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What Is Domestic Floor Sanding?

Domestic Floor Sanding Experts For You

Hardwood floors are a gem for homeowners. They come with a wide array of benefits that turn the house into a comfortable home. First, of course, is the intrinsic beauty and appeal. With wood floors, it’s about bringing nature indoors. That look and feel that you get from the installation cannot be replicated by other flooring types. It’s a natural flair that makes the interior space warm and inviting. From the wood species themselves, to the sealants, wood stains, lacquers and other surface treatment products, there are numerous options to address the diverse décor needs. That way you get to have an establishment that reflects your personality, and one that you can be proud of. However, it’s not just about the elegance. Wood also has functionality attributes that assist with everyday life. For starters, it is not electromagnetic. As such, dust, dander, pollen and similar particles don’t get attracted or trapped by the surface. This is welcome news to homes where there are family members sensitive to allergies, since the installation boosts efforts of maintaining the indoor air quality. Since there will be particles that will eventually end up on it due to gravity, they can be easily cleaned off. You won’t have to worry about spending hours scrubbing the floors, dealing with grout lines or even shampooing as is with other flooring types. With wood floors, all that’s needed is regular vacuuming or sweeping, and the occasional damp mopping. The tissue structure of the wood also makes it a great insulator. In fact, just one inch of wood provides as much insulation as over a dozen inches of concrete. Since heat loss from the building is reduced, you get to save on your monthly energy bills spent on running systems to warm up the residence. The structure also absorbs sounds, which is beneficial when it comes to reducing noise levels in the house. Whether you want some peace and quiet while your kids are running around playing in the upstairs bedroom, you want to prevent conflicts between neighbours on different floors of apartment buildings, or you simply want to enjoy the experience with your home theatre system, the wood reduces sound reverberation, allowing you to have conducive living conditions. Then there’s the aspect of it being a green product. By installing wood flooring, you’re actually reducing your carbon footprint. This may not appear to be the case at face value, since trees have to be cut down for the flooring to become available. However, as trees are felled, more are planted. In fact, there is increased acreage being put under sustainable forests to meet the growing demand for wood flooring, which has had a net positive impact on the environment. Then there’s the durability. Wood floors can last for decades. In fact, there are establishments that have had them for over a century. All through that while, they haven’t lost their style. All that is required is regular maintenance. Part of that entails domestic floor sanding and restoration to keep the wood in top shape, retaining its beauty and protecting its structure.
Why You Should Call In the Domestic Floor Sanding And Refinishing Professionals
1. Dustless systems
As the floor gets sanded, coarse and fine particles are generated. Efficient suction is needed to prevent them from covering the items in your home- from your electronics, closets, countertops, furniture, all through to the lighting fixtures and upholstery. The vacuums and dust bags that come with the sanders for DIY projects, barely have the capacity to take care of it all. What this means is that you end up having to do an intensive cleaning smack in the middle of the floor restoration project. This draws out the process, not to mention increases your workload. With our domestic floor sanding systems, that won’t be a concern. Our professional team comes with dustless systems for the task. Here, high-powered vacuum systems attached to the sanders pick up both the fine and coarse sanding dust particles immediately they are formed and direct them off the property through hoses into collection units. This prevents them from escaping into the interior space and onto your items, which enhances the speed of the operations since the need for the in-depth clean will be avoided. Dustless domestic floor sanding is about more than just keeping your valuables safe. You don’t want your family members getting exposed to the invasive dust. It’s an allergen, leading to reactions in the respiratory system, and also inflaming skin conditions for those with sensitive skin. Coughing, watery eyes and sneezing, worsened eczema, are not your only concern. The sanding dust is mixed with particles from the chemical products that are used to formulate the surface treatments used on the floor. From the sealants, flame-retardants to the volatile organic compounds, these chemicals will open Pandora’s Box of health issues once inhaled. You want to restore the elegance to your floor, not wind up with mounting medical bills. Moreover, you don’t want your family members dealing with discomfort and body pains. This is avoided by ensuring that the dust problem is taken care of in the first place, which is why our team employs dustless systems for your domestic floor sanding needs.
2. High-powered tools
We have made heavy investments in high quality domestic floor sanding machinery, to ensure that professional results are delivered fast. The sanders used come packing a punch, with the power needed to grind through multiple layers of surface treatment products and reach the underlying wood. The machinery used by our crew is different from the equipment that is rented from stores. This is because, in order to increase portability and user experience, the rented sanders have reduced component parts, which cuts into their capacity to deliver. This is a huge reason behind the increased time taken during DIY and rookie floor sanding projects. On the contrary, the highly effective sanders operated by our crew make light of the sanding process, meaning that huge floor areas can be covered in a fraction of the time. The surface is prepared to receive the fresh new coats, by opening up its pores and smoothening it out. The products that are applied get to form a strong bond with the wood structure, thus enhancing their efficacy. The uniform surface enables an even coat application, which is crucial in determining the beauty of the end result. Those scratches that have formed on the surface are removed, and gaps filled. Speaking of which, the gap filler product that is used, when mixed with some of the sanding dust that has been collected, forms a paste which when added to the gaps blends in, having taken up the colouration attributes of the specific floorboards. Whether you’re replacing old and worn out coats, or you had recently carried out a refinishing project and ended up with unsatisfactory results, our domestic floor sanding and restoration team has got you covered.
3. Accentuate Your Interior
You want your home to be elegant. You spend lots of time in it, raise your kids, host guests and nurture yourself. You should be able to have an inviting look and feel welcoming you into the premises the moment you walk through the front door. You should be able to carry out your activities without being distracted by dilapidated flooring, or lose sleep because of the poor state of the décor that is caused by dull and forlorn floors. You don’t want to have to keep explaining yourself to your guests each time they pop by for a visit, giving awkward stories of how the floor ended up in its current state. Since the floor goes everywhere on the building, its condition reflects on the rest of the items, from the furnishings to the walls, and artwork. Those elegant electronics that you had purchased, plus the expensive upholstery intended to spruce up the interior space, will not have the desired impact when the flooring is dragging down the décor. It’s not just for the home owners. Realtors looking for tenants to take up residence, or in the process of preparing an open house to attract buyers to seal deals on the property will have an uphill task getting parties interested in the premises if they are already put off by a poorly maintained floor. It gives them a negative perception. After all, what does that say about the rest of the establishment? With quality domestic floor sanding and restoration services, you won’t have to worry about any of that. The wear effects are reversed, and your installation given a new lease of life, that enables you to be proud of your home, host your guests with confidence, and make lucrative deals for those in the real estate market.
4. Enhance the life of your floor
Dirt and foot traffic are threats to your floor. The soiling tracked in from the outside as people walk into your home, plus the dust particles gradually settling onto the surface from the air above, accumulate and increase the risk to the surface finish. Underfoot, they are abrasive. When people walk on the particles, they get grinded against the surface, which results in wearing down. If left unchecked, sections of the finish can get so worn out that the underlying wood is exposed, leading to danger to its structural integrity. When it comes to foot traffic, the kind of shoes that are worn also factors in. Take for instance high heels. A lady in those dashing stilettos is no doubt exquisite. However, her entire weight is applied onto the floor through the limited surface area that the heel is in contact with. The resultant force is multiplied, putting a strain of the flooring. Add to this aspects such as kids with their toy car races, plus the train tracks that are laid on the ground for them to play with. These end up causing scratches on the surface. Your furry friend also poses risk to the floor. As cars and dogs run around, they need traction in order to maintain grip on the surface and not topple over. They achieve this by pulling out their sharp claws and digging into the surface. As such, your pet, the additional member of the family and loved by everyone in the household, becomes a threat to your expensive wood floor installation. Occasional spills that are not cleaned up the moment they are formed, whether it’s food and beverage spills or ink blots and urine stains from your pet, end up leaving unsightly stains on the surface. Without adequate surface protection, these can proceed to seep into the underlying wood, and it will then take loads of more effort and resources to get rid of them. Water damage is also a concern, as you don’t want those accidental spills disturbing the moisture balance between the wood floor and its surrounding, resulting in issues such as warping an cupping. The sun, shining into your home and lighting up the interior, also causes fading or darkening of the wood. The specific effect depends on the actual type of the wood species- just as some people tan and others develop sunburns on prolonged exposure to sunlight. The difference can be easily observed when sections of the wood floor out in the open are compared to those that are hidden, such as under furniture. Revitalising the finish on the surface of the wood floor will enable you to preserve its strength and durability, and see it last through the years. That requires the existing worn out layers to be removed and fresh new coats of protection applied. Calling the domestic floor sanding and restoration experts will enable you get that done to quality standards.
5. Affordable
Bringing back the elegance to your home doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. With our affordable domestic floor sanding prices, you won’t have to worry about that. The pricing structure has been designed to take into account your unique situation. Issues like the size of the floor being worked on, the type of installation since different kinds of wood may require specific tools or processes, the condition of the existing finishing or coating, and accessibility, are factored into the pricing.



Floor Sanding Dublin

Restore The Beauty To Your Floor

Natural Finish

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Restore The Beauty To Your Floor 

Is it time to give your wood flooring a fresh start? Has it been worn down due to the effects of everyday use? These range from foot traffic, pet’s claws that leave scratches, all through to the sun’s radiation that causes colour changes to the surface. Are there traffic lanes that have developed on the floor- especially on those frequently used areas? This is caused by the dirt particles that abrade the surface when people walk on them, to the dulling and straining effects caused by the kind of footwear used. Even those light toy cars that the children play with are a threat to the floor, since they can cause scratches during the drag races as they as pushed around. Is the floor dotted with stains that have set into the surface, taking away the glamour of the interior space? Food and drink spills, urine stains from your furry friend, all through to corrosive cleaning agents that damage the surface instead of tackling the dirt and grime- they call cause spots that ruin the appeal of the installation. Even regular cleaning itself causes wear, especially with the constant scrubbing of the surface. Nature also has a role to play. The sun’s radiation, specifically the ultraviolet and infrared rays, affect the surface finish and wood structure itself. While the finish may develop an amber tint, the wood can either darken or bleach- depending on the species that you have installed. There comes a time when you need a fresh new start- to get rid of the old and worn out coats and have a new finish applied to the surface. After all, you don’t want to be stuck with a dull and dilapidated surface. Hire professional floor sanding services to give your installation a new lease of life.

Enhance Your Living And Working Conditions With Floor Sanding And Refinishing

The state of the floor affects your quality of life. You don’t want to be coming home from work to be greeted by a dull and weary interior. Those elegant furniture sets and state-of-the-art electronics won’t be appealing against a backdrop of a worn out and stained floor. Even hosting guests becomes an issue, when you find yourself constantly being put on the defensive, wondering how the state of things reflects on your personality. Getting floor sanding and restoration services will enable you to bring back that lost natural look and feel to the interior space. A similar case applies to business premises, where you want your customers to value your brand, and trust the quality of the products and services that you have to offer. Getting them to make the purchase will be a tall order when they have a low perception of you because of the worn out floor and dingy décor. The floor sanding will give you a fresh start, getting to the bare wood and allowing you to apply the finish treatments that you desire to enhance your décor. There are different stains available for you to choose the colouration you want for your flooring, and the enhanced strength and durability from the varnishes used will protect the underlying wood, preserving its structural integrity. That way you enhance the life of your investment, and get to enjoy it all through.

Bring Back The Glamour To Your Floor


Dustless Floor Sanding Technology

Very rough living room in need of floor sanding

Domestic Floor Sanding

The floor was sanded, primed and refinished


Bring Back The Glamour To Your Floor 

Hardwood floors naturally get worn down due the traffic they handle. This is a combination of factors, from the dirt and debris which is grinded against the surface finish, to the shoes themselves- in cases like spiked footwear that causes scratches, and high heels that increase the strain on the surface. Indentations from furniture and appliances are common, especially when the sets in question are heavy. In addition, when the sets are being moved through dragging instead of lifting, unsightly gorges can form on the surface. Stains from food and drink spills that are allowed to set into the surface cause blemishes that ruin the colouration from the wood, affecting the décor. Then there are those cases when the inappropriate cleaning agents are used, which leads to anything from discoloration of the wood to corrosion of the flooring. Pets with their sharp claws, also cause scratches as they dash around the house. As kids play with their toys, the same thing can happen, especially when the floor is turned into a race track for their toy cars. Commercial establishments also have to factor in motorised carts, plus the luggage bags that have wheels to enable them to be pulled around. All these combine to add to the strain on the surface of the floor. Over time, it loses its appeal, bringing about the need to be restored. In some cases, one is simply tired of the current state of things, and wants to change the look and feel of the floor by applying different finish coats. Either way, the old and worn out ones have to be first removed through floor sanding, allowing the new ones to be applied.

Accentuate Your Interior Ambience

The state of the floor has an effect on the rest of the premises. You want it to be appealing, whether it’s bringing out your personality in your home, or impressing customers coming to your business premises. The wood floor is a major investment, and you want to be able to enjoy it all through its service life in your establishment. The floor sanding and refinishing will enable you to bring back that lost charm to your installation. You can even decide to change things by having a new wood stain and different gloss of water based finish applied. In addition to accentuating the beauty of the interior space, you also get to protect the structural integrity and functionality of the wood. Aspects such as its heat and sound insulation properties are enhanced, allowing you to get optimum use of the wood floor. Even cleaning becomes easier, since the smooth surface obtained after applying the water based finishes doesn’t trap particles of dirt and grime, allowing you to easily vacuum or mop them off. The wear and stain resistance properties of the wood are also increased. Relying on professional floor sanding services will enable you to get the task done faster and effectively, avoiding problems that come with DIY process- like sanding too much into the wood, or not enough such that the new finishes don’t get to bond well with the surface.

The Importance Of Hiring Professional Floor Sanding Experts

Quality Water Based Finishes

New Floor Sanding & Varnishing Project



The Importance Of Hiring Professional Floor Sanding Experts 

We live in a day and age where do it yourself projects are all the rage. Floor servicing has not been left behind either. However, the importance of working with professionals could not be emphasized enough. We could go on and on about the disadvantages and risks associated with DIY floor sanding. However, it is important to first understand the benefits and many perks you have to look forward to working with experts. Below are seven of these that should highlight just how much better it is to work with the pros.

7 Benefits Of Working With The Pros

1. They know what they are doing
Professionals in the floor sanding business are usually trained in their craft. This means that they know exactly what they are doing as they work on your floor. Their intensive training and experience ensures that whether it is simple sanding or full floor restoration, the floor will be handled as it should be.
2. They will get the job done a lot faster
With professional floor service crews, you can also rest assured that you will get to enjoy the results a lot faster. These projects usually take a lot of time. It is especially worse when it is being done by someone who is either not trained or is inexperienced. This can be a huge inconvenience especially if the work is being done in your home. With the professionals, it will be done as soon as possible allowing you to enjoy your space in no time.

3. They are appropriately equipped to handle the task
Floor sanding and restoration is very technical and requires very specific equipment. Professionals have fully stocked arsenals and are without a doubt the best equipped to work on your floors. Whether it is the latest high tech sander or a high precision device for applying floor finishing, you can rest assured that they have all they need to give you what you paid for.
4. They have a better understanding of the different materials used in flooring
Working with different flooring materials can be a daunting task to the inexperienced. How you handle tile is not how you handle wood panels. How you handle concrete is not how you handle laminate. Professionals understand this and know exactly how to work with whatever you have to ensure high quality results.

5. They are more experienced and therefore better suited to handle unforeseen challenges
With floor sanding as with most other projects, things do not always go as planned. This is where working with the pros comes in handy. Their experience is a major asset as it allows them to navigate through these challenges in ways that no guide book or DIY guideline article would let you.

6. You are assured of great results
With all their skills, experience and high tech equipment, you should expect nothing but the very best in terms of results.

7. It saves you a lot of time and effort
Finally, working with professionals saves you time and effort. All you have to do is find the right crew, explain your expectations and sit back and relax and your floor gets its much needed face lift.

With the 7 benefits to look forward to above, it goes without saying that going professional is the best move in floor sanding. Not only do you get to enjoy great results and speedy finishes but also convenience and a little down time for your enjoyment. In a nutshell, you can never go wrong working with professionals on floor sanding and other related services. All you need to do is to ensure that you get the best business for you needs.



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Floor Sanding Crumlin

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Dublin Floor Sanding provides professional floor sanding services in Crumlin and the surrounding area. All our floor sanding services are fully insured and highly recommended. From our website you can find out information about our floor sanding services , our covered area and our latest projects. All our floor sanding specialists are fully trained , polite and very professional. Our company uses dustless floor sanding machines only. We can sand any type of solid and semi solid wood floors and we can guarantee you that only the best varnishes and staining will ever be used. Our floor sanding pricing is very affordable and our work quality is second to none. Dublin Floor Sanding provides two types of floor sanding , commercial floor sanding and domestic floor sanding. On the commercial floor sanding side of the business we deal with many schools , pubs , restaurants , shops, etc. We are open for business 24/7 but for late or weekend floor sanding appointments we will require 1 week notice. All our floor sanding estimates are free of charge and no obligation. If you are interested in any of our floor sanding services please contact us at 014304313 and one of our specialists will drop around in no time.


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Floor Sanding Chapelizod

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Our company provides professional floor sanding services in Chapelizod and the surrounding area. All our floor sanding machines are dustless and very powerful. From our website you can find out information about our floor sanding services , our covered area and our latest projects. Our floor sanding pricing is very affordable and our work quality is second to none. All our floor sanding services are fully insured and highly recommended. Dublin Floor Sanding can sand any type of solid and semi solid wood flooring and we can guarantee you that only the best varnishes and staining will be ever be used. We are open for business 24/7 but for late or weekend floor sanding appointments we will require 1 week notice. Our company provides two types of floor sanding services , commercial floor sanding and domestic floor sanding services. On the commercial floor sanding side of the business we deal with many pubs , restaurants , shops , schools, etc. Our commercial floor sanding services are highly appreciated for easy booking system and fast reply to all enquires.  All our floor sanding estimates are free of charge and no obligation. If you are interested in any of our floor sanding services please contact us at 014304313 and one of our specialists will be with you in no time.


How To Sand Floors On A Budget

As a homeowner looking to have your floor sanded and restored, it is safe to say that affordability is just as important as quality. No one wants to spend a fortune getting their floors redone. The good news here is that there is a lot that you can do to ensure that you do not end up spending too much in pursuit of the perfect wood floor. Below are some tips that should help you get great floor sanding services on a budget.

Tips To Help You Save The Extra Penny Or Two

1. Prioritise- one room at a time
Unless you are renovating an old beat-down home, there is no need to have all your floors restored at the same time. This will cost you a lot of time and money not to mention the complete inconvenience. In order to save money when having a floor sanded on a budget, it is important for you to give priority to the rooms that need it the most. These are rooms where the wood is pretty much on the verge of death with anything from serious water damage to complete wearing out of finishing layers.

2. Take good care of your floors
Another way to ensure that you save money as far as floor sanding is concerned is by taking care of your floors. Wooden floors may be beautiful and classy but they are very high maintenance. If you show them regular tender loving care with proper washes and adequate protection, chances are that you will not have to spend a lot, if any, money on restoration projects.

3. Keep an eye and ear out for offers and discounts
As with any other business, floor sanding crew sometimes offer discounts to customers both old and new. If you are looking to save the extra penny, then these are definitely worth considering.

4. Be proactive during the project
Another way to save money with floor sanding is lending a hand and actually doing some of the work yourself. More often than not, the business will do everything for you from moving your furniture to cleaning after the polish dries. Of all the processes involved, there are a few that only they can do best including sanding. If you are working with a business that bills the preparation and clean-up separately, you might want to consider doing this yourself. This means that you move your own furniture and cover accessories leaving the floor sanding crews to do what they do best.

5. Do your research
Finally, in order to save money with floor sanding projects, you will have to do some research. In this industry, it is possible to get great services at either high or low prices. With the latter, the trick is in knowing where to look. Here, you will have to find out what different businesses are offering and at what prices. After sufficient comparison in terms of affordability and quality, you should be able to narrow it down to a business worthy of your time and hard earned money.

It is clear that the key to saving money without interfering with quality is learning how to compromise and improvise. With the tips highlighted above, you should be able to get full value for your money and then some with great services at even greater prices.



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