6 Tips To Keep Your Floor Looking Awesome After Sanding

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6 Tips To Keep Your Floor Looking Awesome After Sanding


6 Tips To Keep Your Floor Looking Awesome After Sanding


  1. Clean the floor regularly

Dirt is the enemy of pristine beauty as far as flooring is concerned. Whether it is a wood panel floor or a tiled setup, there is no denying the importance of keeping your floor clean. In order to maintain the amazing results after your floor sanding and refinishing project, you will have to find the perfect balance between vacuuming and wet cleaning. This ensures that there is no buildup of dirt and grime that usually end up damaging the flooring material, the finishing product and the bonding substances used.

  1. Use the right cleaning chemicals and equipment

It is one thing to clean and another completely different thing to clean properly. With freshly serviced floors, it is important to clean properly. This means using the right equipment and the right chemicals especially when wet cleaning. With chemicals, the soaps and detergents used are what need to be considered. Kerosene and other harsh chemical based cleaners should be avoided at all costs. This is the case especially with wood and concrete floors. These harsh chemicals strip the materials of their protective finishing coat leaving them not only unappealing but also vulnerable to damage. With materials used, it is important to avoid rough surfaces especially with brushes. These also strip the protective layers and may leave unsightly scratch marks on your floors.

  1. Wearing soft indoor shoes

Wearing outdoor shoes indoors is never a good idea. First of all, they are usually full of dirt and mud and leave the floor very dirty. The second thing is that they are designed for outdoor use and therefore feature rough treads and stepping surfaces. These could very easily damage your floor. If you want to maintain the great results after floor sanding has been done, you should opt for indoor shoes. These feature soft stepping surfaces and ensure that your floor is protected as you walk around your home.

  1. Mats and carpeting are your floor’s best friend

This is without a doubt the best way to maintain your floor’s great appearance after professional servicing. Carpeting prevents direct impact and contact with the floor therefore protecting it from wear and tear effects of friction. They also prevent buildup of dirt on the surfaces.

  1. Invest in floor guards for your furniture

One of the main causes of damage to the surface, that necessitated the floor sanding in the first place, is furniture legs. Whether it is that dining table chair you keep dragging or that heavy couch in your living room, there is no denying the long term effects of their presence on your floor. The best way to prevent the inevitable damage is by using floor guards also known as floor protectors. These are usually in the form of small mats or sometimes little cup-like units that are used to cover the furniture legs. Their bases are coated with soft non-abrasive material ensuring that even if you drug that chair all over the house, you won’t see even one streak or scratch mark.

  1. Keep the floor dry

This is especially important for wooden and concrete based flooring. In these cases, moisture promotes damage and negates all the effort and progress made during the floor sanding and restoration project. One way to keep the floor dry is by clearing up spills as soon as they occur. You should also ensure that you dry the floor adequately when cleaning. Finally, it is a great idea to invest in mats with water seals for kitchens and bathrooms where spills are inevitable.

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