Bring Back The Glamour To Your Floor

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Bring Back The Glamour To Your Floor


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Bring Back The Glamour To Your Floor 

Hardwood floors naturally get worn down due the traffic they handle. This is a combination of factors, from the dirt and debris which is grinded against the surface finish, to the shoes themselves- in cases like spiked footwear that causes scratches, and high heels that increase the strain on the surface. Indentations from furniture and appliances are common, especially when the sets in question are heavy. In addition, when the sets are being moved through dragging instead of lifting, unsightly gorges can form on the surface. Stains from food and drink spills that are allowed to set into the surface cause blemishes that ruin the colouration from the wood, affecting the décor. Then there are those cases when the inappropriate cleaning agents are used, which leads to anything from discoloration of the wood to corrosion of the flooring. Pets with their sharp claws, also cause scratches as they dash around the house. As kids play with their toys, the same thing can happen, especially when the floor is turned into a race track for their toy cars. Commercial establishments also have to factor in motorised carts, plus the luggage bags that have wheels to enable them to be pulled around. All these combine to add to the strain on the surface of the floor. Over time, it loses its appeal, bringing about the need to be restored. In some cases, one is simply tired of the current state of things, and wants to change the look and feel of the floor by applying different finish coats. Either way, the old and worn out ones have to be first removed through floor sanding, allowing the new ones to be applied.

Accentuate Your Interior Ambience

The state of the floor has an effect on the rest of the premises. You want it to be appealing, whether it’s bringing out your personality in your home, or impressing customers coming to your business premises. The wood floor is a major investment, and you want to be able to enjoy it all through its service life in your establishment. The floor sanding and refinishing will enable you to bring back that lost charm to your installation. You can even decide to change things by having a new wood stain and different gloss of water based finish applied. In addition to accentuating the beauty of the interior space, you also get to protect the structural integrity and functionality of the wood. Aspects such as its heat and sound insulation properties are enhanced, allowing you to get optimum use of the wood floor. Even cleaning becomes easier, since the smooth surface obtained after applying the water based finishes doesn’t trap particles of dirt and grime, allowing you to easily vacuum or mop them off. The wear and stain resistance properties of the wood are also increased. Relying on professional floor sanding services will enable you to get the task done faster and effectively, avoiding problems that come with DIY process- like sanding too much into the wood, or not enough such that the new finishes don’t get to bond well with the surface.