Dust - The Bane Of Every Floor Sanding Project

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Dust - The Bane Of Every Floor Sanding Project

Dust – The Bane Of Every Floor Sanding Project

Floor sanding itself takes time and sweat equity. Grinding those layers of finish off the floor surface, and getting to the bare wood underneath, requires high powered machinery that is quite bulky to move around. As though that wasn’t enough, there is one more issue that keeps people off: the dust. It’s generated in copious amounts, and unless properly controlled, becomes a nuisance for everyone involved. Here are different ways in which it is an issue:



It can get anywhere- on your furniture, in the electric sockets, into the vents and ducts, on the shelves, cover your chandelier and art pieces, and clog up the sink. The particles coat the upholstery, cover the walls, and get into anything that hasn’t been properly sealed off. It takes ages to clean it all out. In fact, there are situations where you will still be stumbling on dust residue from the sanding process months later as you carry out the spring cleaning. 


  • Toxic dust


The sanding dust contains more than just the chips from the wood that is ground off the flooring. As the existing finish is being removed, remember it contains loads of chemicals- with the formulation having been developed to provide protection, colours and add character to the wood. It’s all fine and dandy when it’s on the floor, but when these particles get inhaled, they will expose the individuals to a host of carcinogens and pollutants. You don’t want a situation where your household members are inhaling these agents. 


  • Contaminating the finish


When there is dust left behind on the surface, and certainly if there are dust particles in the indoor air space, some of it will end up in the wood stain and finish treatment that are to be applied. Sure, you can probably ignore it with the first few coats as they will be buffed out. However, when the dust settles in the final coat, it appears all distorted- which is not what you want happening after the extensive sanding and refinishing task that has been carried out. Paying all that cash to restore the appeal to your floor and then seeing it covered with debris, lumps and bumps can be exasperating. 

Enter dustless floor sanding

Professional contractors employ these systems to effectively deal with the loads of dust that are generated during the floor renovation project. Here, powerful vacuums are connected to the sanding machinery. The suction power involved picks up both fine and coarse dust particles the moment they are ground off the floor surface. They are then directed out of the room through hoses into containment units. The truck-mounted units provide the power and efficiency needed for the process- a setup that allows over 99% of the dust to be got rid of. This has plenty of benefits.

For starters, you will not be left with an arduous cleaning job after the floor sanding has been completed. This also has the welcome benefit of speeding up the floor renovation project, as things would have been ground to a halt as you attend to the dust. It also makes the process much safer for the technicians and the building’s occupants. The dust, containing a mixture of allergens and toxins, is a threat to the health of those in the building. These fine dust particles that could have been left floating around in the room are abrasive, and once they are inhaled, they can cause issues like scarring of the lung tissue, which actually reduces your lung capacity. The dustless floor sanding is key in preventing things from panning out this way.

Finding The Right Floor Sanding Company For Your Needs

Hiring a professional company to handle the project comes with its benefits. First, there is the confidence that you get when engaging a company that has built a solid reputation for the quality of services it offers.  Here, you want to deal with a company whose track record you can assess, going through reviews from its previous clients, to see the experience they had when their installations were being worked on. This spans from the quality of the results that were obtained, to aspects such as customer service- which focuses on how the company treated the client through the course of the service delivery. Then there is the experience. Floor sanding requires plenty of care to be taken, since mistakes tend to be expensive to resolve. The sanders themselves are heavy sets of machinery, handling them inappropriately can ruin your floor. Even issues like scratches and chatter marks that are left behind on the surface will ruin the quality of the results. Those tiny blemishes that were overlooked during the DIY jobs are enhanced when the finish is applied, distorting the final result. Divots on the floor, oversanding where too much of the surface layers are abraded away, not sanding enough- leading to patches of the old finishing being left behind- these all weigh into the final outcome, and will take up more time and resources to fix. Prevent things from going down this route in the first place by getting professionals to take care of the job from the word go. 

When it comes to the costs, avoid both extremes: too cheap since this will end up frustrating you with low quality services, and too expensive since you don’t want to go bankrupt renovating your floor. A reasonable price, with a detailed quotation indicating what exactly you’re paying for, is important. You don’t want a situation where you’re confronted with hidden costs.  A site visit needs to be conducted in order to ascertain the exact scope of the project. While this is being carried out, ensure that you raise any concerns or queries that you have about the job, and seek to have them addressed before the task is commenced. An explanation about the way the sanding will be carried out is needed, plus aspects such as whether furniture moving will be part of the services rendered, all through to the guarantee that the company offers you, and how it intends to deal with situations where the client is not satisfied with the quality of the results. 

Dust – The Bane Of Every Floor Sanding Project

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