7 Signs That Your Floor Restoration Was A Rip-Off

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7 Signs That Your Floor Restoration Was A Rip-Off


When it comes to floor sanding and related services, it goes without saying that the best way to go is working with professionals. Cheap is expensive. Shortcuts can ruin your floor. This is usually the case when you work with a crew that is either untrained or inexperienced. Below are a few signs that should help you spot these guys and take the necessary action.


7 Signs Of A Job Not Well Done

  1. Chipping finishing

This is without a doubt one of the fastest ways to identify a con when it comes to floor restoration. Ideally, finishing should last not less than 3 months before it starts succumbing to wear and tear. However, when applied incorrectly, you will begin to see signs of damage pretty early. This may be seen as chipping, cracks or complete rubbing off leaving you with unsightly patches all over your floor. These observations may also be made in the event that the crew used the wrong finishing product or low quality options of the right product. Whatever the case, you can rest assured that you will not be getting full value for your money.

  1. Uneven surfaces

This is usually the case when the restoration involves floor sanding. When the expert uses the wrong technique or sanding material, chances are that you will end up with an uneven surface. This may either be in terms of odd bumps and elevations or tracks and depressions on the surface of the floor. These are among the most common signs that you got ripped off and once you notice them you have no choice but to get the job redone.

  1. Abandoned debris

There is an unspoken agreement between clients and experts in the floor sanding and restoration industry where the latter is required to clean up after themselves when the project ends. Unfortunately, not all crews adhere to this rule. This leaves you with debris all over the house that you will then have to clean up on your own. This is not only very inconvenient but may also be risky with potentially harmful waste including nails and other sharp objects.

  1. Uneven transition lines

This refers to the transition between the floor and the wall. Again if you are unfortunate enough to work with an inexperienced crew, you might not like how things turn out. Usually what happens is that as paint or finishing is being applied to the sanded floor, some of the product gets into contact with the wall. That way, you end up with a messy transition where there should be seamlessness and pristine order.

  1. Cracked and stained tile lines

When tiles are involved in floor restoration projects, precision is one thing that should never be compromised on. With the filler in particular, both mixing and application are very important. One way to know that you got ripped off is observing cracks and stains between the tiles.

  1. Instability especially with wooden floor panels

There is probably nothing as frustrating as getting your wood floors restored only to hear creaks and squeaks a few days or weeks later. If this happens, then you my friend got scammed. When installing wood panelling, it is very important to ensure that they are properly fastened to the floor for stability. If your floor sanding and restoration crew doesn’t know what they are doing, chances are that you will end up with an unstable floor and a failed investment.

  1. Missed deadlines

Finally, if your crew keeps postponing and missing deadlines, you are getting ripped off. In this case, the final outcome doesn’t really matter. This is because even with a perfect floor, the inconvenience caused is not easy to ignore.


With the 7 signs above, you should be better equipped to identify crooks in the floor sanding business. The best move to make after this is to cease the project and find a company you can trust.