Carver Delta Floor Lacquer

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Carver Delta Floor Lacquer

Carver Delta Floor Lacquer


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Not all water based floor lacquers are the same and not all water based floor lacquers cost the same. There are some advantages and disadvantages based on the price paid for the product. If you have decided to refinish your wooden floors, you should try to buy the best water based floor lacquer available to make sure that you won’t have to do it again for at least 7 to 10 years. Right now, one of the clear leaders within the wood floor refinishing market is Carver Delta Floor Lacquer. 


Carver Delta Floor Lacquer – Single Pack


Carver Delta Floor Lacquer is a single pack, self linking water based floor lacquer suitable for sealing high to very high traffic wooden floors. The lacquer will penetrate the wood fully and it will dry up inside the wood, hardening the fibre and reducing the risks of surface scratching. Even if Carver Delta Floor Lacquer is listed as single pack, this product is more durable and harder wearing than any two pack floor lacquer you have used before. Carver Delta Floor Lacquer was designed for sealing pub floors, restaurant floors, GYM floors, sport rooms, halls, corridors, school floors, domestic floors, etc. This product performs outstandingly even when used as a recoat. Available in matt, semi matt & silk matt finishes. 


Carver Delta Floor Lacquer – Fumes


Have you heard all those horror stories about floor lacquers taking up to 3 days to dry? That is not the case with the new Carver Delta Floor Lacquer. This amazing natural looking floor lacquer will release no fumes while being applied or while drying. The sealer will fully dry within 2-3 hours. Carver Delta Floor Lacquer is manufactured from eco-friendly materials and is listed as “eco” lacquer. 


Carver Delta Floor Lacquer – Coverage


Knowing how much lacquer to buy is essential to avoid having either too much or not enough product. All manufacturers will give you an idea of how much coverage you might achieve but the actual final coverage will depend on a number of factors like the sanding quality, the type of wood, the skill of the applicator & if you are using a primer or not. A DIY user will easily achieve 10-12 sq meters per square meter while a professional user will be able to cover up to 15 sq meters per 1L of floor lacquer. 


Remember, the coverage area is calculated after you have applied two coats. If the first coat will cover 8 square meters per 1L because the wood is thirsty, the second one will cover 15 sq meters because the wood will not absorb as much lacquer , so your coverage area per 1L is 8+15 = 23 : 2 = 11.5 sq meters per Litre.


Ways to increase your coverage area:


Sand the floor better. Do not just remove the old finish and without any fine sanding, apply the new one. Go through the grits starting from 40 all the way to 80. Finish the floor with 80 grit before sealing it. Also, use sanding screens to sand after the first coat of lacquer. Apply 1 coat, wait about 2 hours, re-sand the floor with 150 or 180 grit screening discs and then do more coats. By doing so, you smoothen up the floor and you reduce absorbency. 

Use professional rollers or applicators. A low cost roller is likely to absorb about 200 ML of lacquer just to get wet. A low cost applicator will release too much lacquer too fast. You want an even thin coat.

Apply the lacquer right. Use a small brush for the edges and a professional varnishing brush for the larger areas. Always move along with the fibre of the wood not against it. Do not over soak the wood to avoid puddles of lacquer in spots.


Carver Delta Floor Lacquer – Sheen


It is important that you understand how the sheen levels will affect your future maintenance and durability. Unlike the old solvent based floor lacquers that were very artificial looking, even the matt ones, the new water based floor lacquers are alot more natural looking and the sheen level is a bit more moderate. Carver Delta Floor Lacquer is available in matt, semi matt and silk matt. Be sure to ask yourself how glossy you would like your floors to be before you purchase the lacquer. One thing is for sure, the water based floor lacquers keep the natural fibre of the wood more natural and less glossy.


Matt – 15% gloss – The floor will be fully sealed but the sheen levels are nearly invisible. The wood should look 100% natural

Semi Matt – 30% gloss – There is a slight sheen on the floor but nothing mad. The floor still looks 100% natural but there is a visible sheen on the wood.

Silk Matt Sheen – 60% gloss – The floor will have a wet look finish and it will look amazing. This type of finish is by far the most popular type of finish. It looks like the floor was just washed.


All levels of sheen are manufactured from the same top quality materials with only one difference, more or less gloss. The level of sheen does not affect the durability of the lacquer but for some floors, a matt finish can be better while for other types of floors a silk matt finish is required.


A domestic home with a few kids and some pets could benefit big time from a matt finish. The surface of the floor will have no glazing so there is no way for the surface to be scratched. A showroom or a commercial unit where a shiny effect on the wood will help regular cleaning and maintenance will benefit more from a glossy surface. 


Carver Delta Floor Lacquer – Stains


Carver Delta Floor Lacquer is not compatible with oil based wood stains. You can apply the lacquer over water based primers, solvent based primers or directly on the wood without a primer. If you are planning to change the colour of the wood, you should be using a two pack floor lacquer as the first coat over the stain and then Carver Delta Floor Lacquer as a final coat. You can do up to 3 coats of floor lacquer. More coats can be done but it will not really increase the protection. 


Carver Delta Floor Lacquer – Primers


Using a primer before applying two coats of lacquer will reduce the absorption while improving the smoothness of the floor. Wood primers are usually cheaper than water based floor lacquers so it will also save you money. Also, if you are looking to change the colour of the floor, you can apply a coloured primer. It is recommended to use 1 coat of solvent based or water based primer and 2 coats of Carver Delta Floor Lacquer. By doing so you maximize the coverage, you speed up the job and you achieve a smoother finish on your floors. The primer will seal the wood pores and it will not allow the lacquer to penetrate very deep, hence quicker drying times.


Carver Delta Floor Lacquer – Maintenance


Unlike the old solvent based wood floor lacquers, the new water based floor lacquers require more care. To keep your wood floors looking better for longer, you will need to invest in a proper wood floor spray mop and proper wood floor cleaners. A water based floor lacquer cannot be cleaned with bleach based products, acidic products or heavy duty degreasers. During the day you should be maintaining your wooden floors with proper wood floor cleaners like Carver Deter Parquet, Bona Cleaner or Tover Pulito. These products can be diluted in warm water and used with a semi wet floor mop. Once in a while, you should be using a stronger alkaline wood floor cleaner to deep clean the floor and remove deep impregnated dirt and grease. Bona Cleaner, Junckers Sylva or Carver Net Parquet. These products will restore the original look of your wooden floors without negatively affecting the floor finish. Maybe you should look into a spray mop like Bona Wood Floor Spray Mop. One flat mopping system ready to use on any varnished or lacquered wooden floors.


Carver Delta Floor Lacquer – Environmentally friendly


The old solvent and oil based floor lacquers were highly polluting while being manufactured and highly toxic while being applied. About 20 years ago a new revolution started. The search for a new type of water based floor lacquer to maintain the natural look of the floor, to cause less pollution while being manufactured, to make it safer for the applicator, and of course, not to yellow over time. The first range of water based floor lacquers were nowhere near the quality of the old solvent finishes but over the past few years, the water based floor lacquers have improved a lot and right now, there is not a big difference between water based and solvent based sealers. Carver Delta Floor Lacquer is one of the greenest water based floor lacquers you can buy. This product is highly recommended for commercial, industrial and residential use. 


Carver Delta Floor Lacquer – Why Delta


Why not Delta? This outstanding water based floor lacquer cannot be faulted by any user. It is as green as it can get, it covers more than most similar products, it looks outstanding, it has an amazing scratch resistance, it allows the wood to breathe, it is well priced and it dries in a matter of hours. If you are looking for a proper quality water based floor lacquer to enhance and protect your wooden floors, try the new Carver Delta Floor Lacquer. You will love it. Even better, the Carver Delta Floor Lacquer complies with all EU anti slip legislation so it is the perfect water based floor lacquer for stairs and sport rooms.


Carver Delta Floor Lacquer – Advice


Carver Delta Floor Lacquer is a water based floor lacquer so you can just wash all your rollers and all your brushes with tap water. While you can use the product as an overcoat over pre-existing finishes, you should never mix up Carver Delta Floor Lacquer with other types of floor lacquers, hardeners from other brands, colour tints, oils, etc. After the bottle is opened it can be used for about 12 months. Keep the lacquer away from direct sunlight, store it in a cool, dry place and avoid direct contact with your skin. 


Be prepared to be amazed by this product. Carver Delta Floor Lacquer is not just another floor lacquer. This is “the lacquer” you were always looking for. No need to be a professional to be able to achieve outstanding results.


Carver Delta Floor Lacquer

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