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Floor sanding, hard parquet sanding services in Dublin

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What Is Domestic Floor Sanding?

Domestic Floor Sanding Experts For You

Hardwood floors are a gem for homeowners. They come with a wide array of benefits that turn the house into a comfortable home. First, of course, is the intrinsic beauty and appeal. With wood floors, it’s about bringing nature indoors. That look and feel that you get from the installation cannot be replicated by other flooring types. It’s a natural flair that makes the interior space warm and inviting. From the wood species themselves, to the sealants, wood stains, lacquers and other surface treatment products, there are numerous options to address the diverse décor needs. That way you get to have an establishment that reflects your personality, and one that you can be proud of. However, it’s not just about the elegance. Wood also has functionality attributes that assist with everyday life. For starters, it is not electromagnetic. As such, dust, dander, pollen and similar particles don’t get attracted or trapped by the surface. This is welcome news to homes where there are family members sensitive to allergies, since the installation boosts efforts of maintaining the indoor air quality. Since there will be particles that will eventually end up on it due to gravity, they can be easily cleaned off. You won’t have to worry about spending hours scrubbing the floors, dealing with grout lines or even shampooing as is with other flooring types. With wood floors, all that’s needed is regular vacuuming or sweeping, and the occasional damp mopping. The tissue structure of the wood also makes it a great insulator. In fact, just one inch of wood provides as much insulation as over a dozen inches of concrete. Since heat loss from the building is reduced, you get to save on your monthly energy bills spent on running systems to warm up the residence. The structure also absorbs sounds, which is beneficial when it comes to reducing noise levels in the house. Whether you want some peace and quiet while your kids are running around playing in the upstairs bedroom, you want to prevent conflicts between neighbours on different floors of apartment buildings, or you simply want to enjoy the experience with your home theatre system, the wood reduces sound reverberation, allowing you to have conducive living conditions. Then there’s the aspect of it being a green product. By installing wood flooring, you’re actually reducing your carbon footprint. This may not appear to be the case at face value, since trees have to be cut down for the flooring to become available. However, as trees are felled, more are planted. In fact, there is increased acreage being put under sustainable forests to meet the growing demand for wood flooring, which has had a net positive impact on the environment. Then there’s the durability. Wood floors can last for decades. In fact, there are establishments that have had them for over a century. All through that while, they haven’t lost their style. All that is required is regular maintenance. Part of that entails domestic floor sanding and restoration to keep the wood in top shape, retaining its beauty and protecting its structure.
Why You Should Call In the Domestic Floor Sanding And Refinishing Professionals
1. Dustless systems
As the floor gets sanded, coarse and fine particles are generated. Efficient suction is needed to prevent them from covering the items in your home- from your electronics, closets, countertops, furniture, all through to the lighting fixtures and upholstery. The vacuums and dust bags that come with the sanders for DIY projects, barely have the capacity to take care of it all. What this means is that you end up having to do an intensive cleaning smack in the middle of the floor restoration project. This draws out the process, not to mention increases your workload. With our domestic floor sanding systems, that won’t be a concern. Our professional team comes with dustless systems for the task. Here, high-powered vacuum systems attached to the sanders pick up both the fine and coarse sanding dust particles immediately they are formed and direct them off the property through hoses into collection units. This prevents them from escaping into the interior space and onto your items, which enhances the speed of the operations since the need for the in-depth clean will be avoided. Dustless domestic floor sanding is about more than just keeping your valuables safe. You don’t want your family members getting exposed to the invasive dust. It’s an allergen, leading to reactions in the respiratory system, and also inflaming skin conditions for those with sensitive skin. Coughing, watery eyes and sneezing, worsened eczema, are not your only concern. The sanding dust is mixed with particles from the chemical products that are used to formulate the surface treatments used on the floor. From the sealants, flame-retardants to the volatile organic compounds, these chemicals will open Pandora’s Box of health issues once inhaled. You want to restore the elegance to your floor, not wind up with mounting medical bills. Moreover, you don’t want your family members dealing with discomfort and body pains. This is avoided by ensuring that the dust problem is taken care of in the first place, which is why our team employs dustless systems for your domestic floor sanding needs.
2. High-powered tools
We have made heavy investments in high quality domestic floor sanding machinery, to ensure that professional results are delivered fast. The sanders used come packing a punch, with the power needed to grind through multiple layers of surface treatment products and reach the underlying wood. The machinery used by our crew is different from the equipment that is rented from stores. This is because, in order to increase portability and user experience, the rented sanders have reduced component parts, which cuts into their capacity to deliver. This is a huge reason behind the increased time taken during DIY and rookie floor sanding projects. On the contrary, the highly effective sanders operated by our crew make light of the sanding process, meaning that huge floor areas can be covered in a fraction of the time. The surface is prepared to receive the fresh new coats, by opening up its pores and smoothening it out. The products that are applied get to form a strong bond with the wood structure, thus enhancing their efficacy. The uniform surface enables an even coat application, which is crucial in determining the beauty of the end result. Those scratches that have formed on the surface are removed, and gaps filled. Speaking of which, the gap filler product that is used, when mixed with some of the sanding dust that has been collected, forms a paste which when added to the gaps blends in, having taken up the colouration attributes of the specific floorboards. Whether you’re replacing old and worn out coats, or you had recently carried out a refinishing project and ended up with unsatisfactory results, our domestic floor sanding and restoration team has got you covered.
3. Accentuate Your Interior
You want your home to be elegant. You spend lots of time in it, raise your kids, host guests and nurture yourself. You should be able to have an inviting look and feel welcoming you into the premises the moment you walk through the front door. You should be able to carry out your activities without being distracted by dilapidated flooring, or lose sleep because of the poor state of the décor that is caused by dull and forlorn floors. You don’t want to have to keep explaining yourself to your guests each time they pop by for a visit, giving awkward stories of how the floor ended up in its current state. Since the floor goes everywhere on the building, its condition reflects on the rest of the items, from the furnishings to the walls, and artwork. Those elegant electronics that you had purchased, plus the expensive upholstery intended to spruce up the interior space, will not have the desired impact when the flooring is dragging down the décor. It’s not just for the home owners. Realtors looking for tenants to take up residence, or in the process of preparing an open house to attract buyers to seal deals on the property will have an uphill task getting parties interested in the premises if they are already put off by a poorly maintained floor. It gives them a negative perception. After all, what does that say about the rest of the establishment? With quality domestic floor sanding and restoration services, you won’t have to worry about any of that. The wear effects are reversed, and your installation given a new lease of life, that enables you to be proud of your home, host your guests with confidence, and make lucrative deals for those in the real estate market.
4. Enhance the life of your floor
Dirt and foot traffic are threats to your floor. The soiling tracked in from the outside as people walk into your home, plus the dust particles gradually settling onto the surface from the air above, accumulate and increase the risk to the surface finish. Underfoot, they are abrasive. When people walk on the particles, they get grinded against the surface, which results in wearing down. If left unchecked, sections of the finish can get so worn out that the underlying wood is exposed, leading to danger to its structural integrity. When it comes to foot traffic, the kind of shoes that are worn also factors in. Take for instance high heels. A lady in those dashing stilettos is no doubt exquisite. However, her entire weight is applied onto the floor through the limited surface area that the heel is in contact with. The resultant force is multiplied, putting a strain of the flooring. Add to this aspects such as kids with their toy car races, plus the train tracks that are laid on the ground for them to play with. These end up causing scratches on the surface. Your furry friend also poses risk to the floor. As cars and dogs run around, they need traction in order to maintain grip on the surface and not topple over. They achieve this by pulling out their sharp claws and digging into the surface. As such, your pet, the additional member of the family and loved by everyone in the household, becomes a threat to your expensive wood floor installation. Occasional spills that are not cleaned up the moment they are formed, whether it’s food and beverage spills or ink blots and urine stains from your pet, end up leaving unsightly stains on the surface. Without adequate surface protection, these can proceed to seep into the underlying wood, and it will then take loads of more effort and resources to get rid of them. Water damage is also a concern, as you don’t want those accidental spills disturbing the moisture balance between the wood floor and its surrounding, resulting in issues such as warping an cupping. The sun, shining into your home and lighting up the interior, also causes fading or darkening of the wood. The specific effect depends on the actual type of the wood species- just as some people tan and others develop sunburns on prolonged exposure to sunlight. The difference can be easily observed when sections of the wood floor out in the open are compared to those that are hidden, such as under furniture. Revitalising the finish on the surface of the wood floor will enable you to preserve its strength and durability, and see it last through the years. That requires the existing worn out layers to be removed and fresh new coats of protection applied. Calling the domestic floor sanding and restoration experts will enable you get that done to quality standards.
5. Affordable
Bringing back the elegance to your home doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. With our affordable domestic floor sanding prices, you won’t have to worry about that. The pricing structure has been designed to take into account your unique situation. Issues like the size of the floor being worked on, the type of installation since different kinds of wood may require specific tools or processes, the condition of the existing finishing or coating, and accessibility, are factored into the pricing.



Floor Sanding Dublin

Recommend A Good Floor Sanding Company


Recommend A Good Floor Sanding Company


If your floor has lost its impressive shine and is looking water damaged and dull you will need the services of a professional floor sanding company. You may want the job done quickly to be done with it. But don’t jump in head first, take your time to consider a few things to make sure you find the best floor sanding company for the job.


A good floor sanding company is likely to have been in business for generations, right?. There are floor sanding businesses in their third generation. Just because they are in business for 50 years does not mean that they are amazing at what they do. In many cases, older floor sanding companies are overpriced and they use outdated floor sanding techniques and products.


Then there are new floor sanding companies without the family name and background behind them. Again, just because a floor sanding company is not in business for 50 years, it does not make them good or bad. The last 3 projects done are the most important. What their father or grandfather did is not relevant.


Here are few tips how to pick a great floor sanding contractor:


a.            References – you may see a lot of good references on online forums from Miss x and Mister Y? All fake. Very few people will specifically go to a review website to create an account and write a glowing review about a floor sanding company or any company. People usually only write reviews to complain when they have received a bad service and are unhappy. Most people expect good quality work from a professional floor sanding company and they will not review standard work. A floor sanding contractor should have verifiable references on its website from existing business with addresses, contact details and pictures of the project. But only commercial work. Few, if any, domestic customers would be happy to have their personal details on public view on a website so do not expect to see contact details for private customers and treat any such details with suspicion. Would you like your home address and your mobile phone number listed on a high traffic website? Imagine 50 people calling you daily to recommend a floor sanding company. So, most internet reviews are fake. If you are seeking recommendations on forums ask for private messages only as you are more likely to receive good advice rather than fake reviews from advertisers.

b.            Free estimates – there are many floor sanding companies that charge 20 to 40 euro for an estimate. There are no such things as free things in life and you will pay for the “free estimate” in one way or another. Most floor sanding contractors will charge 10% to cover the costs of “free” estimates. If you contact a floor sanding contractor to ask for an estimate, you should only pay for the estimate if you accept the quote.

c.             Insurance – insurance is a must. Your floors can be easily damaged and replacing them can be very expensive and time consuming. Things can always go wrong so you need to hire a fully insured floor sanding contractor.

d.            Sample tests – any decent floor sanding contractor will do a few samples of finishes on your own floor. There are ultra matt, satin and gloss floor finishes and you will want to see how they will look on your own floor before deciding on the finish you want. You will have to live with your floors for many years so you need to pick the right finish. Bear in mind that a wood stain that looks grey on X floor could look brown on your floor. Ask for a sample test on your own floor.


You should keep all these things in mind before choosing a floor sanding contractor. Ask for insurance, free estimates, genuine references and test samples on your floor. Ask friends or relatives for recommendations.


Recommend A Great Floor Sanding Contractor

6 Ways To Get Full Value For Your Money With Floor Sanding

Pine Floor Refinished

Old Pine Floor After Staining

Floor Sanding & Clear Floor Varnish

50 Years Old Pine Boards restored



6 Ways To Get Full Value For Your Money With Floor Sanding

Whether it is your home or your office building that you are getting serviced, there is no denying the importance of high quality floor sanding. When working with professional crews that are good at what they do, you are usually assured great results. However, there is a lot that you as the client can do in order to ensure that this actually happens. Below are 6 tips that should help ensure that you get full value for your money with floor sanding services.
Tips To Help You Make The Most Of Your Investment
1. Take your time searching for the right crew
One of the best ways to participate in the success of your floor sanding service is by ensuring that you get the best crew for the job. This means that you will have to take your time deciding who to work with. In this case, it is important to do some research and figure out what different businesses are offering. It is also important to go through reviews and testimonials from previous clients. This allows you to get a better idea of what to expect.
2. Get different price quotes from different businesses
When it comes to getting full value for your money, one of the most important things is striking a balance between priorities and preferences. With your expectations in mind, what you need to do is to find out what different businesses are charging. Getting a price quote allows you to compare them in order to find the best business for you. Getting a price quote also works in your advantage as it ensures that you are protected from abrupt price switches and unnecessary extra charges.
3. Be present during the project
One mistake that most home and business owners make is leaving the crew all alone during floor sanding projects. It is important to be present every once in a while in order to ensure that things are going as planned. Being present also reduces the risk of you getting ripped off either through low quality work or delayed results.
4. Give the crew some space
As much as it is important to be present, you need to be careful not to hover unnecessarily. Giving the crew their space and time to work ensures that they work without interruption in a comfortable environment. In short, just try to find the perfect balance between being present and absent and you can rest assured that things will be done as you want them.
5. Make your expectations crystal clear
Floor sanding experts are not mind readers and you will therefore have to make your expectations very clear. If you want full value for your money, this is very important as it allows those working on your floor to have a reference point in terms of expected results.
6. Voice out any concerns you may have
It is also very important for you to ask questions and express your concerns during the project if you have any. More often than not, one of the main complaints is that of delays and missed deadlines. As the client, you have every right to voice your concerns and it might just be what is needed to get things going. It is also important to ask for clarification and explanations when you identify any problems in the way the floor sanding is being done. Even though you are not the expert, it is your home and your money and you have every right to be informed.
In a nutshell, it is important for you to understand that the success of the floor sanding project is as much in your hands as it is in those of the crew. With the tips above, you should be able to play your role in a satisfactory manner. Bottom line; whether it is fresh installation on your new commercial building or basic floor restoration on your living room, there is a lot you can do to ensure great results.


Floor Sanding Services

Specialist Floor Sanding Services For You

Water Based Floor Varnish & Junckers Strong Plus Finish

Natural Wood Stain And Junckers Strong Plus Floor Lacquer



Specialist Floor Sanding Services For You 

Wood comes with its unique set of advantages over other flooring options. For starters, it is warm, both literally and figuratively. As an insulator, it prevents heat loss from the building and your feet as you walk on it, and it also makes the ambience more warm and inviting. One of the factors behind its popularity is the variety of surface finish options, from water based lacquers that set a smooth and durable surface, to hand scraped wood for those that want a more rustic-type finishing. There are different wood species to choose from- including Red and White Oak, Cherry, Maple, Jatoba, Pine and even Mahogany. Stains that can be applied that will enhance the colour of the underlying structure or change it completely- it all depends on your particular needs. That way, you get to setup the installation that reflects your personality at home, or provides a professional image in your business premises. Wood also enables you to improve indoor air quality. Their organic and non-electromagnetic structure, plus the lack of fibres and features like grout lines, means that they do not harbour allergens or harmful pesticides tracked in from the outdoors. Those particles can be easily removed through quick cleaning processes. Keeping your wood floor elegant requires the surface to be occasionally refinished. The restoration process will require the existing, old and worn out surface treatments to be removed- which is accomplished through floor sanding processes.

Why You Should Turn To The Experts To Sand Your Floor
As the wood is sanded down the particles of the existing finish get mixed up in the sanding dust. This means that it’s not just particles of the bare wood that are covering the items in your home or business premises, or floating around in the airspace. There are toxins and carcinogens, in addition to the dust being an allergen by itself. This, in addition to dealing with a colossal cleaning chore, is not how you want things to go down. With our dustless floor sanding systems, you get to avoid the dangers and frustrations that come with both the coarse and fine particles. Powerful vacuuming systems, attached to the sanders through hoses, suck out the particles the moment that are grinded off from the floor. This ensures that the floor sanding is carried out in an efficient and healthy manner. The sanders themselves are powerful, capable of breaking down multiple layers of tough finish applied to the floor, grinding through to the bare wood. Opening up the pores allows the treatments that are applied afterwards to bond strongly to the surface. The smooth surface allows the coats of finish to follow to easily be spread out onto the floor, enhancing the quality of the results.
With our floor sanding services, customer experience is key. This ranges from the moment you get in touch with us and speak to our support crew, to the how the team sent to your establishment conducts itself while on your property. They will answer your queries about the process, even offering you floor restoration and care tips to enable you get the most out of your investment. In addition, our floor sanding services are affordable, allowing you to get the elegant results you desire without breaking the bank.

Floor Sanding Glasnevin


Floor Sanding Glasnevin

Floor Sanding Services

Floor Sanding Company

Floor Varnishing

Our company provides professional floor sanding services in Glasnevin and the surrounding area. All our floor sanding services are fully insured and highly recommended. Dublin Floor Sanding provides two types of floor sanding services , commercial floor sanding and domestic floor sanding services. All our floor sanding specialists are fully insured and highly recommended. We own some of the most powerfull floor sanding machines capable of sanding huge floor areas.  All our floor sanding estimates are free of charge and no obligation. We are open for business 24/7 but for late or weekend floor sanding jobs we will require 24 hours notice. If you are interested in any of our floor sanding services please contact us at 014304313 and one of our specialists will be with you in no time.


The Floor Sanding Team You Can Count On

Wood floors are all the rage because of their beauty and functionality. That natural charm that they bring to the interior space is simply unmatched. A luxurious look and feel that makes the premises more inviting, and adds glamour to the décor. What’s more, there are plenty of options to choose from, including oak, maple, cherry, mahogany, ash, the exotic teak, jarrah and mesquite, and even bamboo which is actually a grass but strong enough to be used for flooring. Even the products for the surface treatment are numerous, from the wood stains and sealants, to the lacquers and topcoats that are applied. Hence, one gets to set up the colouration and gloss that suits their unique needs. In addition to the aesthetic value that the wood floors bring, there’s also their strength and durability attributes. When properly taken care of, wood floors can last for generations. All it takes is proper cleaning, plus floor sanding and refinishing when the existing treatment beings to wear down. As such, you can have your installation lasting as long as the building itself. The wood itself is also a heat and sound insulator. Both of these traits are attributed to its tissue structure, with all the air spaces within. This means that, by getting a wood floor installed in your residential or commercial building, you lower your energy bills, since heat loss from the building is reduced. With sounds being absorbed and reverberation reduced, noise levels decrease and echoes are done away with, and you get to enjoy your home theatre and music systems in your establishment. Wood is also easy to clean, since it doesn’t have grout lines or fibres holding in the dirt particles. In order to keep your installation looking elegant and retain its structural integrity, regular maintenance is required. For this, turn to the floor sanding and restoration specialists.

Benefits Of Using Professional Floor Sanding Services

DIY floor sanding can be a messy project, what with all the dust that is generated. It ends up covering your furniture, lighting fixtures, getting into the sinks and drainage, and affecting systems such as the building’s HVAC units. This necessitates a monstrous cleaning job in the middle of the floor restoration project, ending up taking more of your time and consuming loads of energy. This is in addition to the already existent risks, such as damage to the floor by poorly tuned equipment, or improper usage of the floor sanders. Turning to our expert floor sanding team will enable you to save on time and energy, and also avoid the risks involved. Powerful equipment is used to efficiently grind away the existing coats of finish that are on the floor’s surface, giving your installation a fresh new start. Top-of-the-range vacuum systems attached to the sanders provide the required suction power to deal with the dust that is generated during the process, thus protecting both the interior environment and the persons on the premises from getting affected. The crew will arrive at your premises right on schedule, which means that you can accurately make your plans without worrying about things being thrown into disarray. Professional and courteous, they will handle your property with the respect and care it deserves, to ensure that you are fully satisfied with our service delivery.



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Floor Sanding Clontarf


Floor Sanding Clontarf

Floor Varnishing Clontarf

Floor Staining Clontarf

Commercial Floor Sanding Clontarf

Domestic Floor Sanding Clontarf

Floor Sanding


Dublin Floor Sanding is providing professional floor sanding services in Clontarf and the surrounding area. All our floor sanding services are fully insured and highly recommended. Our company uses dustless floor sanding machines only. From our website you can find out information about our floor sanding services , our covered area and our latest projects. All our floor sanding specialists are fully trained , polite and the best at their trade.  Our company is open for business 24/7 but for late or weekend floor sanding appointments we will require 24 hours notice. We can sand any type of solid and semi solid floors and we can guarantee you that only the best varnishes and floor staining it will be ever used. We can repair and recondition old floor boards and we can transform it within few hours. Our company provides two types of floor sanding services , commercial floor sanding and domestic floor sanding services. On the domestic floor sanding side of the business we deal with many estate agents , property management companies , landlords and many private customers. Our floor sanding services are highly appreciated for easy booking system , long opening hours and brilliant quality. Our floor sanding pricing is very affordable and our work quality is second to none. All our floor sanding estimates are free of charge and no obligation. If you are interested in any of our floor sanding services please contact us at 014304313 and one of our specialists will be with you in no time.


Getting Your Floor Care Needs Met Professionally


Mistakes made during DIY floor sanding are costly. Chatter marks, divots, drum marks, and eating too much into the wood layers will lead to diverse effects, from simply ruining the quality of the results, to damaging the wood itself and necessitating expensive repairs. Even those minor discrepancies created with the sanders will show up after the finish is applied. Undulations on the surface will also make walking uncomfortable, with the dips creating collection points for spills that accidentally occur, increasing the risk of water damage. Even not sanding sufficiently, as is seen when the sanders are passed too fast over the surface such that they don’t grind through the existing finish enough, will mean that the new layers to be applied will not be able to form a strong bond with the wood, affecting the quality of the results. There are also those instances when the mixture of the old and new finishes will result in unsightly colourations on the floor surface, meaning that the entire process will need to be repeated from scratch, starting back at the floor sanding all through to the refinishing. This just means more time and resources are consumed. Speaking of resources, the machinery that is rented from dealer stores does not pack the same punch as the equipment used by the floor sanding Dublin professionals. The reduced size of component parts cuts down on its power ratings, meaning that the DIY job will take longer, and require more energy from you. Even material such as sand paper comes in. With sanding, one needs to start with low-grit and work up to the fine-grit sandpaper. The specific grit used depends on the condition of the floor. In some instances, one may need to go as low as 12 or 16 grit. Getting quality paper is also key, since you don’t want it clogging up with the finish before it gets dull. Dealing will all this issues can be taxing. Avoid the hustle by calling in the floor sanding professionals.

Value Of Relying On The Floor Sanding Specialists

You want fast and efficient floor sanding and restoration. Processes that will be carried out in a timely manner without compromising the quality of the results. After all, the floor is a huge structure, and when it is out of commission, the specific rooms in the establishment that are being worked on are not in use. Hence, you want the task to be completed and normalcy to resume so that your day-to-day operations can carry on unhindered. You may even be a realtor looking to spruce up the establishment in preparation for an open house, and you don’t want your floor restoration being drawn out and messing up your plans. When you bring in our floor sanding and refinishing specialists, you won’t have to worry about any of that. They employ the latest in floor care technology, with machinery that is high-powered to speed up the operations and leave you with a smile. Dust won’t be an issue, as the dustless floor sanding gear gets rid of the coarse and fine particles that are grinded off your floor, before they get a chance to cover the items in your establishment, or fill the indoor air space. This means that a hefty cleaning task won’t be on the cards, and you also get to protect the persons on the premises from the health effects of the invasive dust. All this is done at pocket-friendly prices, allowing you to bring back the elegance to your establishment without breaking the bank.



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