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Floor Sanding – Know The Basics

Floor Sanding – Know The Basics


Anyone can start a floor sanding project but not anyone can properly finish a floor sanding project. For a professional floor sanding specialist to reach that high level of smoothness on your floors he had to do an advanced training course and then work as a trainee for a few years. But many people seem to think that it must be pretty easy so why not do it yourself for cheaper?


To be able to start a floor sanding project you will need some basic tools. You can hire the floor sanding equipment from your local hire centre. Here is the list of the tools required:


a.            Floor Sander – belt or drum

b.            Floor Edger

c.             Sandpaper belts or sheets starting from 36 grit up to 120 grit

d.            Sanding discs starting from 24 grit to 120 grit

e.            Vacuum

f.              Dust mask

g.            Gloves

h.            Brush & Tray

i.              Roller & Handle

j.              Masking Tape

k.             Small Sander

l.              Hammer & Hand Saw


Assess the job. Find all the nails and hammer them down. Repair any imperfections. Prepare the room for the first sanding.


The first sanding can make or break the floor. If the floor is very uneven or if there is paint on the floor or carpet glue, it would be a good idea to start the floor sanding operation with 0.24 grit sandpaper. You cannot start with 0.24 grit sandpaper and then move to 0.60 grit sandpaper because the scratches created by the 24 grit sandpaper have to be removed in stages. You start with 0.24, then 0.36, then 0.40, then 0.60, then 0.80, then 100 grit. Otherwise, the scratches created by the first sanding will be visible after you apply the first coat of varnish.


If the floor looks ok, start with 0.60 grit sandpaper and follow the process up to 100 grit. There is no magic remedy, you will have to take your time. Floor sanding is a slow process and the more time you spend doing it now the better the finished result.


After you have sanded the whole room, you will need to use the edger. The edger is designed to remove all the imperfections from around the skirting board area and any areas where the big sander does not fit. Take your time and use your common sense. Spend the same amount of time on all areas.


After you are done with 100 grit, you will have to start the fine sanding. At this stage, you need to assess the floor and if there are issues or gaps, this is the time when you fill them in. Sand the floor one more time with fine 120 grit sandpaper and save all the dust. In a bucket or tray, mix the sand from the sand bag with a gap filler. You can buy professional solvent gap fillers from Junckers and Bona. Junckers Prefill, Junckers Basefill or Bona Mix & Fill are three of the most popular gap fillers. Mix 1 L of gap filler with some of the dust until the mix looks like a thick cream. With a wide scraper, fill up all the small gaps 0 to 0.5 mm. Take a 1 hour break until the gap filler dries. 1 hour later sand the whole floor again with 150 grit sandpaper. If you have done it right, all the gaps should be filled and it should look like one flat surface. Job done. Prepare for finishing.


Vacuum the whole floor a couple of times and inspect the floor. If you are happy with the finish, you can apply the first coat of primer. Use a small brush and start with the areas around the skirting board and all the narrow areas. The open spaces you can prime with a roller (any short hair roller). The most popular floor primers:


Junckers Prelak Clear Floor Primer

Junckers Prelak White Floor primer

Bona Classic Floor Primer


A primer is not a varnish. The primers job is to even up all the imperfections on the floor and to create a flat base for the varnish. A quality water based floor primer will seal all the pores and it will not allow the wood to absorb more varnish than needed. A primed floor will dry faster.


It should take around 1 hour for the floor to dry after priming. One more sanding is required if you are looking for a perfect smooth surface. After the primer has dried, most of the tiny spikes that were left after the last floor sanding operation, will have gotten hard and it will make the floor feel rough. A quick re-sanding with 150 to 180 grit sandpaper, will remove all these spikes and will leave the floor perfectly smooth and ready for varnishing.


Apply the first coat of varnish from north to south. Apply very thin coats. Allow up to 2 hours to dry and then apply the second coat of varnish. Job done. It sounds complicated but if you follow the process, the results will amaze you.


Avoid solvent based floor varnishes. Solvent based floor varnishes stink and takes many hours to dry. There are quality water based floor varnishes available that do the same job, look better and are odour free. Use two pack water based floor varnishes to enhance the protection.


Staining & repairing wood floors is a bit more complicated and you should only start these jobs if you are very handy at DIY jobs.


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Domestic Floor Finishes V Commercial Floor Finishes

Domestic Floor Finishes V Commercial Floor Finishes


A domestic floor finish is a good quality floor finish designed to last for a few years on a standard house or apartment floor. Most domestic floor finishes are 1 pack – a varnish or hardwax without hardener. A commercial floor finish is a two pack (usually) floor finish with hardener. The varnish itself comes in 4.5 L + 1 bottle of 500 ml hardener. When the varnish is mixed with the hardener, the mixed content becomes very hard and much more durable than domestic varnishes.


The difference in price between domestic and commercial floor varnishes can be very high. In most cases it is around 100%. Most brands of floor finishes offer domestic single pack floor finishes and commercial two pack floor finishes. The quality, durability and drying times differ between domestic and commercial finishes, the commercial floor finishes are much better as they are designed to withstand heavy traffic.


Why opt for a domestic floor finish? Well, we cannot offer a definite answer. We highly recommend high traffic floor finishes to all our customers, both domestic and commercial. In fairness, you will pay a bit extra for a two pack floor finish but you will benefit from a higher quality, longer lasting finish getting years of extra traffic, you will not have to pay to have your floors re-sanded for at least 10 years.


The truth is that most floor sanding companies do not explain the difference between the two options to their customers or will charge you for a two pack finish when a cheaper product is used. Most people think that the only difference between a domestic water based floor varnish and a high traffic commercial two pack floor varnish is the price.


Let`s say that you live in a home with 2 kids, 1 dog and a fair amount of daily traffic. A domestic floor varnish like Junckers Strong Plus or Bona Mega will offer superb protection for about 5 years. To varnish your living room you will need to use around 5 L of varnish and 5 L of primer, approximately 120 euro worth of products.


Let`s say again that you live in a home with 2 kids, 1 dog and a fair amount of traffic. A commercial two pack floor varnish like Junckers HP Commercial Floor Lacquer or Bona Traffic HP Floor Varnish will offer around 10 years of protection. For a living room floor you will need 5L of primer & 5L of varnish. You will have to spend around 200 euro.


Can you notice the difference? If you spend 100 euro extra when having the floors done you will get 5 years extra durability on the finish. It is well worth it. We advise our customers to pay a small bit extra to use a two pack finish and save money in the long run.


Junckers HP Commercial Floor Lacquer has added protection against chemicals. For a domestic customer, this is great news. Unlike a shop, a pub or a school, you don`t have the finances to buy floor buffers and special wood floor cleaners. You are likely to mop your floors (not recommended) with universal floor cleaning products. Most other brands of floor varnishes are not suitable for wet washing with acidic chemicals, but Junckers HP Commercial Floor Varnish is different. The varnish won`t dull up and won`t look tired after washing with acidic chemicals.


Ask your floor sanding contractor for advice. Ask about the best options and the most durable floor finishes. Reduce the time between floor sandings by 100% with very little cost. It will be well worth it.


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How Often Should I Refinish My Wood Floor?


How Often Should I Sand My Floors?


Permanent floor finishes have not yet been invented so you will have to refinish your floors regularly. Regularly can mean different things for different people. A commercial floor with a lot of traffic will have to be refinished much more often than a domestic floor with normal domestic traffic.


Even if the wood floor is not subjected to a lot of traffic, the finish on the floor will change colour and look a bit tired after few years. There are a few factors which can make your wooden floors look more worn out and jaded than they should be.


a.            Wrong cleaning products

b.            A lot of direct sunlight

c.             A lot of heavy traffic

d.            Too much water

e.            Pets


  1. Wrong Cleaning Products – using a high PH (acidic) floor cleaner can permanently damage the shine of your floors and can make a brand new floor look old. Bleach based floor cleaners can have the same dulling effect.
  2. A lot of sunlight – direct exposure to the sunlight will change the colour of your floors in a matter of days. Having a rug on the floor will also stain your floor in a funny way. The floor will brighten up in the area left uncovered and it will stay unchanged in the area under the rug.
  3. A lot of heavy traffic – a wood floor will look perfect after being refinished. It will be fully protected and ready for use. But any type of floor finish, one pack or two packs has a limited life expectancy. If you have a few hundred or thousand people walking on the wood floor daily it will reduce the periods between floor refinishing. The traffic will bring a lot of negative things to your floors. First the friction itself will wear off your floor. Then the dirt from shoes will attack the finish on your floors. Plus more cleaning and maintenance will be required.
  4. Too much water – entrance hallway floors which are used by people walking in and out of a property will damage quicker. All the water from the rain will be brought onto your floors. It is just a matter of time before the floor finish cracks and water saturation damage appears. Also, mopping the floor with too much water is one of the main reasons for wood damage.
  5. Pets – dogs are wood floors number 1 enemy. Especially small, energetic dogs. A pet is likely to be full of energy and most pets have sharp nails even if most pet owners keep the pet nails short. Excited pets will run and sleep on wood floor. All this energetic fun will scratch the finish of the floor and will create spaces for water to penetrate the floor. Watermarks will appear and the floor will look stained.


Here are some of the most common reasons why a floor needs to be refinished. There are high traffic water based floor varnishes that are designed to take a lot of use and abuse but all will eventually wear off. A floor sanding company needs to be contacted once in a while (every 3 years) to assess the wood floor. Even if the floor looks clean, a trained eye will be able to see imperfections and issues, if there are any issues.


Wood floors have to be refinished regularly. Waxed wood floors should be refreshed every 6 months. Refreshing a waxed floor is a pretty easy operation and no training is required. Floors that are finished with a varnish can also be refreshed or sealed with a water based wood floor polish. Solid wood floors are designed to last for a lifetime if properly maintained.


Have a look under the heaters, around the kitchen area, at door entrances etc. to see if you notice black spots on your floors. Black spots are a sign of water damage and you need to act fast to sort it out and prevent further damage. There are many floor sanding companies in Dublin that would love to help you out. Bear in mind, it is cheaper to prevent than repair.


*** most floors have to be refinished every 5 years. If there is a lot of traffic, the periods between floor refinishing is reducing by 50%***

Breathe New Life Into Your Floor


Dustless Floor Sanding

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Breathe New Life Into Your Floor 

Hardwood floors lose their lustre over time due to a cocktail of reasons. The glossy finish gets worn down by the everyday movement in home and commercial establishments. Dirt and grime pile up on the surface from the environment, while some is tracked in for the outside under your pet’s paws and peoples’ shoes. While underfoot, the particles get grinded against the surface, which is just like having bits of sandpaper attached to your shoes. When something heavy is dropped, it’s also likely to leave a dent. Sometimes it’s a furniture set that moves a couple of millimetres each time people take a sit. Some dents are not as noticeable as others, but they all have the same effect of damaging the finishing and leaving the underlying wood exposed to more damage. The cleaning itself- especially those cases when thorough scrubbing is needed to get rid of the stubborn stains and dirt spots, gradually wears down the finish. Using too much water, on the other hand, leads to moisture imbalances, and consequent water damage. In rooms like kitchens, there may even be burns. Some cases it’s a hot utensil that simply dropped and didn’t leave that much of a spot; in other instances it’s a log falling out of the fire place and making a huge mark that necessitates a complete refinishing. As your pets run and play around, their claws scratch the surface. The same case happens when heavy furniture and appliances are dragged across the surface, and when people have footwear such as heels on. When it’s time to restore your installation to its lost glory, call in the floor sanding experts to get you started.

Protecting Your Investment
With the loads of capital that you spent getting the wood floor installed, you don’t want to watch it go down the drain. The floor sanding and restoration will enable you to prevent things from taking that route. Book an appointment with the floor sanding experts, who will come to your premises, inspect the condition of the structure and provide an estimate. This will enable you to decide on giving them a go ahead for the job. The team uses state-of-the-art floor sanding equipment, which breaks through the tough layers of finishing and gets to the bare wood in moments. This is carried out in a fast and effective manner, with dustless systems that ensure your interior premises is not layered with the sanding dust. The floor is prepared to receive the fresh new coats of protection. You can have your preferred wood stain, primers, oil or water based finishes applied, all depending on your particular needs. Whether you want to restore the original colouration of the surface, or you want a change things up, you can have it done to bring out your personality in your house, and provide your business with a professional image. Thereafter, regular care is needed, including cleaning up of the dirt and grime before they accumulate, and also mopping up spills as soon as they occur. When carrying out the cleaning, avoid harsh agents like ammonia and vinegar that can cause corrosion, and don’t go soaking the surface with water, to avoid issues like warping and cupping.

How To Prepare Your Floor For Sanding

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How To Prepare Your Floor For Sanding 

Floor sanding is usually a long and very messy affair. More often than not, your role as the home owner is to find the crew, point at the mess and get out of the way. However, there are a few things that you can do to help speed up the process and contribute to the success. This is usually during the preparation phase. Below is all you as the client need to know about how to prepare your floor for the floor sanding crew.

Your Role In The Preparation Process

1.Removing the furniture
Floor sanding demands full access to all corners of the floors. The very first step in preparation is therefore removal of furniture. You may choose to do this or to solicit some help. Either way, getting it done before the crew arrives ensures that their job is a lot easier and faster. It is also always a great idea to do this on your own as it ensures that delicate pieces get handled with the tender loving care that only you as the owner can provide.

2. Covering fixed accessories or furniture
In some cases, you might have furniture and other home accessories that are fixed either to the floor or to the wall. In this case, moving is not an option. The best thing to do then is to cover the items with either plastic or cloth covers. This helps to protect them from getting covered with dust from the floor sanding process. However, when you hire professionals who use dustless systems, you won’t have to worry about this.

3. Removing mats, rugs and light carpets
In addition to the furniture, you will also have to relocate carpets and rugs from the room being worked on. This is also done to provide clear access to the floor surface.

4. Covering sockets and light fixtures
Electricity and dust are not the best of friends and it is therefore important for you to cover sockets and light fixtures in your home before floor sanding. This is the case especially with low-lying sockets. For this, all you need is some adhesive tape and paper which are easy to apply and remove. Again, your appliances will be safe when you opt for professionals who employ dustless floor sanding systems for their operations.

5. Ventilation, dust control and humidity control
If you have a HVAC system in your home, then this is one time you will need to learn how to use it. Floor sanding and restoration involving wooden flooring requires regulation of heat and humidity. This is because wood is porous and when exposed during the restoration will most likely soak up any excess humidity in the atmosphere. Ventilation and dust control on the other hand come in handy ensuring that the crew and residents in the house get to enjoy clean dustless air during the project.

6. Offer storage space for the crew’s equipment
You do not have to do this but if you can it will make life a lot easier for you and the crew. Some businesses take their equipment with them at the end of the day and bring it back the next day to continue the project. This may be time-consuming and inconvenient. Curving out a storage nook for them somewhere in your home makes things easier for them not only at the end of the business day but also during the actual sanding.

With all these tips and guidelines in mind, it goes without saying that you do not have to be a floor sanding guru in order to lend a hand. The steps highlighted above may seem simple but they make all the difference when it comes to speedy completion of the project. In conclusion, if you do not mind getting your hands a little dirty, helping the crew prepare the work site as described above will give you the satisfaction you need.

How To Choose The Right Floor Sanding Crew


Floor Repairs, Gap Filling & Varnishing



How To Choose The Right Floor Sanding Crew 

As a home or business owner desperate for floor restoration services, it might be difficult to settle on the right crew. This is because there are just so many out there it is hard to settle. However, there are a few factors that you can take into consideration to help make this task a lot easier for you. Below are the factors whose consideration will allow you to find the very best floor sanding business to suit your needs.

What To Look Out For

1. Experience in the floor sanding industry
With floor sanding, the last thing you want is to spend your money on an amateur crew. This is because chances are that you will end up with less than satisfactory results. An experienced eye will spot mistakes and foresee challenges which are then very tactfully handled. It is therefore very important to make this a major priority when conducting your search.

2. Specific skill set
Floor restoration businesses offer clients a wide variety of services. As you are finding your ideal crew, it is important to ensure that they specialize in the specific service that you require. Having the particular skill set that you need will ensure that your floor receives the care and services that it deserves.

3. Affordable charges
Money, money, money; you seriously need to factor this in. In the floor sanding business, every crew has its own charges. Some are expensive, some are cheap and others are somewhere in between. Before you go out looking, you should already have a budget in mind. However, you need to be flexible as you might not always get the services you need at your ideal price. You also need to be diligent and patient taking your time to find out what different business are charging before deciding.

4. Proximity to the work site
Most floor sanding businesses are mobile and willing to commute to the work site. However, it is always better to work with businesses near you than those that farther away. This is mainly because it helps the crew save on time ensuring that the project is completed sooner. It may also save you in terms of money as some businesses require that you cover transport costs past a certain radius from their base of operation.

5. Reliability and professionalism
The best way to establish these is through reviews from the business’s previous clients. Reliability means a lot of things when it comes to floor sanding. First of all, a reliable crew is one that always holds up their end of the bargain. If you as for shiny floors that is what you get. If you ask for full reinstallation that is what you get. A reliable and professional crew is also time-conscious. No one wants their lives continuously on pause as floor sanding experts work in their homes. The crew therefore needs to be able to set a timeline and stick to it. Finally, a reliable crew respects and takes care of personal property.

6. Client care and interaction
Finally, how you interact and get along with the crew is an important factor to consider when choosing the right floor sanding business to work with. This should be easy to establish during the initial meeting and assessment session. You can also gather information on what to expect from reviews.

Bottom line
Finding the right business to work with for your floor sanding needs is not exactly rocket science. All you need to know is what you want and what you are willing to pay for. With the tips highlighted above, you should find a great crew in no time. That way, whether it is full restoration or simple sanding repairs, you can rest assured that your floor will be in safe hands.





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When It’s Time To Rejuvenate Your Floor

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When It’s Time To Rejuvenate Your Floor 

Causes of wood floor damage are diverse. For instance, one may accidentally use the wrong cleaning solutions when working to remove the stubborn dirt and grime- such as oil soaps silicone-based products, ammonia, vinegar, or even common household products such as dishwashing detergent and powdered all-purpose cleaners. These may dissolve the soiling, but they end up damaging the finish, and in some cases corrode through to the bare wood. Casters on furniture that are used directly on the wood floor cause isolated wear. Foot traffic affects the surface in two major ways. The first is the dirt and grime that gets grinded against the wood, like miniature pieces of sandpaper that gradually ruin the finish. The second is the actual footwear used. Spiked shoes cause scratches, as do those with hard metal parts. In cases of high heels, the weight of the wearer that reaches the floor is multiplied significantly, due to the reduced surface area through which it is being applied. This increased pressure puts strain of the wood floor, causing it to deteriorate. The higher the numbers of people walking about in your establishment, the greater the rate at which the wearing down occurs. It’s common to observe traffic lanes on those frequently walked on areas, where the colour of the surface is duller compared to the adjacent parts of the floor. This, however, is not how things must remain. After all, you invested heavy in installing the wood floor, and you should be able to enjoy it all through its service life. Simply get floor sanding and restoration services to bring back the elegance to your establishment.

Why DIY Floor Sanding Is More Trouble Than It’s Worth

This comes down to machinery, skills and material costs. The equipment that professional floor sanding companies use is heavy-duty, powerful, and comes with a huge price tag. This ranges from the sanders to break down the tough coats of finish, to the dustless systems that vacuum up even those tiny particles that could have got airborne and inhaled. In contrast, the machines that are hired from rental stores need to be able easily carried in the trunk of family cars and manoeuvred without much hustle to the user. Thus the size is reduced, which cuts into the power needed for the job. Hence, right from the onset, the DIYer is at a disadvantage due to the lower efficiency. It’s worse when you get poorly maintained floor sanding equipment. These can ruin your floor with drum marks and edger divots. A machine that vibrates too much will leave behind chatter marks. When it comes to manoeuvring the floor sanding gear on the surface, mistakes like concentrating on one area can take too much off the affected surface. Even turning the machine on and off while the sanding belt is in contact with the floor can leave behind unsightly marks, which are made more prominent when the finish coats are applied. Costs in getting quality equipment, to aspects like sandpaper with a grit low enough for the initial sanding that won’t clog up with the finish, end up increasing your budget- which bloats up further when there are repairs that need to be made. It can all take a toll on you. Save your time, energy and resources by bringing in the floor sanding experts to handle it all.

6 Ways To Get Full Value For Your Money With Floor Sanding

Pine Floor Refinished

Old Pine Floor After Staining

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6 Ways To Get Full Value For Your Money With Floor Sanding

Whether it is your home or your office building that you are getting serviced, there is no denying the importance of high quality floor sanding. When working with professional crews that are good at what they do, you are usually assured great results. However, there is a lot that you as the client can do in order to ensure that this actually happens. Below are 6 tips that should help ensure that you get full value for your money with floor sanding services.
Tips To Help You Make The Most Of Your Investment
1. Take your time searching for the right crew
One of the best ways to participate in the success of your floor sanding service is by ensuring that you get the best crew for the job. This means that you will have to take your time deciding who to work with. In this case, it is important to do some research and figure out what different businesses are offering. It is also important to go through reviews and testimonials from previous clients. This allows you to get a better idea of what to expect.
2. Get different price quotes from different businesses
When it comes to getting full value for your money, one of the most important things is striking a balance between priorities and preferences. With your expectations in mind, what you need to do is to find out what different businesses are charging. Getting a price quote allows you to compare them in order to find the best business for you. Getting a price quote also works in your advantage as it ensures that you are protected from abrupt price switches and unnecessary extra charges.
3. Be present during the project
One mistake that most home and business owners make is leaving the crew all alone during floor sanding projects. It is important to be present every once in a while in order to ensure that things are going as planned. Being present also reduces the risk of you getting ripped off either through low quality work or delayed results.
4. Give the crew some space
As much as it is important to be present, you need to be careful not to hover unnecessarily. Giving the crew their space and time to work ensures that they work without interruption in a comfortable environment. In short, just try to find the perfect balance between being present and absent and you can rest assured that things will be done as you want them.
5. Make your expectations crystal clear
Floor sanding experts are not mind readers and you will therefore have to make your expectations very clear. If you want full value for your money, this is very important as it allows those working on your floor to have a reference point in terms of expected results.
6. Voice out any concerns you may have
It is also very important for you to ask questions and express your concerns during the project if you have any. More often than not, one of the main complaints is that of delays and missed deadlines. As the client, you have every right to voice your concerns and it might just be what is needed to get things going. It is also important to ask for clarification and explanations when you identify any problems in the way the floor sanding is being done. Even though you are not the expert, it is your home and your money and you have every right to be informed.
In a nutshell, it is important for you to understand that the success of the floor sanding project is as much in your hands as it is in those of the crew. With the tips above, you should be able to play your role in a satisfactory manner. Bottom line; whether it is fresh installation on your new commercial building or basic floor restoration on your living room, there is a lot you can do to ensure great results.


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Giving Your Floor A Fresh Start


Parquet Floor Restored

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Giving Your Floor A Fresh Start 

With wood floors, you get to have an ambience that appeals to your individual taste. Whether you want a rustic charm, old-world décor, modern designs, or dramatic hues that grab a person’s attention the moment the walk into the room, there is a wide range of floor finishes to meet your needs. Even the wood species that you can have installed are numerous- from Birch, Tigerwood, Walnut, Pine, Hickory, Red and White Oak, Timborana and Brazilian Teak, all through to Mahogany, Douglas Fir, Maple, and Bamboo flooring. This ensures that the end result brings out your personality, and gives your business premises the professional image that you desire. The value of wood goes beyond beauty and visual appeal. It’s a durable material that, if properly cared for, can last for generations. Cleaning the surface is also easy, since there are no fibres or grout lines holding in the dirt, and the surface is not electromagnetic, meaning that it wouldn’t be attracting dust and similar particles. Nevertheless, there are those that will settle on it under the influence of gravity, but these can be quickly vacuumed or mopped off the floor. Even the real estate value of the property is increased. Homes, office space and other establishments with hardwood floors are easier to sell and attract more tenants. Everyone wants that elegant interior space, with the healthier conditions and ease of maintenance. This enables you to get higher profits from the sale or lease of the property. As such, getting the installation is a worthwhile investment. When the wood begins to look dull and tired, getting the surface restored will enable you to bring back its appeal. Simply have the floor sanding carried out, then refinish it with your preferred treatment options.

Problems With DIY Floor Sanding
DIY floor sanding is not a walk in the park. There are plenty of risks involved, and the situation can easily go off the rails. Take for instance using faulty machinery. You can end up creating pock marks and grooves on the surface. Even the kind of equipment itself used comes into focus. For instance, stand-up orbital sanders are ideally meant for smoothing out the surface after the initial floor sanding. They are not meant for removing oil, lacquer dents and deep scratches. In fact, the scratches that are meant to be smoothened out are for 100 or 120 grit and higher. Hence the surface needs to be really smooth for that to work. How you use the floor sanding machines also factors in. It’s heavily designed to apply pressure on the surface to increase the efficiency of the process. However, if you stay on one section of the floor for too long, then the sander will eat deeper into the wood. This means that you will be left with an uneven surface where spills can easily collect. To fix it, you will be required to sand the adjacent areas further, increasing your workload. On the other hand, in case you make passes that are too quick, or you use a fine grit sandpaper from the onset, then the existing finish will not be adequately removed. This means that the new finish coats that you apply won’t be able to reach the bare wood and form strong bonds. Moreover, they can react, forming unsightly colours. This is in addition to all the time and energy that will be spent on the task. Avoid the hustle by getting in touch with our professional floor sanding crew. They come with the skills and equipment needed to achieve quality results in minimal time.

How To Find The Best Prices For Your Floor Sanding Services

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How To Find The Best Prices For Your Floor Sanding Services 

1. Go online
We live in a day and age where pretty much all services are just a click away. This is the same when it comes to floor sanding businesses. If you are looking for the best business within your price range, it goes without saying that the best place to start your search is online. Here, you get to view different business websites giving you a great idea of what to expect in terms of services and costs. For a more objective point of view, it is also important to go through reviews from independent entities. This allows you to get information on the good, the bad and the ugly allowing you to make a much better decision.
2. Ask around
One of the best ways to find affordable and efficient floor sanding experts is by asking around. This is the case especially if you are looking to work with a local business. Some of the best people to ask are those also in to flooring industry including hardware shop owners and construction businesses. The main reason why this good old fashion technique works is the fact that you get a better and less biased idea of what to expect from different businesses. This is unlike online website searches that are more often than not all positive and biased.
3. Consider factors influencing floor sanding charges
When looking for a floor sanding business with a decent price, it is very important to understand the different factors that influence cost. The most important of these are size, service type and flooring material being worked on. Different businesses offer different set prices with these three key variables in mind. It is therefore very important for you to factor them in to your decision when you are trying to find a business within your price range.
4. Keep an eye out for discounts and other offers
Discounts and offers are not very easy to come across in the floor sanding business. However, they are not entirely unheard of. It is therefore very important for you as the potential client to keep your ear to the ground for information on any discounts or special deals. These usually go a long way to ensure that you get to save as much as possible on the otherwise costly services. The combination of these deals and great quality results ensures that your monetary investment is more than worth it.
5. Stick to what you know
When you are looking for the most affordable floor sanding business to work with, sometimes it is better to go with what has been tried, tested and proven to be good. However, this only applies if you have had work done on your floor prior to the current need. If you worked with a business and you liked their results and their prices, there is no harm in soliciting their services for another round of floor servicing.
6. Learn to compromise
Finally, it is important for you to understand that you might not always get what you want in terms of price with floor sanding and other related services. It is therefore important to be flexible and to learn how to compromise every once in a while. However, just make sure that you do not compromise for anything short of the highest quality in order to ensure that it is all worth the risk.



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