Bringing A New Beginning To Your Wood Floor

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<h1>Bringing A New Beginning To Your Wood Floor</h1>

Bringing A New Beginning To Your Wood Floor

There are different reasons why people begin looking into floor sanding and refinishing services. It usually boils down to simply a deteriorating surface that is a far cry from the original shiny look and feel. Over time, the wood floors become dull and worn out, with signs of damage clearly visible. The restoration can range from light buffing to remove the minor scratches, to a deeper sanding to completely overhaul the current finish, and have fresh new coats applied. For instance, when there is extensive scratching, the sanding will be inevitable. This is especially when the scratches on the floor are so deep such that they have gone past the stain and penetrated into the wood. In fact, this provides a pathway for moisture to directly get to the wood, increases the chances of water damage. 

Gouges and chips in the floor are also an issue. Those permanent gaps caused by seasons of expansion and contraction or effects of water damage need to be sorted out. This is where filler products come in, which are mixed with the sanding dust of the actual wood floor being worked on, and the end-product applied to the gaps. This approach means that the mixture will have similar properties as the surrounding flooring, enabling uniformity with the final result. Grey discoloration may also have occurred. While many assume this to be a sign of aging, it is actually due to loss of the protection from the polyurethane coats that are now wearing down, causing more moisture to get into the wood and oxidation to occur. When left unchecked, the next stage will be the floorboards turning black, and they will need to be replaced. 

In other instances, the property owner simply wants to bring a different look to the space, which brings forth one of the perks of having a wood floor: instead of being forced to replace the floorboards, one can sand it and apply the desired wood stains. The stains themselves come in all sorts of colours, enabling you to bring character to the wood. This, coupled with the wide assortment of lacquers and varnishes available, means that you get to set the tone that will bring out your personality and accentuate your style. To get optimal results, the sanding needs to be properly done, as this preps the surface to bond with the treatments that will be applied. For this, turn to the pros to work on your installation. 

Value Of Hiring Expert Floor Restoration Services


  • The right tools


When doing the floor restoration as a DIY, you are likely to find yourself short of specialised gear needed to expedite the process. Take the sanders for instance. There are different tools required for working on the various sections of the floor, from the open floorspace to the edges and the staircases, all through to the systems needed for dealing with the copious amounts of dust that are being generated. What’s more while one can rent sanders from the local dealerships, these usually have lower operating capacities compared to the machinery used by the professionals. This means that you will be working with reduced efficiency, causing the task to take far much longer. For instance, while the professionals can easily clear 1000 square feet of surface in a day, the same task can end up taking even close to a week for the DIYer. Note that all through all this while, the floor will remain out of commission, while still being at risk of damage due to the exposed wood. However, with the right machinery needed for the task, the professionals will deliver the results desired in a fraction of the time that you would have taken handling the task yourself.



Some sections of the floor restoration project – like the floor sanding, are actually very taxing. Pushing around those heavy sanders as you make multiple passes over the floor, sweating for hours in dust-filled rooms, hovering over the edging sanders afterwards as you deal with the edges of the floor – this is not an experience that you want to put yourself through. Not only can it take a toll on the body, but there is also the risk of spending days on the ask and still winding up with unsatisfactory results – which can be exasperating. You don’t want to have worked for a whole week on the floor, and be forced to repeat the process since the finish coats applied didn’t bond well with the surface or mix properly with each other and produce an unsightly result. 



With the pros knowing the tricks of the trade, they are able to ensure that the task is carried out to the desired standard of results. Drawing from a wealth of knowledge garnered over the years of service delivery, coupled with rigorous training to keep them up to date with the latest in floor sanding and refinishing technology, plus a capacity to quickly overcome the common hurdles witnessed during the different floor restoration projects, this all comes together to give you peace of mind that the task is in the right hands. 



With heavy machinery, electrical cords, and the need to properly deal with the mounds of dust being generated, the safety measures required during the restoration project cannot be glossed over. A simple oversight can lead to disastrous consequences, from damage to the property, to injury to the persons involved. However, with professional services, the risks are greatly minimised, due to the incorporation of safety measures into the process, from handling of the machinery, sealing off work areas, to the protective gear worn by the personnel themselves. What’s more, it is industry best practice to get insurance coverage for the services provided. That way, in case there is an accident during the floor sanding and refinishing, you will be protected from any liabilities. In fact, this is one of the factors that you should consider before hiring a floor restoration company.

Bringing A New Beginning To Your Wood Floor

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