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Maintaining Your Engineered Wood Flooring

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Maintaining Your Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood floors are growing in popularity. A major factor behind this is that they look just like real wood. In fact, with a quality installation from a professional business, one can hardly differentiate between the two. It is made up of multiple layers of plywood that are fused together, onto which a top layer or solid wood lamella is added. This provides enhanced durability, enabling the floor to withstand heavy footfall in homes and business premises alike. With the way it is made, you can get wider boards, for those who want to have fewer joints across the floor. There are also parquet and chevron styles, and you can have your own customised design. The structure of the engineered wood flooring allows it to expand and contract less than solid wood. This construction enables it to be installed in environments where the moisture and temperature levels fluctuate wildly- like in bathrooms, without risking damage. However like all other kinds of installations, proper maintenance is key to keep the engineered wood flooring performing optimally. This ranges from the cleaning to the occasional restoration. Floor sanding and refinishing will enable you to bring back that beauty that is lost over time, or even completely change the look of the floor. Your options are flexible. The number of times that you can sand the engineered wood flooring depends on the thickness of its lamella or top layer.
Benefits Of Hiring The Specialist Floor Sanding Crew
High powered flood sanding machinery is used to get through the existing coats of finishing on the engineered wood, allowing fresh surface treatment to be applied. Whether you’re refurbishing an old-looking and worn-out floor, or you want to change things up by applying new oil or water based finishes with different colouration and gloss level, the sanding will ensure that the surface is ready to bond with the products used. Dustless systems are employed for the task. Professionally engineered truck-mounted equipment delivers the power needed for the vacuuming systems which suck up the dust the moment it is generated, carting it off through hoses attached to the floor sanding machines. This ensures that your items- from the electronics, artwork and furniture, shelves, heating and air conditioning units, and even the lighting systems don’t get covered in the dust. That way, you won’t have a monstrous cleaning job awaiting you after our floor sanding crew is done with the task. The team themselves are friendly and courteous, explaining to you the different steps of the project so that you can be well versed with the measures that are being put in place. They will answer your questions, and even offer you tips on floor care. Timeliness is a key component of our services. The crew will arrive at your establishment according to the stipulated schedule, allowing you to accurately plan out your activities. What’s more, both the residential and commercial floor sanding services are affordable, with the pricing structure being designed to suit your particular situation. Factors such as the current state of the floor, all through to the size of the area that is to be sanded down and restored, are taken into account.


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