Turn To The Professionals For Your Floor Sanding Needs

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Turn To The Professionals For Your Floor Sanding Needs


Turn To The Professionals For Your Floor Sanding Needs 



Wood floors add a rich look and feel to the building’s interior. From homes and business premises, to educational and government institutions, hardwood floors are in high demand. With the wide variety of species that you can have installed in your establishment, plus the numerous finishing options available, you get to set up the ambience that suits your personality, or enhances your business’ image. With its organic origin and non-electromagnetic nature, wood tends to attract less allergens like dust and dander. This makes it a healthy flooring choice. When it comes to acoustics, a properly installed wood floor will enable you to minimise sound reverberation through the building, cutting down noise levels, taking care of echoes at the office, and enabling you to enjoy your home theatre system. Cleaning is also a breeze, with regular vacuuming and damp mopping being sufficient to get rid of the dirt and grime that accumulate. Wood is also highly durable, which explains why it is highly recommended for the modern day busy home, and high traffic commercial establishments. The strength of the wood floors depends on the maintenance they receive. You want your installation to last for the long haul, and look elegant all through. This means that it will occasionally need to be refinished. This is where the old coats are removed, and fresh new wood stains, primers and water based floor finishes applied. To breathe new life into your installation, start with a thorough floor sanding.
Troubles With DIY Floor Sanding
Calling in the experts can save you from plenty of headaches and frustrations. For starters, the machinery they use packs more of a punch compared to that which is hired. In a bid to ease transport, the latter gets its size and power reduced, which means you spend more time on the floor sanding. Cutting through those tough multiple layers of finish required loads of power, and without it you could spend hours on the task, drenched in sweat and not making headway. Then there are aspects such as dips from hovering on one section of the floor for too long, chatter marks from using equipment that vibrates more than is required, and even edger divots to worry about. Any imperfections during the floor sanding process will stick out like a sore thumb once the finishing is complete. Even issues such as using fine grit sandpaper that doesn’t abrade through to the bare wood, or making passes that are so quick that patches of old finish are left behind, will affect the results. You end up with blemishes that are unsightly, and the ineffective bonding will reduce the efficacy of the wood stains, primers and water based finishes that will be applied. You don’t want to be forced to redo the entire task. Professional floor sanding crews use equipment that has heavy-duty dust removal attachments, to keep your establishment from getting messy. With the DIY job, this won’t be the case as the machinery that’s rented doesn’t have the same capacity of sucking out the dust particles, leaving your furniture, electronics, window sills and other surfaces in the building covered in dust, and fine particles in the air that can be inhaled and cause respiratory issues. Getting the experts on the job will enable you to avoid the hustle and frustrations, allowing you to ensure that your floor restoration process is carried out to quality standards.



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