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What Is Commercial Floor Sanding?

The Commercial Floor Sanding Team You Can Rely On

Hardwood floors are a superb addition to any commercial space. The extensive choice of species, colours and finishes allows you to create a warm and inviting interior in office buildings, restaurants, shops, conference rooms, auditoriums, nursing homes, and art galleries, all through to museums and libraries. Whether you want the strong grained Red or White Oak, Maple that’s slightly harder and has light graining for a sleeker look, Rosewood with its distinctive dark brown to violet colouration and black streaks or striping, Hickory that’s so tough that it was once used for wagon wheels in the days of yore, Cumaru which ranges from tannish to deep brown, Bamboo that’s technically a grass, but whose hardness and eco-friendly nature has seen its popularity rise over the years, and Tigerwood with its mottled, wavy or interlocked and irregular grain plus fine texture, or even the Brazilian Cherry with its red colouration that darkens and depends with age, Walnut that comes with smooth graining and brown tones, Heart Pine with its character and knots and is usually installed in wide planks for a rustic look, there are styles to meet diverse décor needs. Wood flooring can be installed over concrete and most subfloors, and works with virtually any grade level. There are also the acoustic benefits. You don’t want to keep hearing the footsteps of the people walking around the premises, rushing in corridors and up and down staircases. You also don’t want the sound from the floors above permeating through to those below, for those in multi-story buildings. The absorbent nature of the wood floor enables it to reduce sound reverberation, reducing noise in the working place and allowing clients and employees to focus on their tasks. The wood is also a highly efficient insulator. It reduces heat loss from the building, which means huge savings when it comes to the energy costs spent to heat up the building’s interior. Wood flooring is particularly suitable for commercial environments because of its durability. With the high level of foot traffic, as a property owner you want to have a structure that does not start crumbling down just a few months after installation. Wood is naturally strong, which enables it to bear the load that is witnessed on the premises- however, it needs to be properly maintained for this to be fully realised. Speaking of which, with wood, repair doesn’t mean that you have to rip out the floorboards and get a new structure. When the surface beings to show signs of wear, or when you simply want to change things and have a new surface treatment with different colouration and gloss level installed, all you need is to have it sanded down and refinished. When the time comes to give your installation a fresh new look, call in our commercial floor sanding and refinishing specialists.
Value Of Using Professional Commercial Floor Sanding And Restoration Services
1. Industrial-grade equipment
Floor finishes are designed to be tough. They’ll be handling loads of abuse on a daily basis, hence their formulations are intended to dry to form strong layers on the surface of the floor. As such, breaking them down to get to the bare wood underneath requires lots of power. Doing it in a fast and timely manner requires machinery that is modernised and well maintained. You also don’t want poorly tuned systems that end up forming chatter marks all over your flooring, causing damage to your investment. With our commercial floor sanding services, you won’t have to worry about any of that. Drum marks, scratches, divots and other aspects that are a common feature of the DIY floor sanding processes won’t be a concern. Our crew come on site with highly powered machinery that is designed to deliver on its mandate. The sanders used are top-of-the-range, and easily grind through the multiple layers of finish that are on the floor, exposing the underlying wood. Whether it’s those worn out coats that you want replaced, or you simply want to change things up by installing a whole new finish with different aesthetic attributes, the commercial floor sanding systems used by our personnel get rid of the existing treatment, allowing you to have that fresh start you need. Since it’s the first stage of the floor restoration process, it’s crucial that things go right with the sanding. Any error becomes a glaring anomaly once the finish coats are applied. From the scratches, that come screaming through the finish, to the dips that make walking uncomfortable, the end result ends up being greatly affected. By turning to our professional team, you get to avoid such blunders that come with DIY or rookie commercial floor sanding. What’s more, our expert team fixes existent surface problems. For instance, those gaps that are formed- whether it’s by changes that became permanent after numerous temperature and humidity fluctuations, furniture that was being moved by dragging instead of being lifted, and ended up digging a groove into the floor, or even those cases when one attempts a DIY project and ended up ruining the finish. The issues are resolved, allowing you to get the most out of your flooring. Gaps are filled with filler product being mixed with sanding dust, allowing it to have the same properties, such as the colouration, with the adjacent boards. Scratches are sanded off, and the surface is left smooth and ready to receive the new treatment. With the pores having been opened up, the wood stains and sealants get to be properly absorbed, and the uniform surface allows for even application of varnishes, top coats and other treatments. The enhanced bonding power increases the strength of the finish.
2. Dustless process
You don’t want your business premises being covered in the sanding dust that is generated during the process. Not only does this make the persons on the premises uncomfortable, but it also leaves you with an intensive cleaning to do. You don’t want the items in your building, from the cabinets and lighting fixtures, to the furniture, workstations, draperies and upholstery, plus the windowsills getting covered in the dust. Your activities are already on the clock, and the last thing you want being added onto your plate is hours of intensive cleaning. Powerful suction delivered from vacuums attached to the sanders through hoses gets rid of the particles-both coarse and fine- the moment they are chipped off from the floor. This is more than just a timely convenience. When the dust gets into systems such as the sinks and drainage, or the HVAC units in the building, it can lead to blockage or structural damage. By utilising dustless commercial floor sanding systems, our team enables you to avoid such a scenario. The dust is also a threat when inhaled. For starters, its very nature makes it an allergen. It irritates the respiratory tract when inhaled. Coughing, sneezing, and watery eyes are just a tip of the iceberg. Remember that the sanding dust is not just composed of those tiny bits of wood that are getting grinded off the surface. There’s there finish products themselves. The chemicals used in the formulations are safe while dried onto the floor- after all, that’s where they are intended to be. However, when inhaled, they can lead to a variety of effects. Some are carcinogens, and others are outright toxins. There are also those particles that are so fine that they end up getting absorbed through body systems- like from the respiratory and digestive tract right into the bloodstream, leading to an assortment of complications. Light particles can remain suspended into the air for long and be wafted around by air currents, increasing the chances of being inhaled. You don’t want to expose the customers and employees in your business premises to such danger. Investing in commercial floor sanding with dustless systems enables you to avoid it.
3. Strengthen the floor
In business premises, foot traffic is a huge factor. There can be hundreds of people walking up and about every day. Coming from the outdoors, they are bringing in dirt and debris, from the soiling that’s picked up from the sidewalks and parks, to the asphalt from out on the driveway and parking lots. This grit can wear down the surface, eating away at its finish, reducing the lifespan of the wood. What’s more, while at home people may take off their shoes and wear slippers or different kinds of softer footwear, people in commercial establishments will keep them on. This means that the rate of soiling increases dramatically, and one also has to factor in the kind of shoes that are being worn. Issues like metal heels and spikes shoes can cause scratches. Those with rubber soles are notorious for leaving behind unsightly marks. Speaking of heels, people on stilettos exert huge loads of strain on the surface. All that body weight getting applied on the floor through a tiny section of the heel multiplies the pressure, thus affecting the flooring. From office buildings, entertainment centres such as art galleries, to the heart of the dance floor in clubs, foot traffic causes wear and tear. In addition, there people will occasionally be snacking, whether it’s as they walk about in the hallways, wait to be served at the reception area, or it’s your employees taking their coffee break at the employee lounge. In food service joints such as hotels and restaurants, this is an around-the-clock concern. With the spills, there both issues of stains and risk of water damage due to increase in moisture content, in addition to the already existent humidity fluctuations in the interior space. Ensuring that your floor is protected from these aspects is vital to preserve its structural integrity and enhance its life. That is possible with professional commercial floor sanding and refinishing services.
4. Enhance the aesthetic appeal
Once clients, suppliers, potential partners and business associates walk into your business premises, one of the first things to get noticed is the flooring. While they may not take time to scrutinise the colouration and grain patterns, whey will definitely note how it looks and feels, and whether it appears properly maintained and cared for. You don’t want them being greeted by a dull, scuffed and damaged surface, that reflects negatively on your business’ image. In fact, with the flooring setting the tone for the rest of the style and décor of the interior space, it can build it up or bring it crashing down. You want to be able to impress your customers, not have them doubting the quality of products and services you offer- which they will once they find the flooring in a dilapidated state. From office buildings and restaurants, to recreational facilities like gyms, and entertainment centres such as art galleries, image goes a long way- especially when you want to make a great first impression in order to win repeated business and customer loyalty. With our commercial floor sanding and restoration services, you will be able to take away that forlorn look and replace it with the elegance and sophistication that wood flooring is renowned for. That way you get to enhance the ambience of the interior space, charming your way into the hearts of your customers. What’s more, it sets a conducive working atmosphere. The dull and worn out flooring impacts creativity, and reduces employee morale. The floor sanding and refinishing has the opposite effect, showing your employees that you care about the conditions that they carry out their duties in, and setting a warm and calming ambience that gets their creative juices flowing, thus enhancing their productivity. This has a positive impact on your business growth.
5. Cost friendly
You want to bring back the elegance to your establishment without punching a hole through your balance sheet. Our commercial floor sanding services have been affordably priced. The cost itself takes into account factors that are unique to your establishment- such as the size of the floor space, the type of wood installation, plus the existing condition of the floor. That way you get to align your floor care with the rest of the building’s maintenance program without straining your business budget.


How Often Should I Refinish My Wood Floor?


How Often Should I Sand My Floors?


Permanent floor finishes have not yet been invented so you will have to refinish your floors regularly. Regularly can mean different things for different people. A commercial floor with a lot of traffic will have to be refinished much more often than a domestic floor with normal domestic traffic.


Even if the wood floor is not subjected to a lot of traffic, the finish on the floor will change colour and look a bit tired after few years. There are a few factors which can make your wooden floors look more worn out and jaded than they should be.


a.            Wrong cleaning products

b.            A lot of direct sunlight

c.             A lot of heavy traffic

d.            Too much water

e.            Pets


  1. Wrong Cleaning Products – using a high PH (acidic) floor cleaner can permanently damage the shine of your floors and can make a brand new floor look old. Bleach based floor cleaners can have the same dulling effect.
  2. A lot of sunlight – direct exposure to the sunlight will change the colour of your floors in a matter of days. Having a rug on the floor will also stain your floor in a funny way. The floor will brighten up in the area left uncovered and it will stay unchanged in the area under the rug.
  3. A lot of heavy traffic – a wood floor will look perfect after being refinished. It will be fully protected and ready for use. But any type of floor finish, one pack or two packs has a limited life expectancy. If you have a few hundred or thousand people walking on the wood floor daily it will reduce the periods between floor refinishing. The traffic will bring a lot of negative things to your floors. First the friction itself will wear off your floor. Then the dirt from shoes will attack the finish on your floors. Plus more cleaning and maintenance will be required.
  4. Too much water – entrance hallway floors which are used by people walking in and out of a property will damage quicker. All the water from the rain will be brought onto your floors. It is just a matter of time before the floor finish cracks and water saturation damage appears. Also, mopping the floor with too much water is one of the main reasons for wood damage.
  5. Pets – dogs are wood floors number 1 enemy. Especially small, energetic dogs. A pet is likely to be full of energy and most pets have sharp nails even if most pet owners keep the pet nails short. Excited pets will run and sleep on wood floor. All this energetic fun will scratch the finish of the floor and will create spaces for water to penetrate the floor. Watermarks will appear and the floor will look stained.


Here are some of the most common reasons why a floor needs to be refinished. There are high traffic water based floor varnishes that are designed to take a lot of use and abuse but all will eventually wear off. A floor sanding company needs to be contacted once in a while (every 3 years) to assess the wood floor. Even if the floor looks clean, a trained eye will be able to see imperfections and issues, if there are any issues.


Wood floors have to be refinished regularly. Waxed wood floors should be refreshed every 6 months. Refreshing a waxed floor is a pretty easy operation and no training is required. Floors that are finished with a varnish can also be refreshed or sealed with a water based wood floor polish. Solid wood floors are designed to last for a lifetime if properly maintained.


Have a look under the heaters, around the kitchen area, at door entrances etc. to see if you notice black spots on your floors. Black spots are a sign of water damage and you need to act fast to sort it out and prevent further damage. There are many floor sanding companies in Dublin that would love to help you out. Bear in mind, it is cheaper to prevent than repair.


*** most floors have to be refinished every 5 years. If there is a lot of traffic, the periods between floor refinishing is reducing by 50%***

How To Choose The Right Floor Sanding Crew


Floor Repairs, Gap Filling & Varnishing



How To Choose The Right Floor Sanding Crew 

As a home or business owner desperate for floor restoration services, it might be difficult to settle on the right crew. This is because there are just so many out there it is hard to settle. However, there are a few factors that you can take into consideration to help make this task a lot easier for you. Below are the factors whose consideration will allow you to find the very best floor sanding business to suit your needs.

What To Look Out For

1. Experience in the floor sanding industry
With floor sanding, the last thing you want is to spend your money on an amateur crew. This is because chances are that you will end up with less than satisfactory results. An experienced eye will spot mistakes and foresee challenges which are then very tactfully handled. It is therefore very important to make this a major priority when conducting your search.

2. Specific skill set
Floor restoration businesses offer clients a wide variety of services. As you are finding your ideal crew, it is important to ensure that they specialize in the specific service that you require. Having the particular skill set that you need will ensure that your floor receives the care and services that it deserves.

3. Affordable charges
Money, money, money; you seriously need to factor this in. In the floor sanding business, every crew has its own charges. Some are expensive, some are cheap and others are somewhere in between. Before you go out looking, you should already have a budget in mind. However, you need to be flexible as you might not always get the services you need at your ideal price. You also need to be diligent and patient taking your time to find out what different business are charging before deciding.

4. Proximity to the work site
Most floor sanding businesses are mobile and willing to commute to the work site. However, it is always better to work with businesses near you than those that farther away. This is mainly because it helps the crew save on time ensuring that the project is completed sooner. It may also save you in terms of money as some businesses require that you cover transport costs past a certain radius from their base of operation.

5. Reliability and professionalism
The best way to establish these is through reviews from the business’s previous clients. Reliability means a lot of things when it comes to floor sanding. First of all, a reliable crew is one that always holds up their end of the bargain. If you as for shiny floors that is what you get. If you ask for full reinstallation that is what you get. A reliable and professional crew is also time-conscious. No one wants their lives continuously on pause as floor sanding experts work in their homes. The crew therefore needs to be able to set a timeline and stick to it. Finally, a reliable crew respects and takes care of personal property.

6. Client care and interaction
Finally, how you interact and get along with the crew is an important factor to consider when choosing the right floor sanding business to work with. This should be easy to establish during the initial meeting and assessment session. You can also gather information on what to expect from reviews.

Bottom line
Finding the right business to work with for your floor sanding needs is not exactly rocket science. All you need to know is what you want and what you are willing to pay for. With the tips highlighted above, you should find a great crew in no time. That way, whether it is full restoration or simple sanding repairs, you can rest assured that your floor will be in safe hands.





Floor Sanding Company Dublin 

Give Your Floor A New Lease Of Life


Floor Sanding In Process

Floor Before Sanding


Give Your Floor A New Lease Of Life

Hardwood floors blend with any type of décor, from traditional and modern, to casual and dramatic. You only need to select the wood species, and surface finishes that meet your particular taste. From the heavy grained Red Oak, the harder White Oak with its grey undertones, Maple flooring with its straight lines or curly patterns, or even those rare cuts that have distinctive pattern of small marks which resemble tiny eyes, to American Cherry whose colours vary from board to board, the golden brown Birch, or the richly coloured Walnut, you’re spoilt for choice. The elegance of the wood actually enhances the value of the property. There is more demand by buyers and tenants for residential and commercial space in which wood floors have been installed. This makes it easier to generate leads and seal deals, making higher profits in the process. The nature of the wood also makes it easy to clean. Since it doesn’t attract dust, debris and other particles, or latch onto the ones that eventually end up on it, the vacuuming and cleaning process is a breeze. Wood is so durable, that if properly maintained can last for over a hundred years. In fact, there are numerous buildings around the world where their floor installations have been gleaming longer than their countries have celebrated independence. In addition to the cleaning, the maintenance process also involves floor sanding and refinishing, to restore the beauty and strength to the surface.
Common DIY Floor Sanding Mistakes
Going the DIY route with floor sanding is risky. This ranges from making tiny mistakes that become glaring blemishes in the finish, to ruining the floor with extensive damage that may end up requiring you to replace the boards. This is in addition to high amount of time and energy you’ll have spent on the task. There are different factors to consider during the operations, all of which need to blend together to avoid disaster. The machinery has to be high quality, capable of delivering the power needed to sand through to the bare wood. One needs to start off with low-grit sand paper, and work up to the high-grits to ensure the surface remains smooth. How the machinery is manoeuvred across the surface is key. If it’s not moved at a steady pace, dips and ridges could from. Faulty equipment, whether it vibrates too much or is it out of tune, can result in issues such as chatter marks and edger divots. Even the turning on or off of the machine while the sanding belt is in contact with the floor surface will damage it. Concentrating too much on one area because it has imperfections such as being uneven, will cause you to take too much off the floor, digging deeper into the wood. Dust generated also needs to be efficiently vacuumed off. Unfortunately the vacuums that come with the floor sanding equipment for hire usually don’t have the capacity of ensuring sufficient removal of the particles. Some will wind up on the different surfaces in the interior space, and those fine ones will float around in the air space- and inhaling them will irritate the respiratory system. This not only leaves you with a huge cleaning chore, but the dust that is left behind on the floor will cause blemishes on the new finish that is to be applied. These mistakes, plus the accompanying inconveniences and frustrations, can be avoided by calling in the floor sanding experts to take care of the job for you.
Floor Sanding Job Done

Pine Floor After Sanding

Floor Sanding Done Professionally

Floor Sanding In Process

Floor Before Sanding



Floor Sanding Done Professionally

There’s nothing quite like that warmth and cosy feel that wood floors bring to the interior space. It’s a natural elegance that accentuates the décor, making it vibrant and inviting. There are numerous wood species to choose from, each coming with their colourations and grain patterns, and you can also have your unique mode of installing the floor boards. This ensures that you get to set up the ambience that appeals to your particular taste. The aesthetic appeal of the wood floors have made them highly sought out after. In fact, those in the real estate industry vouch for establishments with wooden floors selling faster and easier compared to retail office or residential spaces with other types of flooring. It’s no longer a preserve of the wealthy- with the diverse options and production methods, there are wood floors that are available to all budgets. There’s also the ease of maintenance. When it comes to wood cleaning, the process is not a hustle. With its non-electromagnetic nature, this means that soiling, dust and other particles are not attracted to the surface, and there are no grout lines to accumulate in, or fibers to hold onto the grime. Hence, the sweeping, vacuuming and mopping is made easier. This also makes it a healthy flooring choice, since you won’t have allergens accumulating in the interior space. Unlike other flooring types, when you want to give it a fresh new look, you can simply refinish instead of replacing it. That’s where floor sanding comes in.
Reasons To Rely On Floor Sanding Specialists
Our floor sanding crew come on site with high efficiency machinery, that is designed to grind through to the bare wood with ease, getting rid of the existing finish and exposing the underlying wood. The pores are opened up to enable them to receive the wood stains, primer coats and lacquers that are to be applied. This allows them to form a strong bond with the structure, to both provide protection and enhance its beauty. With all that sanding that is taking place, you don’t want your furnishings, valuables and even the electrical units around the house getting coated in dust. The particles can lead to damage of the affected components, and not to mention add a huge cleaning chore to your list of concerns. Our dustless floor sanding systems take care of that. Hoses connect the sanders to high-powered vacuum systems, sucking up the coarse and fine particles as soon as they are formed, preventing them from covering your items or escaping into the air space. This makes the process cleaner and healthier. After all, you don’t want your family members at home, or the customers and employees in your business premises, inhaling the toxic and carcinogenic particles in the sanding dust.
In order to ensure that you are satisfied with the full range of our operations, our floor sanding crew are both professional and courteous. They will arrive at your premises on the scheduled time, and answer any questions that you may have about the operations. What’s more, the services are cost friendly to both residential and commercial clients. The pricing structure has been formulated to suit your individual needs, factoring in aspects such as the type of wood being sanded, the current condition of the floor, all through to the area size.


Floor Sanding Dublin




Floor Sanding Job Done

Pine Floor After Sanding

Reliable Floor Sanding Services In Dublin

Domestic Floor Sanding

Amazing Clear Finish

Floor Sanding Dublin

Should you sand your old floor board or you should just get another floor? Most people don`t know what to do. The floor looks bad and a floor sanding job costs a lot of money. Well, you need to add all the costs before you make that decision.

If you are planning to remove your old floor and replace it with a new floor, you will need to take off the floor, hire a skip, buy the new floor, hire a carpenter to fit it and finish the floor with some kind of floor finish. The standard price per square meter of floor sanding is somewhere around 20 euro but it can vary from job to job, depending on the finish required.

Our company recommends floor sanding. A solid or a semi solid wood floor can be refinished in hundreds of ways and the colour can be changed as you wish. The floor sanding technology has moved ahead big time and now days you can have your floors sanded dust free in a matter of hours. A standard 3 bed house + the living room is a job that can be done in less than 12 hours. Not bad.

Finishes Available

Each person is different and each person likes different things. It is highly recommended that you spend a bit more money in quality varnishes and have your floor looking like new for up to 10 years. Now days most people demand water based floor finishes. After the floor sanding was completed, the floor can be stained, waxed, polished or varnished.

If you are looking for a great new look, you can go for one of our magic stains. 28 colours of wood stains are available to you. A wood stain is just a colour that can be used to change the colour of most types of wood floors. Some floors don`t bond well with the stain and a bleaching is required before staining. The stain is not designed to offer any type of protection and it has to be sealed with a sealant.

Some people love the natural look of the floor and they will go for a hard wax oil. Our company can show you samples of clear of coloured hard wax oils. We can use Bona Or Junckers brand. A floor that gets waxed requires at least 6 hours drying time and it will only fully dry within 48 hours. A wax provides great anti moist protection and it keeps the natural look of the wood.

The most popular way of refinishing a floor after it was sanded is by varnishing it. A varnish provides superior protection against moist, traffic and chemicals. There is a wide range of varnishes available to fit all requirements. If you are looking for the most natural looking finish, you can go for mat finish. If you are looking for natural look but you need a bit of shine, you can go for a satin or silk matt finish & if you are a person that loves glossy surfaces, you can go for a gloss varnish. Dublin Floor Sanding uses only water based floor varnishes from Junckers brand.

Many of our customers are asking about floor polishing instead of varnishing or waxing. We can use the famous Junckers Sylva Wood Floor Polish or Bona Wood Floor Polish. Those two wood floor polishes are designed to provide outstanding protection and to keep rgw natural look of your floors.

Stairs Sanding

If you had your stairs covered with carpets forever and if you are looking for a bit of change, you can just lift up your carpets and discover the base of the stair that is usually made from solid pine. Our company can make those stairs look like new in a matter of hours. We can sand up your stairs, we can stain your stairs and we can refinish your stairs to look like new. A standard set of stairs costs about 350 euro but the price is informative only.

Types Of Varnishes

If you are looking for a professional floor sanding company in Dublin, you should be looking for a floor sanding contractor that has a great tracking record and ask for samples. There is no way of telling the difference between a great floor varnish and a cheap one. Time will show you the quality. Many people have paid top dollar for high traffic varnishes only to see the varnish washing away. To make sure that you receive quality work and quality finishes you need to pay the fair price for your service.

25 to 50 euro varnishes are designed for domestic floors

50 to 75 euro varnishes are designed for light commercial

75 to 120 euro varnishes are designed for high traffic commercial

Dublin Floor Sanding uses only medium to high traffic floor varnishes. We are are using only water based floor varnishes. The oil based floor varnishes take too long to dry, it looks artificial and it stinks. Very few people ever ask for such finishes. A high traffic water based floor varnish provides the same protection like a high traffic varnish but it costs less.

Ask For Insurance

Just because a floor sanding company has great reviews, it doesn`t mean accidents cannot happen. A standard wood floor costs around 50 euro per square meter and it can be easily damaged. Any decent floor sanding contractor would be happy to provide you with a copy of its insurance.

Dustless Floor Sanding Technology

Price is king again and if you pay peanuts you will hire monkeys. A proper floor sanding machine costs around 6000 euro delivered to Ireland and for a small floor sanding contractor this cost can be very high. Many old floor sanding contractors are still using old floor sanding equipment. A professional Bona floor sander will collect up to 98% of the dust generated while a cheap old plate floor sander will collect none. Make sure that you ask for a dustless floor sanding system unless you want to be removing dust from your walls for years.

Floor Sanding Prices

There are companies that are charging 200 euro for a standard living room and there are companies that are charging 400 euro for a standard living room. What is the fair price? Well, how long do you need your floors to last?

A 200 euro per room price will only cover the costs of sanding & varnishing without any profit. You don`t want an unhappy man using a heavy duty machine on your fancy floors. It is highly recommended that you spend a bit more money on your floors and have your floors lasting for 10 years instead of 2.

Commercial floor sanding can vary from job to job. The size of the job, the condition and the finish required will dictate the final price. A 200 square meter floor will cost around 10% less per square meter than a 20 square meter job. Dublin Floor Sanding is the master of commercial floor sanding in Dublin. We will quote for free, we will do sample work and we will offer you great warranty.

Floor Sanding Dublin


Cheap Floor Sanding Services?



Cheap Floor Sanding Services?

First of all we need to establish few things. Do you like your floors? Would you like it to last for many years? Do you care about your family health? Would you like to have floor sanding done every year?

Floor sanding is not a trade that you can just learn as you go. Sanding a quality wood floor with a powerful 50 kg floor sanding machine is not a job for most people. One wrong move and you will manage to dig a nice hole in the middle of your floor. When you hire a cheap floor sanding specialists, you expose your floors to the same risks. Proper floor sanding specialists take up to 5 years to learn how to master the craft. Understanding the wood is the first step in the trade. There are softer woods where little pressure is required and there are hard woods where a lot of pressure is required to remove the existing finish. By using a lot of pressure on a softy wood, you will remove way too much wood from the floor and you will make the floor uneven or by using little pressure on a hard wood, you will work much more than needed for little results. Only people with experience can notice the difference between the types of woods and the types of finishes.

How do you think the floor sanding happens? Just get a floor sanding machine and sand the floor would be the most commune answer. In fact, a floor needs to be sanded 3-5 times with different grit sand paper and it has to be re-sanded even after the first coat of floor varnish was done. Floors that were painted before or floors that have glue on it, it will have to be sanded with 24-40 grit sand paper, then with 60 grit sand paper, then with 100 grit sand paper, then it has to be sealed, then it has to be sanded with 120-150 grit sand paper to remove all the small spikes that got hard in contact with the sealant.

Sanding the floor is the easy part. Finishing the floor is the hard part. When you hire a cheap floor sanding contractor, you take a bit risk. First of all, to achieve that gloss smooth finish, top of the range tools and equipment need to be used. A floor sanding machine can cost 500 or 5000 euro. The quality of the varnish applicator can also decide the quality of the final finish. Floor sanding contractors that charge little money per square meter, it can`t afford to buy quality products or tools.

The floor was sanded and it is ready for finishing. 5 litre of floor vanish can cost 19.99 euro or 120 euro. What is the difference? About 8 to 10 years of wear. When a floor is freshly done, it all looks more or less the same. You will start noticing the difference within 6 months. Quality water based floor varnishes like Tover Uniqua or Bona Traffic HD will get better in time and it will build up a natural look and a cool shine while cheap varnishes will wash away. Also, quality varnishes will bond with the floor, it won`t change the colour when washed and it will not scratch that easy. What you save when you hire a cheap floor sanding contractor, you will pay later when you will have too refinish your floor every year.

How much does floor sanding costs? Well if you ask for a quotation for floor sanding, you will receive expensive quotes & cheap quotes. Here is how much floor sanding costs:

1 standard living room – 20 square meter. A fair price for this job would be 400 euro. In this price you will end up with quality work and long lasting results. But some companies charge 200 euro for the same job.

To do a 20 sq meter job we will need:

5 L  of high traffic varnish (80 to 100 euro plus VAT)

20 euro worth of sand paper

1 day work for a sanding specialist (150 euro)

10 euro diesel

Up to now the costs add up to 300 euro for sanding and finishing your floor. Extra costs:

-car insurance



-car tax

-car doe


-company insurance



-quotation costs


Let`s add all this and make the final cost price 320 euro for the contractor. In 400 euro there is 47 euro VAT. So even if you charge 400 euro for this living room, after you deduct all the costs, you will realise that a professional floor sanding company doesn`t make that much money.

Then you receive the quote for 200 euro for the same job. How is that possible? Here is how:

19.99 euro varnish – guaranteed to last 3-6 months

Floor sanding equipment that generate tones of dust

No insurance

No invoice

No taxes

Untrained people


Like in anything else, you will get what you pay floor. Floor sanding is not window cleaning. When is done, is done and it can`t be done again for a while. Semi solid wood floors can only be sanded 1 to 3 times, depending on the type of floor and the type of floor sanding contractor. Professional floor sanding companies know how much to remove from your floor to make sure that you get 3 sandings from a floor. But ac man paid with 60 euro per day, won`t care that much.

Dublin Floor Sanding repairs a pile of jobs after it was damaged by un-professionals. If you love your floors, pay the fair price for floor sanding.

***cheap floor varnishes are full of harmful chemicals***




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Floor Sanding Dublin 20

Parquet Floor Restored

Quality Dustless Floor Sanding & Varnishing


Floor Sanding Dublin 20

Floor Sanding Company

Floor Sanding Services

Floor Staining Dublin 20

Floor Varnishing Dublin 20

Our company provides qulity floor sanding services at affordable rates. Our specialists are fully trained , polite and very efficient. All our services are fully insured and highly recommended. In fact , most of our bookings come from repeat customers or referrals. Our company deals with both , commercial and domestic customers. We are using Bona varnishes & staining only , a guarantee of quality and long lasting results. We can sand any type of solid and semi solid wood flooring and we can stain your floor in any color you want. From our website you can find out information about our services , our covered area and our latest projects. All our estimates are free of charge and no obligation. Our minimum order is 250€ vat included. We are open for business 24/7 but for late or weekend appointments we will require 24-48 hours notice. If you are interested in any of our services please contact us at 014304313 and one of our specialists will be with you in no time.


Get Your Floor Sanded The Dustless And Professional Way

Damage to wood floors is caused by a wide range of factors- foot traffic, the sun’s radiation, heavy furniture and electrical appliances, all through to the claws of your furry friend. Scratches on the surface finish, strain on the wood itself, discolouration and fading, all contribute to the floor losing its appeal. Those stains from food and drink spills, ink blots, vomit incidents and urine accidents, plus the harsh chemicals that could have been accidentally used during cleaning processes cause patches to form on the surface. Some can be cleaned off, others are permanent blemishes that only a thorough floor sanding can get rid of. You don’t want to be walking into a home that looks worse for wear, with its ambience having been ruined. In your business premises, the conditions that your customers find you in have a bearing on the perception that they form about your brand. You don’t want them to find the place appearing dull and forlorn. Even for your employees, the conditions affect their morale, putting their productivity on the line. That’s not what you intended when you invested those huge funds on getting the wood floor installation that brings out your style at home, and gives your business a professional image. The beauty about wood is that you don’t need to replace the boards simply because the surface has changed its appearance. Simply call in the floor sanding experts to give the establishment a new lease of life. This will allow you to refinish the surface and restore that lost elegance. You can even decide to change things up, by getting a completely new colour and gloss for the surface. It all depends on your personal preference and goals. That way you get to have living and working conditions that you can be proud of.
What You Get From The Floor Sanding Dublin Professionals
Floor sanding is taxing for a DIY job. Without the requisite skills and quality machinery, it will end up taking a physical and psychological toll on you. Then there’s the financial implications when blunders are made, that lead to damage to the rented equipment, or the floor itself. The more time that is spent labouring on the rooms, with all the sweat and dust involved, the longer the restoration project. During this time, the area being worked on will be out of commission, affecting your day to day activities in your home or commercial establishment. You don’t want this to be how you spend your weekends or days off from work. Grinding your business operations to a halt will cripple your productivity and affect your customers’ reliance on your products and services. You can avoid the hustle by bringing in the floor sanding specialists to handle the project for you. Our team is highly trained and experienced, having been providing the services for years. Hence, they have what it takes to take care of your specific needs. The numerous testimonials, referrals and reviews are proof of the level of quality standards that we adhere to for both our residential and commercial clients. The crew uses state-of-the-art dustless floor sanding systems, ensuring that the task is done fast and effectively, without filling the rooms of your establishment with toxic invasive dust.



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Floor Sanding Dublin 17

Floor Sanding Job Done

Pine Floor After Sanding


Floor Sanding Dublin 17

Floor Sanding Services

Floor Sanding Company

Floor Varnishing Dublin 17

Floor Staining Dublin 17


We provide professional dustless floor sanding services in Dublin 17 and the surrounding area. All our services are fully insured and highly recommended. In fact , most of our work comes from referrals or repeat customers. Our company uses only Bona varnishes and staining , a guarantee of quality and long lasting results.  We can sand any type of solid or semi solid wood floor and we can stain your floor in any color you want. All our sanders are dustless and capable of finishing huge jobs in very short periods of time. From our website you can find out information about our services , our covered area and our latest projects. All our estimates are free of charge and no obligation. Our minimum order is 250€ vat included. If you are interested in any of our floor sanding services please contact us at o14304313 and one of our specialists will be with you in no time.


Understanding Floor Sanding Services- Full Floor Restoration

More often than not floor sanding and restoration services are localized and applied only to the affected area. However, some types and extent of damage require full restoration spanning the entire length and width of the floor. This can happen when your floor suffers water damage, buckling or improper installation of panels that leads to bowing. In this case, the services take a lot longer and cost more but their importance is difficult to ignore. Below is information that should help you figure out whether or not you require full restoration. In the event that your floor is in dire need of this wholesome attention, there are also details on what to expect and how to know when you have received full value for your money.

Do You Need Full Floor Restoration?
If your floor exhibits any of the following signs, then you just might have to look into finding a crew for full floor sanding and restoration.

1. Fading and dull polish
If your wooden floors look like something straight out of a horror movie then it is time to have them restored. In this case, you might have things like chipping polish or areas where it is fully worn out leaving dirty exposed wood. In addition to looking really bad, this leaves your wood boards and panels exposed to the elements including water and dust. With time, these cause damage costing you a lot more that you would have used to have the finish reapplied. Therefore, if things do not look good get them fixed as soon as possible.

2. Signs of water damage
Water damage is one of the main reasons why floor restoration is done. In addition to weakening the wood, water damage promotes growth of mould and mildew which can actually be bad for your health. Signs of water damage to look out for include musty odours and change in colour of the wood especially along the edges. If you notice this, chances are that you will have to invest in full floor restoration.

3. Numerous gouges and dents
A single surface irregularity here and there might be easily fixed with simple sanding and refinishing. However, when the gouges and dents are numerous and widespread, full restoration becomes an absolute necessity.

4. Unstable panels and boards
Creaking floor boards, cupping and buckling are also signs that restoration on your wood floors is long overdue. Depending on the cause and extent of the damage, you can have anything from complete reinstallation to simple replacement of faulty units.

How to get the most from your investment

Once you have identified the need to solicit the services of a professional floor restoration business, the next step is ensuring that you get full value for your money. Below are a few tips that should help ensure that everything works out in your favour with the floor restoration.
1. Find a business that specialized in full restoration.
2. Avoid suspiciously cheap offers.
3. Make your expectations crystal clear.
4. Be present, ask questions and voice concerns if you have any.

Full restoration is without a doubt one of the most involving wooden floor restoration services there is. With the 4 simple tips above, you should be able to get results that you will enjoy for decades. The key is identifying the problems in time and finding the right business to work with. That way, whether it is water damage or simple aging, your restoration project will be a major success.



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Floor Sanding Dublin 7


Water Based Floor Varnish & Junckers Strong Plus Finish

Natural Wood Stain And Junckers Strong Plus Floor Lacquer


Floor Sanding Dublin 7

Floor Sanding Company

Floor Sanding Services

Floor Varnishing Dublin 7

Dublin Floor Sanding provides quality floor sanding services in Dublin 7 and the surrounding area. All our machines are dustless and very powerful , capable of finishing huge areas in very short periods of time. Our flooring specialists are fully trained , polite and very professional. From our website you can find out information about our floor sanding services , our covered area and our latest projects. Our minimum order is 250€ vat included. Our company deals with both , commercial and domestic customers. For the commercial market we can provide safety statements . We are open 24/7 but for late and weekend appointments we will require 24-48 hours notice. Our company can sand any type of solid and semi solid wood floors and we can stain your floors in any color you want. If you are interested in any of our services please contact us at 014304313 and one of our specialists will be with you in no time.


Dustless Floor Sanding Experts You Can Rely On

Loss of your wood floor’s beauty is a culmination of various factors. It starts out at foot traffic. Dirt is tracked into the interior space, and more particles settle onto the surface from the environment- whether it’s dust particles from the air, pet fur and dander, or even bits of fibre from the furnishings and upholstery. When these particles accumulate on the surface, they become a danger to the wood when people walk on them. Abrasive action results, with the friction effects being similar to using sandpaper on the wood. This is further compounded by the high traffic that is witnessed in commercial establishments and the busy homes of this day and age. On top of this, there’s the kind of footwear that is used. High heels that strain the surface, spiked shoes that cause scratches, those with metal heels that leave behind scuff marks, all through to rubber soled shoes that create dark marks on the floor- they all take away its appeal. Over time, the floor dulls and begins to look dilapidated, no matter how much you clean it. In fact, intensive cleaning- especially where tough scrubbing tools are used, also abrades the finish. There are those cases where one uses the wrong cleaning products, with chemicals that discolour the surface, to those that cause outright corrosion. This affects both the beauty and the structural integrity of the wood. Add to this factors such as scratches from pet’s claws, motorised carts that are used in the establishment, all through to those luggage bags with wheels that are pulled over the floor. This leads to a negative cumulative effect on the surface, ruining the ambience of the interior space. The sun is not out of the picture. It causes colour changes, from bleaching and fading, to darkening depending on the specific type of wood species. This can be easily observed by comparing sections of the surface that are hidden under furniture or covered with mats and rugs, to those out in the open. However, not all is lost. You can bring back the charm to your installation using expert floor sanding and restoration services.
Reasons To Hire Professional Dustless Floor Sanding Dublin Services
The time, energy, and resources that are demanded for by a DIY floor sanding job make it taxing and expensive. What’s more, it’s fraught with risks as you may end up ruining the floor boards, or damaging the machines that have been rented, resulting in further losses and bloating up your budget. Issues such as manoeuvring the sanding machinery over the surface, the pace involved, failing to observe precautions like turning the sander on and off when the sanding belt is not in contact with the floor, using poorly tuned equipment that create divot marks on the surface, and failing to follow the appropriate grit sequence with the sandpaper, all affect the quality of the results. Even scratches that appear miniscule will be glaring anomalies once the finish coats are applied. All this can be avoiding by calling up our floor sanding Dublin specialists. Since manufacturers insist on floor maintenance jobs being carried out by certified professionals, turning to us will enable you to protect your investment and warranty at the same time. Our services have been priced with you in mind. Each establishment as its unique needs, from the size of the floor area, the finish coats being removed and the type of wood species, plus the refinishing processes involved. You get to save of your floor sanding and restoration costs, allowing you to get the quality results you desire without depleting your finances.


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