Dustless Floor Sanding - What is dustless floor sanding?

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Dustless Floor Sanding - What is dustless floor sanding?

Dustless Floor Sanding – What is dustless floor sanding?


When sanding a floor or any type of wood surface you will generate dust. A small sander will generate a fair amount of dust after only a few seconds of use. Imagine what a 50 kg floor sander can do in a few seconds! Your home will be covered in inches of dust.


The difference between normal floor sanding and dustless floor sanding is the capability of a particular type of sander to collect dust. Some professional floor sanding machines can collect up to 99% of the dust created through a system of dust bags or special vacuum systems.


So why do some contractors still use non dustless floor sanding equipment? Because they can`t afford dustless floor sanding equipment. A professional floor sanding machine like Lagler Hummel or Bona Belt HD costs over 6000 euro. A standard, cheaper non-dustless floor sander costs only a few hundred euro.


A bit of dust is not particularly dangerous and has never fatally harmed anyone but the fine dust generated when sanding floors with fine grit sandpaper will settle everywhere and it can be a nightmare to remove. You will find dust inside your tv, around the top of your doors, attached to the walls and in any possible crack around your home. You will find dust for years after the floor was completed.



If you love your home or your office, hire floor sanding contractors who use only dustless floor sanding technology. Ask for all the relevant information and think practically with your head not your heart.


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