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Breathe New Life Into Your Floor 

Hardwood floors lose their lustre over time due to a cocktail of reasons. The glossy finish gets worn down by the everyday movement in home and commercial establishments. Dirt and grime pile up on the surface from the environment, while some is tracked in for the outside under your pet’s paws and peoples’ shoes. While underfoot, the particles get grinded against the surface, which is just like having bits of sandpaper attached to your shoes. When something heavy is dropped, it’s also likely to leave a dent. Sometimes it’s a furniture set that moves a couple of millimetres each time people take a sit. Some dents are not as noticeable as others, but they all have the same effect of damaging the finishing and leaving the underlying wood exposed to more damage. The cleaning itself- especially those cases when thorough scrubbing is needed to get rid of the stubborn stains and dirt spots, gradually wears down the finish. Using too much water, on the other hand, leads to moisture imbalances, and consequent water damage. In rooms like kitchens, there may even be burns. Some cases it’s a hot utensil that simply dropped and didn’t leave that much of a spot; in other instances it’s a log falling out of the fire place and making a huge mark that necessitates a complete refinishing. As your pets run and play around, their claws scratch the surface. The same case happens when heavy furniture and appliances are dragged across the surface, and when people have footwear such as heels on. When it’s time to restore your installation to its lost glory, call in the floor sanding experts to get you started.

Protecting Your Investment
With the loads of capital that you spent getting the wood floor installed, you don’t want to watch it go down the drain. The floor sanding and restoration will enable you to prevent things from taking that route. Book an appointment with the floor sanding experts, who will come to your premises, inspect the condition of the structure and provide an estimate. This will enable you to decide on giving them a go ahead for the job. The team uses state-of-the-art floor sanding equipment, which breaks through the tough layers of finishing and gets to the bare wood in moments. This is carried out in a fast and effective manner, with dustless systems that ensure your interior premises is not layered with the sanding dust. The floor is prepared to receive the fresh new coats of protection. You can have your preferred wood stain, primers, oil or water based finishes applied, all depending on your particular needs. Whether you want to restore the original colouration of the surface, or you want a change things up, you can have it done to bring out your personality in your house, and provide your business with a professional image. Thereafter, regular care is needed, including cleaning up of the dirt and grime before they accumulate, and also mopping up spills as soon as they occur. When carrying out the cleaning, avoid harsh agents like ammonia and vinegar that can cause corrosion, and don’t go soaking the surface with water, to avoid issues like warping and cupping.

When It’s Time To Rejuvenate Your Floor

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When It’s Time To Rejuvenate Your Floor 

Causes of wood floor damage are diverse. For instance, one may accidentally use the wrong cleaning solutions when working to remove the stubborn dirt and grime- such as oil soaps silicone-based products, ammonia, vinegar, or even common household products such as dishwashing detergent and powdered all-purpose cleaners. These may dissolve the soiling, but they end up damaging the finish, and in some cases corrode through to the bare wood. Casters on furniture that are used directly on the wood floor cause isolated wear. Foot traffic affects the surface in two major ways. The first is the dirt and grime that gets grinded against the wood, like miniature pieces of sandpaper that gradually ruin the finish. The second is the actual footwear used. Spiked shoes cause scratches, as do those with hard metal parts. In cases of high heels, the weight of the wearer that reaches the floor is multiplied significantly, due to the reduced surface area through which it is being applied. This increased pressure puts strain of the wood floor, causing it to deteriorate. The higher the numbers of people walking about in your establishment, the greater the rate at which the wearing down occurs. It’s common to observe traffic lanes on those frequently walked on areas, where the colour of the surface is duller compared to the adjacent parts of the floor. This, however, is not how things must remain. After all, you invested heavy in installing the wood floor, and you should be able to enjoy it all through its service life. Simply get floor sanding and restoration services to bring back the elegance to your establishment.

Why DIY Floor Sanding Is More Trouble Than It’s Worth

This comes down to machinery, skills and material costs. The equipment that professional floor sanding companies use is heavy-duty, powerful, and comes with a huge price tag. This ranges from the sanders to break down the tough coats of finish, to the dustless systems that vacuum up even those tiny particles that could have got airborne and inhaled. In contrast, the machines that are hired from rental stores need to be able easily carried in the trunk of family cars and manoeuvred without much hustle to the user. Thus the size is reduced, which cuts into the power needed for the job. Hence, right from the onset, the DIYer is at a disadvantage due to the lower efficiency. It’s worse when you get poorly maintained floor sanding equipment. These can ruin your floor with drum marks and edger divots. A machine that vibrates too much will leave behind chatter marks. When it comes to manoeuvring the floor sanding gear on the surface, mistakes like concentrating on one area can take too much off the affected surface. Even turning the machine on and off while the sanding belt is in contact with the floor can leave behind unsightly marks, which are made more prominent when the finish coats are applied. Costs in getting quality equipment, to aspects like sandpaper with a grit low enough for the initial sanding that won’t clog up with the finish, end up increasing your budget- which bloats up further when there are repairs that need to be made. It can all take a toll on you. Save your time, energy and resources by bringing in the floor sanding experts to handle it all.