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Floor refinishing in Dublin

You live in Dublin and plan to revamp you floors? Odds are you are looking for a decent floor refinishing organization in Dublin, yet with no supplementary data. Keeping in mind the end goal to employ the best organization there is for your floors, here are a few things you ought to ask the temporary worker before enlisting him. These inquiries may not appear to be imperative, but rather will have all the effect on the planet.

Firstly, you ought to solicit him what kind from insurances does is offer. You ought to in any event see a few photos of the past occupations, however request testimonials and even a composed surety. Particularly if your floors are valuable, similar to marble or uncommon wooden floors, certifications are imperative. Any damage can turn into an imperfection that will make your whole floor useless.

Furthermore, you ought to inquire as to whether their apparatus has dust verification. In the event that the employment will be excessively dusty, than it is most likely better to move to the following contractual worker. These days, apparatus has turned out to be advanced to the point that it can likewise suck all the dust noticeable all around, making the occupation speedy and sans dust. Furthermore, tidy means you will need to tidy up after the temporary worker are done, which is not a decent arrangement.

One of the last things to ask your contractual worker is regardless of whether you have a decision in what concerns the varnishes and cleaning items. With regards to wood, there are numerous items to utilize, taking into account shading, composition and, obviously, cost. The temporary worker ought to have the capacity to give a couple of decisions to you, furthermore clarify what the items are useful for with your floor refinishing company in Dublin.

These are only a percentage of the numerous inquiries you require answers to, before enlisting a temporary worker, yet for the majority of that and the sky is the limit from there, snap here.

You should think twice before floor sanding

The previous summer I had this insane thought that I ought to sand my own floors. Obviously, I had no clue what that implied, in light of the fact that on the off chance that I did I would have woken up very snappy. In this way, remembering this thought, I began hunting the web down a rental shop that had the bits of apparatus for floor sanding.

Following a couple of days of hunt I figured out how to locate an attractive spot. In spite of the fact that the cost wasn’t what I expected, I took the plunge, since I thought I wasn’t going to discover anything less expensive.

Along these lines, I brought the floor sanding machine home. To be completely forthright they did appear to be substantial, yet I had a nice sentiment about myself as a man and I thought there was no chance I couldn’t oversee it, isn’t that so?

Off-base? Not just have I been off-base, I was remotely distant with reality. Aside from the actuality the apparatus was truly overwhelming I couldn’t move it around, on an exact course. Frankly, I fizzled. However, I as of now began so I expected to wrap up.

20141124_110201Thank god for my wife since she had this incredible thought. She said that possibly we can pay some floor sanding authority to work with the apparatus we have as of now leased, so they won’t need to come at our place with their own.

Still, I thought it was somewhat unsafe. Who might need to come and play with another person’s toys, however it was worth to attempt. It wasn’t much before we really found these experts that consented to give a rebate and to work with the apparatus we as of now leased. In the wake of watching them move those instruments around, I was totally in wonderment. I understood that being an expert is truly vital and that one ought not begin extends all alone without being certain they can convey.

At last my floor never looked better, and I rested guaranteed: I will dependably employ floor sanding pros for my floors! Here is a decent sample of these extremely tricky class of agents. Need to know other imperative things about the floor sanding administrations in Dublin? Visit the site here!


Doing floor refinishing on your own?

Sometimes we think that there is nothing we cannot do, even though it may seem hard, difficult or even impossible at a first sight. When it comes to house hold chores and projects, there are a few things that you can try and on your own. Remember one thing, though, you will need extra time, because not being a professional means it can take twice or three times more to finish a project on your own.

Supposing you found the time, there are some things you can try; anything from painting furniture items, doors and windows to washing your own carpets or replacing them, these are all little projects that you can finish on your own. When it comes to more difficult, ample projects like, for example, floor refinishing, you need tools, special tools that one doesn’t normally keep in his house. So you will have to go and rent floor refinishing tools and machinery. Now, pay attention, because sometimes the tools that you need don’t come in cheap, they can be rather expensive, even for rental.

Other projects like crafting yourself a new shelf, or maybe a table, also requires specialized machinery that will have to be rented out.

Also, when we think about larger projects like the two later ones, we also need manpower. So, if you are a tiny 50 kilos person, you may not be able to get the job done. Especially floor refinishing tools, require extra man power, since the tools may weigh more than 60 kilos, and are quite large, measuring up to 5 feet in height and 2 feet in width. So, although you may have the will, you might not have the means to do it yourself.

However, if you decide you are going to do it, don’t be afraid to ask for some advice, from experts. Nowadays you can find tutorials about everything on the internet, and also tips for whatever you want to do. Don’t hesitate to ask us!


How do you know you need floor sanding?

Many people have asked me this question, in the idea that I can give them a few hints on the necessity of floor sanding. I shall not discuss here, what floor sanding is, because I trust you know that already, but I shall give you a few pieces of information that will help you observe if you need any floor sanding at all.

Now there are three types of flooring: there is wooden (and here we count every kind of wood, from the softer ones to the stronger essences), there is stone (this is where we count marble, travertine and other natural stones) and there is parquet (which normally doesn’t need any kind of sanding, since it is already polished. If you happen to observe deterioration on this kind of floor, it is wiser to replace it and not sand it, because it is already a very thin type of floor.)

20141029_160159As I were saying, we shall only talk about wooden and stone floors. One of the first things you will see about your floors is that they start to get very dull. There will no longer be shiny surfaces, even though you clean them and wax them regularly.

Another thing you will start to observe is that, especially wooden floors start to get sticky. And when they get sticky they get really, really dirty. So dirty that no amount of cleaning product will ever take the dirt away.

As for the stone floors, they will lose their shine and will have rough surfaces, like they have been scratched. These tips remind you that you need to get your floors sanded, so that that upper layer of wood or stone is removed, and then the following layer is polished, waxed or varnished.

There are just a few tips on how to understand that your floors need floor sanding, for more tips and tricks, feel free to visit our site.


When floor refinishing, make it correctly

There is no point in doing something, or starting something you do not really have a grip on. It may seem a bit peculiar, but I am sure you know what I am talking about. One of the other days I wanted to start a project on my own. How hard can it be to refinish my own floors, right?


Since I didn’t have much experience around the house, I am not a very good handy man, I can barely change a light bulb without any accidents, I thought I should first inform myself, a little. I searched for floor refinishing machinery that was out for renting in my town, and I found a square buff sander. Although it seemed fine at the moment, it turned out to be one of my biggest mistakes. I should have chosen a floor sander, it is much smaller, cheaper and more effective in half the time.

Since every room in my house has edges and corners, I also needed a corners and edges sander, that didn’t turn out to be the friendly machinery I needed, but the sander from hell, to be more exact. It was going ahead to places I didn’t want it to, the sand paper would rip off immediately, and the noise was absolutely unbearable, for such a small piece of machinery.

I must tell you, my experience with floor refinishing was coming to an end, quickly.

After realizing I am not really any good at this, I decide to call professionals. It turned out they cost less than renting the machinery, they are quicker, more experienced and of, course, they are doing everything, leaving me to rest and enjoy the day. Mark my words, don’t do it yourself, if you can pay and have it done in half the time by someone else. 

Floor sanding: the basics

When you are trying to sad your own floors, things may get a little rough. You need to understand clearly the basics of this procedure, so that you can decide for yourself if you are up to it, or you will just call professional help.

20141129_155232Either way you chose, you need to know some facts: some hard wood floors are harder, and some are softer. Some types of wood need more sanding, repeatedly, and some need no sanding at all for more than five years.

First thing you (or the professionals you hired) need to do, is to remove all previous finishes or other stains. But for you to do that, you need to first empty the room. You should also remove any chandeliers or clocks that hang around, because they will get in the way.

Also, be sure to remove any staples and to ground down at least 3 mm all nails that might have come up in time.

After this, all you need to do is plug the sanding machine. In case you hired professionals, than it is time for you to lay back and relax, while your floors are being sanded. After the floor sanding, you may also pay for varnishing, or you can do it yourself, it is not hard, but be careful to start from the most remote corner of the floors, than go backwards to the doors, so that you don’t have to step on the varnish, later on.

Afterwards, all you need to do is wait, until the floors are dry, and then clean them up with a mop.

They will be shining in no time, making your house look pretty again. Try it yourself, or hire the professionals to do that for you. 

How to do floor refinishing on stone floors

Marble and stone of many kinds have been used for many years as flooring. You can still find them, especially in old houses, but they have quite an ascending trend in recent years. Therefore, I feel obliged to tell you a few things about the process that goes around when you decide to sand the marble floors. Don’t forget all kinds of stone is proper for sanding, therefore you should not throw it away and replace it with something else. Stone is a bit different from hardwood floors. The process is a bit different, since there is no need for painting, but for repeated polishing, in different measures.

If you happen to have such floors, take good care of them, because they’ll stay with you forever.

A floor refinishing process starts with the sanding of the surface. Using sandpaper the specialists are able to straighten the level of the floors, and should be able to erase all scratches. If there are missing parts, now is the time to replace it. Measure perfectly the blank spaces and place new blocks of stone, instead. It is a very exact process so you should let professionals deal with it.

After that they go to the next step where they refinish the surface making it levelled and matte. The polishing that follows is a more thorough process needed to be done several times until the floors begin to shine. Since the floors are stoned, the floor refinishing process does not include painting it with a polishing it. The shine is given be repeated sand and dust polishing.

My experience with floor sanding

When I first bought my house, an old middle century house, and my mother told me it was disastrous and that she would never come to visit. I realized I had actually bought the title and the walls because anything else, youcould throw out in an instant.

Five months later, after spending a lot of money, I have managed to restore a few things, even my floors. I must tell you, that apart from the walls, there was an oak hard wood floor that I felt could be refinished. Therefore, after a little hard work and a few more money I am able to walk all over oaken floors. Let me tell my whole experience. First, I wanted to inspect them, in order to see if it was worth saving and investing money in it. To my surprise, the floors were in a quite good shape, so I decided to do floor sanding.

20141129_155232I was never a fan of concrete covered with carpets or plastic flooring, and I really loved the color of the oak. I rented a floor sanding machine and stated working, little by little. Since I wasn’t moved in, it was easy to just throw everything I didn’t need and to concentrate on the floors. A week later all the floor, downstairs and upstairs were sanded, they only needed some paint.  Another week into the project and my floors were all shiny and wonderful.

Five months into the project and I was able to move in with my whole family. The whole floor sanding didn’t cost much, but the furniture and appliances kind of dried me. At least now, my house is called HOME and I love it. Even my mother came to visit. She loves it too!

Refinishing your old floor can save you from a lot of trouble

Many people usually think that when something gets old it should be thrown away and replaced with something new but that’s because of the aggressive marketing on all media channels that want to urge people into buying more and more new things. Truth is that some old things can really have a value, a sentimental one; like a wooden floor which has been in the house you’ve been living now for a quite some time and maybe it was exactly the reason why you bought the house or maybe it wasn’t but you liked them, and then your kids used to spend a lot of time on them; being wooden floors they were never too cold, even without heating.

So there you have so many reasons to stick with your old floor but at the same time to make it look like it’s brand new. Floor Refinishing Dublin companies have dedicated their time, energy and invested their money into the latest equipment to be able to sand and polish the wooden floors flawless and have gathered the best men in the branch, trained them and invested in their development to make them real professionals that not only they know how to mend any bump, scratch or hole in your floor but they can give you advices on how to properly maintain it and to find the best stain color that suits your wishes and your place best.

This refinishing process is not complicated at all, once you’ve decided you want it done all that’s left is to find the best company that offers not only great services and well-prepared and experienced staff but a good money deals also, because in the end it’s all about the expenses. After that you should follow the experts’ advice and clear out the room or rooms you want refinished; you will have to allocate a few good days for the entire operation to take place and dry out. If you have more than 1 room to do then you might even consider a whole week for the project to be completed, until you can move your furniture back in.

20141125_102203Make sure you cover all your plugs and other sensitive things in the room, such as heating or cooling vents, filters or air conditioning devices before the refinishing begins; that’s when the place gets dirty so to say, there will be a lot of dust from the sanding process even if the floor man will vacuum the place after finishing sanding. Sanding is a simple process of leveling and straightening the wood and repairing any other existing damage, like wholes from needles or even needles that need to be taken out. It is simple because experienced people do not ponder upon what they’ve done, if they’ve done it well or what they’d have to do next. They know the drill very well and work fast.

After that phase has been completed, next will be the finding and applying the right color to match other floors or the right color that you like. After the color stain has been applied, there will be a few coats of chemicals to be applied in order to preserve the color and the finishing of the wood and the job is done. All that’s left for you is to make sure you ventilate the room as thorough as possible and that you wait for the indicated time allowed for drying before moving in.

Floor refinishing in Dublin is really cheap

Being a housewife has its advantages. I can linger around the house thinking what project I should begin next, what piece of furniture to move where, or what color to paint the walls.

So it seems that my next project is sanding for my old wooden floors.

After a bit of organizing, I realized that first I have to find the perfect team of refinishers that can do the job I expect them to do.

After a few hours of research I come across the cheapest floor refinishing in Dublin. I don’t know why they are so cheap, but let’s give it a go. After I call them, explain what I need to do in my living room, and all there is to it, they make me an astounding offer. With only 15 pound per square meter, I shall have new floors in just a few hours.

It is barely ten o’clock and all I can think of is why don’t I do this today? Just do it. So here I am, thinking whether or not to call the cheapest services of floor refinishing in Dublin. I call them and they are so crowded right now, that they can’t actually come in today. But two weeks from now they’re all mine.

Come to think of it, I presume it is better this way because I need to clean up the house first. I need to find place for the furniture to store it while machine is in. And I have a lot of furniture to move around.  But, at least I know what my next project will be.