Chimiver Ecostar 2K Floor Lacquer For A Quality Floor Finish

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Chimiver Ecostar 2K Floor Lacquer For A Quality Floor Finish

Chimiver Ecostar 2K Floor Lacquer For A Quality Floor Finish

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Whether you are looking to finish a brand new floor, or you are carrying out a renovation project with a complete floor sanding and refinishing, the choice of lacquer used will have a huge impact on the kind of results that you obtain. The lacquers are an essential part of floor care, forming a barrier of protection against the wear effects of day-to-day life. Without protective finishes on your floor, the wood tissue will easily be abraded by foot traffic as people walk on it, and the deterioration will accelerate with the grit and debris that is getting grinded against the floor under people’s shoes. Liquids will also be able to easily get soaked into the wood tissue, increasing the risks of water damage. This is due to the hygroscopic nature of the wood floor, where it absorbs or loses moisture depending on the moisture gradient with its surrounding environment. For drink spills, ink blots, urine stains and the like, the deeper the liquid seep into the wood floor, the harder they will be to remove. Finishes come in to buy you time to clean up the spills before the liquids get absorbed by the floor. Aesthetics also come into focus. There are those who want to change the colour tone of their floors, and others want to enhance that natural charm of the wood tissue. Speaking of which, one can even have wood stains of the particular hue they desire being applied onto the wood floor, after which the finish coats are added.

The safety of the personnel carrying out the floor finishing, as well as the occupants of the household, also comes into focus. Working with agents that release toxic fumes into the indoor space will put the persons at risk. This is moreso the case when harmful compounds remain circulating in the rooms for months. Environmental impact, attributes like the slip resistance of the material, all through to the very brand that produces the lacquer and its track record in the industry are factors that should be considered when making your choice. One of the leading products in the market is the Chimiver Ecostar 2K Floor Lacquer. Let’s take a look at what you can expect from it:


  • Durable finish 


This is a two-component polyurethane finish, that comes with superior abrasion resistance properties, enabling the floor to withstand the barrage of abuse that is meted out on it on a daily basis. The abrasion resistance of the Chimiver Ecostar 2K Floor Lacquer wards off the wear effects that would have deteriorated the floor, be it from footfall, shocks from items being dropped onto the floor, and it even provides resistance against the chemicals that are typically used in domestic environments. 


  • Increased traction


Worried about slip and fall accidents? From homes with elderly persons, those with toddlers learning to walk, all through to indoor arenas and gymnasiums – the slip resistance that comes with the Chimiver Ecostar 2K Floor Lacquer enables there to be increased traction as people move about on the floor. It meets the standards stipulated in UNI EN 13036-4:2004 on slipperiness, a feat that contributes to making the premises safer. 


  • Enhance the decor


With this formulation, that natural appeal of the wood floor is made more prominent. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about it yellowing over time. This, coupled with the abrasion resistance that keeps the floor from fading for an extended duration, enables you to enjoy the ambience that is set by the newly finished floor for longer. There are different opacity degrees of the Chimiver Ecostar 2K Floor Lacquer, depending on the version that you get. These include:

  • Semi Gloss: 50 gloss
  • Satin: 35 gloss
  • Matt: 5 gloss
  • Natural-Effect: 6 gloss



  • Budget friendly


The Chimiver Ecostar 2K Floor Lacquer enables you to save on your maintenance costs in several ways. For starters, it comes with an affordable price tag. Secondly, it has a wide coverage rate, with a litre of product getting to be used on 10-12m² of floor surface. The durability that you get with the formulation prolongs the period in between floor renovation tasks, further cutting down on costs that would have otherwise been incurred down the road. 

Get The Application Done Right

Start by preparing the floor. This basically involves the sanding and cleaning. During the sanding, the existing finish coats are removed, and you also get the opportunity to resolve issues like scratches and deep gouges that had been created in the floor. Mixing the filler product and the sanding dust will create a mixture that has similar properties with the rest of the floor. After the sanding, vacuum the floor thoroughly and clean away any residue dirt. You don’t want these particles getting trapped under the wet finish coats, as it will ruin the quality of the results that are obtained. 

To prepare the mixture that will be spread onto the floor, mix the Chimiver Ecostar 2K Floor Lacquer with IDRO2 hardener. First shake the plaque in its bottle and pour it into the container that will hold the mixture, then slowly add the hardener into it. Mix them well, and give them 15 minutes for the relevant reactions to take place. 

Apply the first coat of the catalysed finish generously onto the floor. You can use different tools, such as brushes or rollers. The manufacturer particularly recommends Carver MONACO or POSEIDONE as they have been designed for applying water based finishes.

  • The choice of primer to use with the lacquer will depend on the final result that you want to obtain, as well as the impact of the finish on the colour of the floor. For instance, when working on light coloured wood and you want to retain its natural colour, simply apply the two coats of the Chimiver Ecostar 2K Floor Lacquer NATURAL EFFECT Lacquer onto the floor, followed by one coat of any of the other three variations of the product as the topcoat. 

For colour toning, with a similar effect as is witnessed for solvent-based finishing cycles, start by applying the solvent-based FONDO K2 07 followed by one coat of the Chimiver Ecostar 2K Floor Lacquer. Note that light intermediate sanding will be required with 180-220-grit sandpaper.

Chimiver Ecostar 2K Floor Lacquer

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