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When It’s Time To Rejuvenate Your Floor

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When It’s Time To Rejuvenate Your Floor 

Causes of wood floor damage are diverse. For instance, one may accidentally use the wrong cleaning solutions when working to remove the stubborn dirt and grime- such as oil soaps silicone-based products, ammonia, vinegar, or even common household products such as dishwashing detergent and powdered all-purpose cleaners. These may dissolve the soiling, but they end up damaging the finish, and in some cases corrode through to the bare wood. Casters on furniture that are used directly on the wood floor cause isolated wear. Foot traffic affects the surface in two major ways. The first is the dirt and grime that gets grinded against the wood, like miniature pieces of sandpaper that gradually ruin the finish. The second is the actual footwear used. Spiked shoes cause scratches, as do those with hard metal parts. In cases of high heels, the weight of the wearer that reaches the floor is multiplied significantly, due to the reduced surface area through which it is being applied. This increased pressure puts strain of the wood floor, causing it to deteriorate. The higher the numbers of people walking about in your establishment, the greater the rate at which the wearing down occurs. It’s common to observe traffic lanes on those frequently walked on areas, where the colour of the surface is duller compared to the adjacent parts of the floor. This, however, is not how things must remain. After all, you invested heavy in installing the wood floor, and you should be able to enjoy it all through its service life. Simply get floor sanding and restoration services to bring back the elegance to your establishment.

Why DIY Floor Sanding Is More Trouble Than It’s Worth

This comes down to machinery, skills and material costs. The equipment that professional floor sanding companies use is heavy-duty, powerful, and comes with a huge price tag. This ranges from the sanders to break down the tough coats of finish, to the dustless systems that vacuum up even those tiny particles that could have got airborne and inhaled. In contrast, the machines that are hired from rental stores need to be able easily carried in the trunk of family cars and manoeuvred without much hustle to the user. Thus the size is reduced, which cuts into the power needed for the job. Hence, right from the onset, the DIYer is at a disadvantage due to the lower efficiency. It’s worse when you get poorly maintained floor sanding equipment. These can ruin your floor with drum marks and edger divots. A machine that vibrates too much will leave behind chatter marks. When it comes to manoeuvring the floor sanding gear on the surface, mistakes like concentrating on one area can take too much off the affected surface. Even turning the machine on and off while the sanding belt is in contact with the floor can leave behind unsightly marks, which are made more prominent when the finish coats are applied. Costs in getting quality equipment, to aspects like sandpaper with a grit low enough for the initial sanding that won’t clog up with the finish, end up increasing your budget- which bloats up further when there are repairs that need to be made. It can all take a toll on you. Save your time, energy and resources by bringing in the floor sanding experts to handle it all.

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Floor Sanding Rathmines

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Professional floor sanding services at affordable prices. If you are looking for a company that is open 24/7 , a company that uses only some of the best varnishes ever invented and a company that only charges if the customer is 100% happy , look no more , you found us. All our floor sanding machines are dustless and very powerful. Dublin Floor Sanding deals with commercial and domestic customers. All our floor sanding services are fully insured and highly recommended. In fact , most of our work comes from repeat customers and referrals. All our flooring specialists are fully trained , polite and very professional. All our estimates are free of charge and no obligation. Our minimum order is 250€ vat included. All our prices include vat. If you are interested in any of our floor sanding services please contact us at 014304313 and one of our specialists will be with you in no time.


Understanding Floor Sanding Services- Water Damage Repair

When it comes to flooring, the combination of wood and water forms the perfect recipe for disaster. Exposure to water is one of the leading causes of damage as far as wooden floors are concerned. It can lead to anything from simple discoloration to full blown mould colonization. Whatever the case, the importance of getting the problem fixed could not possibly be emphasized enough. Below is information that should help you identify the problem and have it fixed promptly. There is also information on how professionals fix water damaged wooden floors to help you ensure that you get the very best services out there.

Tell-Tale Signs Of Water Damage On Wood Floors

1. Discoloured spots and streaks
This is easier to visualize on light coloured wood boards. More often than not, they appear as dark streaks and spots along the edge of the floor. It is common when the water causing the damage is contaminated with dirt as the streaks are usually brown or black.

2. Polish bubbling, chipping and flaking
This is the case when the finishing layers are light and thin. The water damage in this case manifests as surface irregularities including bubbling, chipping and peeling. This is more commonly observed on walls adjacent to the floor affected.

3. Floor board instability
Water damage is a major cause of floor board instability. The most common manifestations in this case are cupping and buckling. Floor instability results in all sorts of bad things including tripping accidents, annoying creaks and unsightly lack of uniformity.

4. Wood rotting
When wood begins to rot as a result of water damage, it implies that the situation has gone unaddressed for a very long time. The wood appears dark and stripped with exposed grain. The wood in this case is also very weak and can easy crumble when force is applied.

5. Actual mould or mildew
Water offers the perfect environment for mould and mildew to thrive and these two are among the most important signs of this kind of damage on wood floors.
6. Unusual odours
Finally, a water damaged wooden floor will emit unusual musty odours. This may either be as a result of the wood rotting or because of the spores produced by the fungal overgrowths.

How it is fixed

- Floor sanding and refinishing
This is one of the most effective solutions especially when the water damage is not extensive. Floor sanding helps to strip away the affected layers of wood. This leaves you with healthy undamaged boards and panels. Once the floor sanding is complete, the professionals working on your floor will apply finishing product. This helps protect the wood from further damage as a result of exposure to water.

- Sealing
This is more of a preventive measure than a repair measure when it comes to water damage on wood. Sealing products are applied between wood panels to seal the cracks preventing water seepage into deeper layers.

- Replacement of damaged boards and panels
In some cases, simple floor sanding and refinishing will not do the trick. Here, the only solution is to take out the damaged floor boards and panels and replace them with new ones. This will cost you more but is the most effective way of dealing with serious water damage on wood floors.

- Repair at the source
Finally, it is important to remember to work on the source of the problem. With wooden flooring, damaged pipes running under the subfloor are the main culprits. More often than not, floor sanding businesses are not equipped to handle this. This means that you will have to go the extra mile and find a plumber to handle the issue. Despite the extra cost, it is a great way to ensure that the final results last for a long time.



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Floor Sanding Palmerstown


Floor Sanding Palmerstown

Floor Sanding Company

Floor Sanding Services

Floor Sanding Dublin

Floor Varnishing Dublin

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We provide professional floor sanding services in Palmerstown and the surrounding area. We deal with two type of customers , commercial and domestic customers. All our services are fully insured and highly recommended. For commercial customers we can provide safety statement and risk assesments. Our prices are affordable and we can guarantee top of the range results. Our minimum order is 250€. All our specialists are fully trained , polite and very professional. Our floor sanding machines are all dustless and very powerful . On our website you will find out information about our services , our covered area and our latest projects. Most of our work comes from repeat customers or referrals. If you are interested in any of our floor sanding services please contact us at 014304303 and one of our specialists will be with you in no time.


Understanding Floor Restoration Services- Floor Sanding

Floor restoration is simply a combination of services aimed at repairing damage to wood panel floors. The type and extent of damage usually determines the type of service offered by the floor restoration crew. One of the most common of these services is floor sanding. Below is all you need to know about it in terms of how and why it is done as well as what you should expect from an experienced crew.

What This Floor Sanding Service Entails
By definition, floor sanding refers to the process of stripping the superficial layers of a wooden floor setup. This is achieved using a floor sander and different sand paper grit sizes. Floor sanding is done for many reasons including for repair of faulty wood panels as well as for simple refinishing for aesthetics. Below are a few of the actual sanding practices and what each activity does for your floor.

1. Stripping the finishing layer
This is usually done as the initial step during every sanding process. The aim is to remove the very thick layers of finishing product over the wood surface. Stripping might also be done where the wood panels are covered with hard material like laminate. This allows fast and easy access to the underlying wood for fast, easy and efficient restoration.

2. Coarse sanding
Coarse sanding, as the name suggests, uses coarse grit sanding paper. In this case, the aim is to strip the tip-most layer of the wood itself. Using the coarse grit sanding papers ensures that thus process goes on very quickly especially on hardwood flooring. Coarse sanding is done for a variety of reasons. However, the most important is for the purpose of removing surface imperfections. This occurs in cases where some parts of the wood panels have been damaged resulting in dents or even deep scratches. Coarse sanding eliminates this and allows uniformity over the surface.

3. Fine sanding
Fine sanding on the other hand using finer grit sanding paper to go over the wood after the initial coarse sanding. In this case, the aim is to eliminate any sanding imperfections caused by the large particle sizes used during coarse sanding. In some instances, this is done using hand-held sanders for finer and more delicate sanding.

4. Pre-stain sanding
This is sanding done to prepare the wood for staining. Here, fine grit paper is used to prime the grain on the wood allowing easy seepage and setting of the dye to be used.

5. Pre-coat sanding
As with the pre-stain sanding process, this usually applies fine grit sanding paper. Here, your floor is sanded then cleaned in preparation for application of the finishing product. The polish is meant to provide functional support to the wood as well as aesthetics that could last decades.

With all this information to consider, it comes as no surprise that floor sanding is one of the most intensive parts of the restoration process. Clearly, it has a lot more to offer than what meets the eye. It is therefore very important for you as the client to consider experience and skill when finding the best floor restoration business to work with. This is because all these processes, however simple, require some degree of skill and technical know-how in order to ensure success.



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Floor Sanding Dun Laoghaire


Floor Sanding Dun Laoghaire

Floor Sanding Services

Floor Sanding Company

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Dublin Floor Sanding provides professional floor sanding services in Dun Laoghaire and the surrounding area. All our floor sanding services are fully insured and highly recommended. Our company provides two types of floor sanding services , commercial floor sanding and domestic floor sanding services. On the commercial floor sanding side of the business we deal with many pubs , restaurants , schools , etc. Our floor sanding services are highly appreciated for affordable prices and top of the range quality. All our floor sanding estimates are free of charge and no obligation. All our floor sanding machines are dustless and very powerful. If you are interested in any of our floor sanding services in Dun Laoghaire please contact us at 014440146 and one of our floor sanding specialists will be with you within 24 hours.


Hire The Professional Dustless Floor Sanding Crew

The demand for wood floor installations is huge, mainly because of their beauty and charm. They add style and glamour to the interior space. Whether you want a calm and serene tone, a rustic feel that takes you back in time, or even dramatic finishes that capture a person’s attention the moment they walk through the front door, there are different surface finish products for you to choose from. The wood types themselves are diverse, each with their grain patterns, swirl marks and colourations. This ensures that the outcome you have in your establishment matches your unique taste and décor needs. With wood floors, there’s more the installation than simply beauty. Take for instance the insulation that the wood provides. Its tissue structure with its air spaces prevents heat loss from the building itself and your feet as you walk across the floor. This means that you don’t have to spend as much to run the building’s heating and air conditioning systems, leading to savings. The structure also reduces sound reverberation through the floor. This is beneficial whether you’re having numerous people walking around and you want to reduce the noise from their footsteps, you’re in a music hall and you want to have enhanced sound control features, or you simply want to enjoy that home theatre which you recently had set up in your house. Issues such as echoes are cut down, creating conducive living and working conditions. The durability of the wood also factors in. It’s naturally strong, capable of retaining its structural integrity under heavy use. However, this is only possible with proper maintenance. When the surface finish gets worn down and loses its appeal, or you simply want to change things up by applying finishes with different hues, then it’s time for a thorough floor sanding.

Value Of Hiring Professional Floor Sanding Dublin Services

DIY floor sanding is a cocktail of trouble. First, there’s the risks of ruining the floor itself, what with cases of drum marks, divots, chatter marks, scratches and dips forming on the surface. Even those tiny scuff marks will be enhanced when the finish coats are applied, taking away the elegance of the floor. One is then forced to redo the entire floor sanding and refinishing. Getting inefficient machines means that you end up spending hours working on a tiny section of the surface, expending loads of energy and eating into your free time- which is not how you want your weekends and days off from work to go. In business remises, the extended disruption will cripple your operations, hence affecting your productivity. There’s also the issue of all the dust that is generated. Inhaling it can cause problems with the respiratory system, irritating it from the nasal cavity all the way to the lungs. Note that the dust contains more than just tiny wood particles. There are also those from the finish that is being grinded off, which contain a wide assortment of compounds, from solvents and adhesives to the volatile organic compounds. These can do anything from triggering asthma attacks, inflaming eczema, to being absorbed by your body system and leading to damage to tissues and organs. Even a simple aspect like a chip of wood flying into your eyes can lead to your vision being affected. Free yourself and avoid the inherent risks involved by relying on the professional floor sanding Dublin crew.



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