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When It’s Time To Rejuvenate Your Floor

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When It’s Time To Rejuvenate Your Floor 

Causes of wood floor damage are diverse. For instance, one may accidentally use the wrong cleaning solutions when working to remove the stubborn dirt and grime- such as oil soaps silicone-based products, ammonia, vinegar, or even common household products such as dishwashing detergent and powdered all-purpose cleaners. These may dissolve the soiling, but they end up damaging the finish, and in some cases corrode through to the bare wood. Casters on furniture that are used directly on the wood floor cause isolated wear. Foot traffic affects the surface in two major ways. The first is the dirt and grime that gets grinded against the wood, like miniature pieces of sandpaper that gradually ruin the finish. The second is the actual footwear used. Spiked shoes cause scratches, as do those with hard metal parts. In cases of high heels, the weight of the wearer that reaches the floor is multiplied significantly, due to the reduced surface area through which it is being applied. This increased pressure puts strain of the wood floor, causing it to deteriorate. The higher the numbers of people walking about in your establishment, the greater the rate at which the wearing down occurs. It’s common to observe traffic lanes on those frequently walked on areas, where the colour of the surface is duller compared to the adjacent parts of the floor. This, however, is not how things must remain. After all, you invested heavy in installing the wood floor, and you should be able to enjoy it all through its service life. Simply get floor sanding and restoration services to bring back the elegance to your establishment.

Why DIY Floor Sanding Is More Trouble Than It’s Worth

This comes down to machinery, skills and material costs. The equipment that professional floor sanding companies use is heavy-duty, powerful, and comes with a huge price tag. This ranges from the sanders to break down the tough coats of finish, to the dustless systems that vacuum up even those tiny particles that could have got airborne and inhaled. In contrast, the machines that are hired from rental stores need to be able easily carried in the trunk of family cars and manoeuvred without much hustle to the user. Thus the size is reduced, which cuts into the power needed for the job. Hence, right from the onset, the DIYer is at a disadvantage due to the lower efficiency. It’s worse when you get poorly maintained floor sanding equipment. These can ruin your floor with drum marks and edger divots. A machine that vibrates too much will leave behind chatter marks. When it comes to manoeuvring the floor sanding gear on the surface, mistakes like concentrating on one area can take too much off the affected surface. Even turning the machine on and off while the sanding belt is in contact with the floor can leave behind unsightly marks, which are made more prominent when the finish coats are applied. Costs in getting quality equipment, to aspects like sandpaper with a grit low enough for the initial sanding that won’t clog up with the finish, end up increasing your budget- which bloats up further when there are repairs that need to be made. It can all take a toll on you. Save your time, energy and resources by bringing in the floor sanding experts to handle it all.

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Wood floors are always under attack. People walking about, kids with their car toy races and miniature train tracks on the floor, pets that dig their sharp claws into the surface as they run about in order to gain traction, the sun’s radiation that bakes the floor causing the finishing to develop a yellow tint, and the wood to darken or get bleached out, all through to the occasional food and drink spills that end up staining the surface. Footfall is a major factor, seeing that traffic lanes usually develop in areas that are frequented, such as the entryways and exits of the establishment, the area outside the elevator, laundry rooms, office corridors, the employee lounge, attendant’s’ counters, etc. The dirt and grit under the shoes abrades the wood surface, and the weight of the people puts strain on the floor- especially when high heels and involved. Shoes with hard metal parts, or damaged heels for that matter, can chisel out the wood. Heavy sets of furniture that are placed without pads can dent the surface. Then there are those cases when, during the move or one is simply rearranging items in the interior space, the furniture gets dragged instead of being lifted. This scratches the surface. Harsh chemicals products used for the cleaning, such as vinegar, and ammonia, plus all-purpose cleaners and dish washing detergents also damage the flooring. Whether the wear is intentional or accidental, you don’t want your floor to remain in that state. It doesn’t have to. Simply get it restored with a thorough floor sanding and refinishing.

Pitfalls Of The DIY Floor Sanding Process
DIYers encounter various problems when taking on the floor restoration project. For starters the professional-grade floor sanding equipment is not easily available for rent, due to the logistics and expenses involved in handling it. Hence with the lower-efficiency machines that are hired, one already starts off at a disadvantage. This is from the power needed to break through the finish coats, to the vacuuming up of the dust that is generated during the floor sanding. Issues like denting and chattering are common with the resultant surface. The low-grit sandpaper that is used for the initial sanding is a rare commodity in local dealer stores. The higher grit sandpapers are meant for smoothening out the surface. Starting with them clogs them up with finish, and there’s the frustration of drawing out the process and still ending up with patches of finish that are not removed. These spots will be magnified by the new coats that are to be applied. Discrepancies such as divots will also become prominent. You don’t want to spend all that time and resources, and end up with unsatisfactory results that can only be remedied by getting the floor sanded again. This increases the inconvenience to the occupants in your establishment since during all that period the area will likely to have be sealed off. You can prevent things from taking this trajectory by getting floor sanding professionals to take care of the project from the start. Coming with high-powered machinery and dustless sanding systems, you get to have a thorough job done in moments, allowing the rest of the finishing process be carried out without a hitch.

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Professional floor sanding services in Raheny and the surrounding area. If you are looking for quality services at affordable prices then look no more. Dublin Floor Sanding provides free estimates and we never charge before the job is completed and the customers is happy with the results. All our floor sanding machines are dustless and capable of finishing big areas in very short periods of times. Our company works with Bona brand varnishes only , a guarantee of top of the range quality and long lasting results. All our services are fully insured and highly recommended. In fact , most of our work comes from repeat customers or referrals. If you are interested in any of our services please contact us at 014304313 and one of our specialists will be with you in no time.


Hire The Dustless Floor Sanding Professionals

The charm that wood floors bring to the interior space enhances the ambience and adds value to the property. That natural, warm and inviting look and feel makes it a popular option for homes, office buildings, restaurants, hotels, art galleries, museums and even educational institutions. The variety of species available, including Chestnut, Walnut, Mahogany, Rosewood, Tigerwood, Teak, Red and White Oak, and even Bamboo, provides different options for the property owners to choose from. This ensures that one sets up the installation that blends with the décor of the indoor space. What’s more, unlike other flooring options, wood never goes out of style. Decades later, your installation will still be trendy. It even blends with different furnishings and upholstery, so in case you decide later on in life to switch up your items or repaint the walls, you won’t have to worry about it clashing with the floor. The structure of the wood makes it durable, which is why it is a top choice for high traffic establishments. It also comes with enhanced insulation, reducing heat loss from your feet and the establishment as a whole. This enables you to cut down on the amount of energy needed to run your building’s HVAC units. There are plenty of other benefits of using wood floors, from being easy to clean, providing a healthy indoor air space, to the enabling you to reduce your carbon footprint as the installation is an eco-friendly choice. The popularity has made establishments with wood floors highly sought out after, which means more profits for the property owner who’s selling or renting it out. In order to keep the floor in proper shape, and enable you to enjoy your living and working conditions, proper maintenance is vital. This includes getting professional floor sanding and refinishing services when it’s time to restore the lost elegance and protection to the surface of the floor.

Advantages Of Professional Floor Sanding Services

We have invested in the latest floor sanding technology, and our crew are continuously keeping up to date with new innovative trends in the industry, to stay on top of the game and deliver quality results each time. Quality machinery, that’s well maintained and highly-powered, is used to sand through to the bare wood, giving your flooring a new lease of life. The surface is prepared for the new coats of finish that are to be applied, allowing them to strongly bond with it, to enhance the floor’s protection and aesthetic appeal. Our personnel are fully trained and come with loads of experience, having been working in domestic and commercial properties for years, which enables them to provide satisfactory results. Our goal is to ensure that you enjoy that entire spectrum of the services, from the customer support, all through to the timeliness of the operations. The floor sanding Dublin crew will arrive on time and stick to schedule, and also give you tips on measures that you can put in place in your establishment to protect your flooring, to prevent damage in future. We are licensed and fully insured, which is testament to the professionalism with which we provide the floor care and restoration services. What’s more, you get all this without breaking the bank. The pricing has been designed to account for your particular situation, with issues such as how large the area is, the type of floor installed, and its current condition being factored into the cost.



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