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Cheap Floor Sanding Services?

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Cheap Floor Sanding Services?

First of all we need to establish few things. Do you like your floors? Would you like it to last for many years? Do you care about your family health? Would you like to have floor sanding done every year?

Floor sanding is not a trade that you can just learn as you go. Sanding a quality wood floor with a powerful 50 kg floor sanding machine is not a job for most people. One wrong move and you will manage to dig a nice hole in the middle of your floor. When you hire a cheap floor sanding specialists, you expose your floors to the same risks. Proper floor sanding specialists take up to 5 years to learn how to master the craft. Understanding the wood is the first step in the trade. There are softer woods where little pressure is required and there are hard woods where a lot of pressure is required to remove the existing finish. By using a lot of pressure on a softy wood, you will remove way too much wood from the floor and you will make the floor uneven or by using little pressure on a hard wood, you will work much more than needed for little results. Only people with experience can notice the difference between the types of woods and the types of finishes.

How do you think the floor sanding happens? Just get a floor sanding machine and sand the floor would be the most commune answer. In fact, a floor needs to be sanded 3-5 times with different grit sand paper and it has to be re-sanded even after the first coat of floor varnish was done. Floors that were painted before or floors that have glue on it, it will have to be sanded with 24-40 grit sand paper, then with 60 grit sand paper, then with 100 grit sand paper, then it has to be sealed, then it has to be sanded with 120-150 grit sand paper to remove all the small spikes that got hard in contact with the sealant.

Sanding the floor is the easy part. Finishing the floor is the hard part. When you hire a cheap floor sanding contractor, you take a bit risk. First of all, to achieve that gloss smooth finish, top of the range tools and equipment need to be used. A floor sanding machine can cost 500 or 5000 euro. The quality of the varnish applicator can also decide the quality of the final finish. Floor sanding contractors that charge little money per square meter, it can`t afford to buy quality products or tools.

The floor was sanded and it is ready for finishing. 5 litre of floor vanish can cost 19.99 euro or 120 euro. What is the difference? About 8 to 10 years of wear. When a floor is freshly done, it all looks more or less the same. You will start noticing the difference within 6 months. Quality water based floor varnishes like Tover Uniqua or Bona Traffic HD will get better in time and it will build up a natural look and a cool shine while cheap varnishes will wash away. Also, quality varnishes will bond with the floor, it won`t change the colour when washed and it will not scratch that easy. What you save when you hire a cheap floor sanding contractor, you will pay later when you will have too refinish your floor every year.

How much does floor sanding costs? Well if you ask for a quotation for floor sanding, you will receive expensive quotes & cheap quotes. Here is how much floor sanding costs:

1 standard living room – 20 square meter. A fair price for this job would be 400 euro. In this price you will end up with quality work and long lasting results. But some companies charge 200 euro for the same job.

To do a 20 sq meter job we will need:

5 L  of high traffic varnish (80 to 100 euro plus VAT)

20 euro worth of sand paper

1 day work for a sanding specialist (150 euro)

10 euro diesel

Up to now the costs add up to 300 euro for sanding and finishing your floor. Extra costs:

-car insurance



-car tax

-car doe


-company insurance



-quotation costs


Let`s add all this and make the final cost price 320 euro for the contractor. In 400 euro there is 47 euro VAT. So even if you charge 400 euro for this living room, after you deduct all the costs, you will realise that a professional floor sanding company doesn`t make that much money.

Then you receive the quote for 200 euro for the same job. How is that possible? Here is how:

19.99 euro varnish – guaranteed to last 3-6 months

Floor sanding equipment that generate tones of dust

No insurance

No invoice

No taxes

Untrained people


Like in anything else, you will get what you pay floor. Floor sanding is not window cleaning. When is done, is done and it can`t be done again for a while. Semi solid wood floors can only be sanded 1 to 3 times, depending on the type of floor and the type of floor sanding contractor. Professional floor sanding companies know how much to remove from your floor to make sure that you get 3 sandings from a floor. But ac man paid with 60 euro per day, won`t care that much.

Dublin Floor Sanding repairs a pile of jobs after it was damaged by un-professionals. If you love your floors, pay the fair price for floor sanding.

***cheap floor varnishes are full of harmful chemicals***




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Floor Sanding Ballsbridge – Floor Sanding Company – Floor Sanding

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Floor Sanding Ballsbridge

It is very important to keep an eye on your floor and if you notice that there are patches that have lost its shine or black scratches, you need to make plans to refinish your floors. Most types of wood floors would have some type of protective coat over it, to protect against spillages and light scratches. Regardless of the type of finish that exists on your floors, all wooden floors will have to be refinished once every 5 to 10 years, depending on traffic. Floor sanding and floor refinishing is not as messy or as expensive as it used to be few years back.

Floor Sanding Ballsbridge – Types of floors that can be sanded

Only solid or semi solid wood floors can be sanded. Laminate floors are not made from wood even if it looks like wood. Semi solid wood floors can be fully sanded about 3 times but it depends on the type of floor and the quality. Solid wood floors can be refinished many times over but even solid wood floors will eventually wear off of you are keep refinishing it more often then required. Amtico floors can imitate the wood very well so before you plan to hire a floor sanding company, please do a proper check to make sure that your floors are actually wood.

Floor Sanding Ballsbridge – Types of finishes available

Varnishing Is the most popular type of floor finishing in Ireland. Due to wet clime, Irish floors are exposed to a lot of moist and this is not good for wood. Few strong coats of high traffic varnish will fully protect your floors against scratches, moist and traffic damages. Waxing or oiling is another way of finishing a wooden floor. The main issue with waxing a floors is the fact that most people don`t respect the maintenance afterwards. Waxed or oiled floors will need to be refreshed once in a while and the floor will have to be washed with as little moist as possible. Many people have had their floors oiled and the finish has lasted for over 10 years with the right maintenance schedule. We can wax your floor with a clear floor wax from Bona or Tover, or we can wax it with coloured oil. Floor polishing is another way of sealing your floors against small scratches and moist. We use Cleanfast Floor Polish (wood) to seal all types of wooden floors. This wood floor polish is as tough as any varnish. Painting the floor is another way of finishing a wooden floor but we would only recommend this type of finish for the stair case or for commercial floors. All floors will look the same after it was painted with acrylic paint.

Floor Varnishes – after the floor sanding was completed, you can pick a matt, satin, gloss or invisible floor varnish. We have medium and high traffic floor varnishes from Tover & Bona

Waxes or Oils – after the floor sanding was done, you can pick an hard wax finish, clear or coloured. We have mat, satin or gloss finishes.

Polishes – after the floor sanding was done you can pick a wood floor polish. We have semi gloss or gloss finishes from Bona, Tover or Cleanfast Floor Polish.

Paint – after the floor sanding was done, you can pick one of our acrylic paints. We have about 45 different colours of acrylic paint.

Staining – if you are unhappy with the colour of your wood, you can choose to stain your floor with one of our stains from Tover or Bona. We can provide you with a range of 32 unique oil based wood stains.

Floor Sanding Ballsbridge – Other services

We can provide our customers with a wide range of floor services. We can repair floors, we can fill up gaps to make your floors look better and protect you from draft, we can bleach your floors to achieve lighter floor colours without staining, we can source floor boards that are missing and many other services.

Floor Sanding Ballsbridge – Dustless floor sanding

We understand how important is for you to have your floors finished fast and with as little hassle as possible. After seeing you newly finished floors, the last thing in your head is to start hovering up all the walls and all the hard surfaces. When you hire Dublin Floor Sanding, you don’t have to do that. All our equipment is dustless and all our floor finishes are water based or natural waxes. We will collect 98% of the dust generated and we can guarantee you that your home will be left as we have found it.

Floor Sanding Ballsbridge – Prices

A new car can cost 6k or 160k. Both do more or less the same job but in a different way. The price for floor sanding and floor refinishing will be decided by the type of wood, the finish required, the existing finish, extra services required & so on. We have domestic floor varnishes that cos5 30€ for 5 litres of it and we have high traffic invisible varnishes that cost 180€ for 5 litres. A high quality product that will improve the look of your floors & it will increase the protection of your floor much better than cheaper ones, will cost much more. You get what you pay for.

Our standard price for floor sanding for floor sanding is about 20€ vat included. This price is informative only. Gap filling, floor repairs, staining and high traffic varnishes, will increase the price. Our company is very clear on prices and we will make sure that a full quote will be emailed to you before we even start the job.

Floor Sanding Ballsbridge – Insurance

Working with wood is not easy and accidents can always happen. But Dublin Floor Sanding is a professional floor sanding company that cares about its customers. We are fully insured and damages of up to 6.5 million will be compensated by our insurance if the worst ever happen.

Floor Sanding Ballsbridge –Opening times

We are open 24/7. That means that we are doing jobs 24/7. Book us in good time if you are looking for overnight floor sanding services. We understand that commercial floor sanding cannot be done while the business is on so we will book you in when you are closed. Call us and tell us more about your floor sanding job and we will do all we can to fit you in.

When you need floor sanding done, don’t take a chance. Hire Dublin Floor Sanding now be treated as you deserve. We are in business for 12 years and our work quality is top of the range.

Floor Sanding Ballsbridge – professional floor sanding services for less!



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