Each floor restoration project is unique, from the current condition of the floor, the repair works that may be needed on the floorboards, all through to the resources that will be needed to complete the task. When the company representative is at your residence, be sure to bring up any questions that you have about the task, and ask about prior arrangements that you will need to make before the crew arrive on the actual day of commencing the project. 

Even Old Wood Floors Can Have A Fresh Start

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