Avoid Making These Mistakes With Your Hardwood Floor

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Avoid Making These Mistakes With Your Hardwood Floor

Avoid Making These Mistakes With Your Hardwood Floor

While wood floors are highly durable, it doesn’t mean that they are invincible. Proper treatment is needed for your installation to last for decades, protecting your investment. Here are common mistakes that property owners make when it comes to wood flooring:


  • Allowing surface water to dwell


Water on wood is a recipe for disaster. Whether it is a drink spill from the glass that got knocked over, or you have a leaking roof that resulted in rainwater reaching the floor- it can wreak havoc on your installation. Minuscule amounts like the drops that spill off the dog bowl, to extreme cases of plumbing leaks that flood the household, can do real damage to the wood. Even when mopping, wetting the mop and proceeding to attempt to remove the dirt and grime can have adverse effects on the wood. A hygroscopic material, it will readily absorb the moisture. In high amounts, issues like crowning can occur, and you end up with a warped floor. This puts the structural integrity of your unit at risk. The source of the water leaks needs to be urgently repaired, and any spills that winds up on the floor quickly mopped up. 


  • Ignoring pet nails 


While Fluffy running around the house is cute and all, the drawn out claws are a threat to the wood floor. They are a common cause of the scratches that are formed on the surface. Trimming of the claws regularly can go a long way in protecting your installation. When the floor gets all messed up due to the scratches that have been formed on it, you don’t need to go into panic mode and have it stress you out. A professional floor sanding and refinishing will enable you to get rid of the scratches and bring back the aesthetic appeal for your installation. 


  • Not putting floor protection in place


This is particularly when dealing with heavy furniture. From the bulky sofa to the bookshelf, they can damage the underlying flooring. Firstly, presuming that they are immovable once you have set them in position is dangerous. Those tiny shifts, over time, will cause extensive damage to the affected spot. The rubber and felt floor protectors come in to prevent dents or grooves from being formed on the wood floor. Then there are occasions where the furniture is being moved, and instead of being lifted and carried, it is dragged across the surface. This will instantly scratch the flooring, leaving wide marks on it.


  • Ignoring the value of doormats


One of the main causes of wear on the wood floors is the soiling that is tracked in from the outdoors. The gritty particles are ground against the surface as people walk around the room. The effect is prominent on those sections that are frequently walked on. This can be greatly reduced by having a doormat in place. That way, most of the soiling that is carried by people’s shoes will be wiped off right at the entrance of the building. For homes, you can insist on shoes being removed before one enters, switching them for slippers.

When Time For The Floor Sanding Comes, Call In The Experts

Handling the task yourself can be a hectic and frustrating endeavour. Take the equipment for instance. Sanders are heavy pieces of equipment, and generate lots of dust and noise. Each of these has an impact. First, pushing around a massive machine for hours is not exactly how you want to spend your weekend, or those precious days off from work. Secondly the sanders that are rented from hardware stores usually have dust bags, which- though they collect plenty of the dust, don’t do an effective job as the dustless sanding systems that are used by the professionals. The latter entails state-of-the-art vacuums that are connected to the sanders, which use powerful suction to capture both fine and coarse sanding dust particles, which are then removed from the premises through a series of pipes, connected to containment units. Here, they are held as they wait to be appropriately disposed. This approach dramatically reduces the messes that are associated with the floor sanding process, and it also averts the heath and fire risks which come with the dust. 

Hiring floor sanding machines is one thing, using them appropriately is another. Improper sanding rhythm can be disastrous. For instance, when you stay on one spot for longer than is required, you will scrape away too much of the wood, forming a depression that will be shaped like the portion of the sander in contact with the surface. These depressions form collection points for water, posing further risks down the road. Going too slow also cause sanding too much into the wear layer, effectively reducing the number of times that the floor will be able to be sanded in future. Working with odd angles, the formation of chatter marks, gouges being created on the floor- this is not how you want things to play out. Dealing with the corners and baseboards is also cumbersome, especially after you have just come from pushing the heavy sander over the open floor area for most of the day. Why endure all this? Enlisting the services of the professional floor sanding company will take away the burden, while still ensuring that the job is carried out to high quality standards.

A team you can trust

With us, you’re dealing with a highly trained team. That has been offering the floor sanding services for years. Our clients span across both residential and commercial establishments. The personnel will stick to schedule, arriving at your premises at the designated time, with the tools that are required for the process. They will treat your home with care and respect, and put in place the required safety measures to protect the household members. Even in business premises, they will be keen on time, in order to minimise the amount of time in which the floor will be out of commission, enabling the finishing to proceed as scheduled, to restore normalcy to your daily operations fast. 

Avoid Making These Mistakes With Your Hardwood Floor

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