Domestic Floor Finishes V Commercial Floor Finishes

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Domestic Floor Finishes V Commercial Floor Finishes

Domestic Floor Finishes V Commercial Floor Finishes


A domestic floor finish is a good quality floor finish designed to last for a few years on a standard house or apartment floor. Most domestic floor finishes are 1 pack – a varnish or hardwax without hardener. A commercial floor finish is a two pack (usually) floor finish with hardener. The varnish itself comes in 4.5 L + 1 bottle of 500 ml hardener. When the varnish is mixed with the hardener, the mixed content becomes very hard and much more durable than domestic varnishes.


The difference in price between domestic and commercial floor varnishes can be very high. In most cases it is around 100%. Most brands of floor finishes offer domestic single pack floor finishes and commercial two pack floor finishes. The quality, durability and drying times differ between domestic and commercial finishes, the commercial floor finishes are much better as they are designed to withstand heavy traffic.


Why opt for a domestic floor finish? Well, we cannot offer a definite answer. We highly recommend high traffic floor finishes to all our customers, both domestic and commercial. In fairness, you will pay a bit extra for a two pack floor finish but you will benefit from a higher quality, longer lasting finish getting years of extra traffic, you will not have to pay to have your floors re-sanded for at least 10 years.


The truth is that most floor sanding companies do not explain the difference between the two options to their customers or will charge you for a two pack finish when a cheaper product is used. Most people think that the only difference between a domestic water based floor varnish and a high traffic commercial two pack floor varnish is the price.


Let`s say that you live in a home with 2 kids, 1 dog and a fair amount of daily traffic. A domestic floor varnish like Junckers Strong Plus or Bona Mega will offer superb protection for about 5 years. To varnish your living room you will need to use around 5 L of varnish and 5 L of primer, approximately 120 euro worth of products.


Let`s say again that you live in a home with 2 kids, 1 dog and a fair amount of traffic. A commercial two pack floor varnish like Junckers HP Commercial Floor Lacquer or Bona Traffic HP Floor Varnish will offer around 10 years of protection. For a living room floor you will need 5L of primer & 5L of varnish. You will have to spend around 200 euro.


Can you notice the difference? If you spend 100 euro extra when having the floors done you will get 5 years extra durability on the finish. It is well worth it. We advise our customers to pay a small bit extra to use a two pack finish and save money in the long run.


Junckers HP Commercial Floor Lacquer has added protection against chemicals. For a domestic customer, this is great news. Unlike a shop, a pub or a school, you don`t have the finances to buy floor buffers and special wood floor cleaners. You are likely to mop your floors (not recommended) with universal floor cleaning products. Most other brands of floor varnishes are not suitable for wet washing with acidic chemicals, but Junckers HP Commercial Floor Varnish is different. The varnish won`t dull up and won`t look tired after washing with acidic chemicals.


Ask your floor sanding contractor for advice. Ask about the best options and the most durable floor finishes. Reduce the time between floor sandings by 100% with very little cost. It will be well worth it.


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