Bringing Back The Elegance To Your Floor

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Bringing Back The Elegance To Your Floor

Dustless Floor Sanding 101- All You Need To Know

What Is Dustless Floor Sanding?

One of the biggest challenges that both professionals and homeowners face during floor restoration is the huge mess that ensues. With floor sanding, this mess is pretty much inevitable. There are, however, several techniques applied to minimize the inconvenience. One of these is dustless floor sanding. Bringing Back The Elegance To Your Floor

Dustless floor sanding refers the process of stripping old polish, paint and superficial layers of flooring material with little or no release of rogue dust and debris. Contrary to popular beliefs, dustless sanding does not actually mean that there is no dust produced at all. This is practically impossible as the sanding process basically involves shredding solid material into fine dust particles. It basically means that the dust that is produced is cleared away from the site as soon as it is produced by the sander. Below is more information about this technique in terms of how it is achieved and what you can expect from it; both the good and the bad. Bringing Back The Elegance To Your Floor

How Dustless Sanding Is Achieved

With dustless floor sanding, the trick is in the immediate cleaning and collection of the dust. Most sanders today feature blowers and a dust collection bag. These ensure that as you sand, the machine collects as much dust as possible. They basically serve both the purpose of sanders and cleaners simultaneously. In spite of the effectiveness of these systems, they are not entirely invincible. This is because there is usually some dirt left on the surface. This is especially the case when working with handheld sanders. In this case, whatever is left behind is usually easily cleared up through conventional vacuum cleaning. Bringing Back The Elegance To Your Floor

Dustless floor sanding can also be achieved by connecting the sander to vacuuming systems. This takes expertise and loads of capital, since the machinery is expensive, and is usually used as a convenience hack by renowned professionals in the industry. When done right, it is a lot more effective than the reliance on inbuilt dust collection systems on sanders. Bringing Back The Elegance To Your Floor

Comparison With Sandless Restoration

Both dustless and sandless restoration procedures are meant to reduce or completely eliminate a messy worksite. However, sandless restoration does this by completely eliminating the process of sanding. Here, floors are restored by complete removal and replacement with materials that were prepared offsite. With such techniques in place, it is virtually impossible to encounter sanding dust. But this means that the old finish is still in place- hence the underlying problem is not yet solved. Bringing Back The Elegance To Your Floor

Pros Of Dustless Sanding

  1. It makes cleaning up a lot easier after the restoration project is complete.
  2. It is a great technique for health purposes as it caters for crew members and residents with allergies or asthma.
  3. Quick site clearance allows those working on the floor to monitor progress as they go.
  4. It protects walls, shelves and furniture left in the room from being coated with dust.

Bottom line

It goes without saying that dustless sanding is technology’s gift to floor sanding professionals and their clients. With all the benefits there are to look forward to, it is without a doubt a much better option to older techniques that leave everyone gagging and coughing throughout the project. Bringing Back The Elegance To Your Floor


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