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Dustless Floor Sanding Dublin

Dustless Floor Sanding Dublin

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All our floor sanding services are fully insured and highly recommended. All our floor sanding specialists are fully trained , polite and very professional. Dublin Floor Sanding provides two types of floor sanding services , commercial floor sanding and domestic floor sanding services. We use some of the most powerful dustless floor sanding machines. Our floor sanding pricers are affordable and our work quality is second to none. We cover the whole Co Dublin area and for bigger floor sanding jobs we can also travel outside. All our floor sanding estimates are free of charge and no obligation. If you are interested in any of our floor sanding services in Dublin please contact us at 1800848700. Dustless Floor Sanding Dublin


Investing In Professional Floor Care Services – Dustless Floor Sanding Dublin


With DIY floor sanding, ruining your investment is a real risk. From acquiring ineffective equipment, all through to improperly using the machinery, the unsatisfactory results can lead to one being forced to redo the project, or damage to the floorboards that requires more expensive repairs to be made. For instance, belt sanders that are not tuned properly can leave large drum marks on the floor. Starting or stopping the sander when it is in contact with the floor creates divots. Moving too fast or too slow over the surface both have their effects. The former will mean that the existing finish will have barely been removed, which will come in the way of the new coats that are to be applied. The latter will cause the sander to grind too deep into the wood’s structure, reducing its strength and also cutting down the number of times that you can have it refinished in future. Then there’s the issue of the power rating of the sanders themselves. Those available for rent from stores are not of the same grade as the machinery used by professional floor sanders. In a bid to make the equipment more portable and user friendly, the components sizes are reduced, which has an impact of their capacity. This means that the DIY floor sanding will end up chomping off more hours from your schedule. Dust also factors in. The invasive sanding dust generated from the process winds up on the surfaces in the residential or commercial establishment, from the furnishings, windowsills, electronics, cabinets, and even into systems like the sinks and drainage, plus HVAC units. You end up being left with a huge cleaning job to do, which further lengthens the amount of time that the floor sanding and restoration job will take, and not to mention the amount of elbow grease involved. Avoid the workload by turning to the dustless floor sanding professionals. Dustless Floor Sanding Dublin


Why You Should Hire The Floor Sanding Experts


Time is critical. For the entire duration the floor is out of commission, the rooms in question won’t be in use. Hence, you want the floor sanding and refinishing processes to be completed as soon as possible. After all, how long will you keep explaining to your kids why they can’t play in certain sections of the house, or keep redirecting customers coming to your business premises? Mistakes during the DIY job only increase the duration of this. Using our professional floor sanding and restoration services, you won’t have to worry about things spinning out of control. In fact, they remain right on schedule. First, the team is punctual, and employs appropriate systems to ensure that you get the results you desire without putting your investment in risk. Secondly, the sanders and vacuum systems used are highly-powered, with the capacity to grind away the existing finish and suction off the particles generated with ease respectively. Our personnel have been providing these services for years, hence have a quick eye when it comes to spotting aspects in your establishment that pose a risk to the floor. They will be sure to being this to your attention, so that you can arrange to have the issues resolved, and prevent further losses down the road. They will also offer you tips and advice on measures you can take to protect your investment. Dustless Floor Sanding Dublin


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Dustless Floor Sanding Dublin