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Dustless Floor Sanding – What is dustless floor sanding?

Dustless Floor Sanding – What is dustless floor sanding?


When sanding a floor or any type of wood surface you will generate dust. A small sander will generate a fair amount of dust after only a few seconds of use. Imagine what a 50 kg floor sander can do in a few seconds! Your home will be covered in inches of dust.


The difference between normal floor sanding and dustless floor sanding is the capability of a particular type of sander to collect dust. Some professional floor sanding machines can collect up to 99% of the dust created through a system of dust bags or special vacuum systems.


So why do some contractors still use non dustless floor sanding equipment? Because they can`t afford dustless floor sanding equipment. A professional floor sanding machine like Lagler Hummel or Bona Belt HD costs over 6000 euro. A standard, cheaper non-dustless floor sander costs only a few hundred euro.


A bit of dust is not particularly dangerous and has never fatally harmed anyone but the fine dust generated when sanding floors with fine grit sandpaper will settle everywhere and it can be a nightmare to remove. You will find dust inside your tv, around the top of your doors, attached to the walls and in any possible crack around your home. You will find dust for years after the floor was completed.


If you love your home or your office, hire floor sanding contractors who use only dustless floor sanding technology. Ask for all the relevant information and think practically with your head not your heart.


Dustless Floor Sanding

Recommend A Good Floor Sanding Company


Recommend A Good Floor Sanding Company


If your floor has lost its impressive shine and is looking water damaged and dull you will need the services of a professional floor sanding company. You may want the job done quickly to be done with it. But don’t jump in head first, take your time to consider a few things to make sure you find the best floor sanding company for the job.


A good floor sanding company is likely to have been in business for generations, right?. There are floor sanding businesses in their third generation. Just because they are in business for 50 years does not mean that they are amazing at what they do. In many cases, older floor sanding companies are overpriced and they use outdated floor sanding techniques and products.


Then there are new floor sanding companies without the family name and background behind them. Again, just because a floor sanding company is not in business for 50 years, it does not make them good or bad. The last 3 projects done are the most important. What their father or grandfather did is not relevant.


Here are few tips how to pick a great floor sanding contractor:


a.            References – you may see a lot of good references on online forums from Miss x and Mister Y? All fake. Very few people will specifically go to a review website to create an account and write a glowing review about a floor sanding company or any company. People usually only write reviews to complain when they have received a bad service and are unhappy. Most people expect good quality work from a professional floor sanding company and they will not review standard work. A floor sanding contractor should have verifiable references on its website from existing business with addresses, contact details and pictures of the project. But only commercial work. Few, if any, domestic customers would be happy to have their personal details on public view on a website so do not expect to see contact details for private customers and treat any such details with suspicion. Would you like your home address and your mobile phone number listed on a high traffic website? Imagine 50 people calling you daily to recommend a floor sanding company. So, most internet reviews are fake. If you are seeking recommendations on forums ask for private messages only as you are more likely to receive good advice rather than fake reviews from advertisers.

b.            Free estimates – there are many floor sanding companies that charge 20 to 40 euro for an estimate. There are no such things as free things in life and you will pay for the “free estimate” in one way or another. Most floor sanding contractors will charge 10% to cover the costs of “free” estimates. If you contact a floor sanding contractor to ask for an estimate, you should only pay for the estimate if you accept the quote.

c.             Insurance – insurance is a must. Your floors can be easily damaged and replacing them can be very expensive and time consuming. Things can always go wrong so you need to hire a fully insured floor sanding contractor.

d.            Sample tests – any decent floor sanding contractor will do a few samples of finishes on your own floor. There are ultra matt, satin and gloss floor finishes and you will want to see how they will look on your own floor before deciding on the finish you want. You will have to live with your floors for many years so you need to pick the right finish. Bear in mind that a wood stain that looks grey on X floor could look brown on your floor. Ask for a sample test on your own floor.


You should keep all these things in mind before choosing a floor sanding contractor. Ask for insurance, free estimates, genuine references and test samples on your floor. Ask friends or relatives for recommendations.


Recommend A Great Floor Sanding Contractor